[Music] [Laughter] [Music] hello hello guys silver Game of Thrones I want to introduce a new bar a new coin which is I believe it’s always you know not many people have it if they only started you know it’s only came to production it’s a miracle reserve which I pick up recently before this dump and it has a little bit of premium and I do collect 1 10 ounce silver bars I have varieties of you know kind of little bit premium and I have just a basic stock so if you guys want me to review my tenants silver bars please put your comments below and I will you know present you know premium silver 10 10 ounce silver bars this is a new this is a new product so like if you talk little be history you know what is this about so you know silver was a driving factor in North America for more than 500 years from now from the moment Spanish conquistadors first arrived in a new war through the westward expansion of the United States in the latest 19th century Silla has been has been present as a force behind this movement this is esashi refining to USA and they have a new American reserve brand of silver bullion and also silver talents bands bars for American you know for American investors so the salt are they far as far as I know of they sold by Jim bullion also balled season and I basically pick up and that’s what a beauty right mind and made in America I’m proud to have this bar and it’s really really nice but you know one of these pieces which I mentioned Reb when I say rare what I mentioned rare rare that means like it’s really not many of them and then really not many people collect them like like this you know this beautiful bar 1010 ounce right this is one of them this is one of these pieces right samurai but it’s a really a really nice bar and I also have one arms coiled I also pick up one ounce coin you know see you see our a and our American Reserve it’s a American Reserve fine silver and it has this ego which is a flank of Americans mind it made in America so this was short you know as I said if you guys want me I have a lot of different training bus if you want me to make a video about my tenants you know kind of premium bus a little bit above spot and then I can do it you know put your comments and they enjoy I suggest you grab one of these beauties it’s really a really nice bar it stands tend to you know stand alone between all others bars what I see one of the one of the best in my collections problem as acai acai panic or Asahi or Asahi refining USA enjoy and please put your comments silver Game of Thrones is out [Laughter] [Music] you