[inaudible]. Hey guys,
welcome to another video episode of
CoinSutra and this time I have something
very interesting for you. Now in my
earlier videos I’ve talked about Ledger,
wallet and Trezor Wallet and few other
hardware wallet that you should be using
to secure your crypto portfolio.
Now hardware wallet basically helps
in lot of ways and we’ll cover that in
upcoming videos,
but today I have a new generation
of hardware wallet from Ledger.
Now you might be familiar with
this one. This is good old ledger,
Nano S and now the new one
which has just came out,
it’s called Ledger Nano X and it is a
significant improvement over the previous
generation of Ledger wallet.
One thing which a lot of us actually
felt like with the evolution of
cryptocurrencies, there is mobile
wallet. Then there are hardware wallet,
but we want the security of hardware
wallet on Mobile and this is what ledger x
offers. You know it is Bluetooth enabled,
it actually offers you mobility so you
can actually do all the transaction from
your mobile and you don’t
have to plug the wallet.
You can actually connect
using the Bluetooth,
which is probably one of the thing that
is going to change the landscape of
hardware wallet, in the days to come.
Another significant improvement is it
supports a hundred plus cryptocurrencies
and you can install them
all at the same time.
Now in the earlier version we had
to uninstall, certain app to use,
you know the limited space which
is changed and it’s, it is also,
it also has a battery. It has two chip,
which a one chip is for a secure element
and another one is for the operation.
So if you have been using a hardware
wallet and if you are thinking to upgrade
or even if you’re buying a new one,
the ledger Nano X is an idle choice.
Now in this video I’m showing
you the unboxing of religion,
nox and in the upcoming videos I’ll give
you a walkthrough of how to use Ledger
Nano X and how to use it
well without further delay.
Let’s go ahead and let’s
start using Ledger Nano X .
All right, so here we
are. Let’s just open this.
And the first thing that you
would get is the hardware wallet.
And while holding it, it’s significant
difference from the earlier version,
which is quite visible.
So it uses stainless
steel and plastic body.
And as you can see, the earlier version,
the buttons used to be at the
top here. But in this version,
these are the buttons here, right
here, and there’s nothing here. Um,
you can compare the size to understand
the difference, between this one,
in the earlier version, there’s
a significant difference.
It’s also because the way it’s designed
to hold more cryptocurrency and yeah,
it’s something like I’m
actually happy to hold.
It would be nice to see a smaller
version in the future so that,
so that mobility increases. But for
now there’s nothing to complain about.
Um, now let’s open the box and see
what all is there inside. Alright.
Alright, so there’s, there
are three recovery sheet,
like this is where you will be adding
the mnemonic phrase while
setting up the wallet,
I would show you in the upcoming videos.
Then there is a getting started guide.
This is something which which you may
or may not need if you’re watching this
video but it’s not as handy if
you’re gifting it to somebody.
You can just tell them,
you can share this with you or you
can just tell them to use this getting
started guide. All right,
so there are few usage guide and these
are stickers that you can stick on your
laptop or on your phone
depending on your desk.
Right and there is one USB cable C type
and this is in case if you want the
wired connection,
this is how you will be connecting your
Ledger Nano X with the computer or you
can actually, you know it’s a
good idea that once you get it,
like just put it on charge for next half
an hour or so so that it gets charged
and then you can double
press this to switch it on.
I leave that for the
upcoming videos in this.
In that I will show you how
to configure Ledger Nano X,
I’ll be using a mobile phone to connect
so that you’ll get a complete hang off
how to do it on the phone.
You can actually do the same process
on the mobile as well. So here you go.
So in Ledger Nano X, we have one
hardware wallet, one USB cable,
one getting started, guide recover, three
recovery sheets and Ledger Stickers.
There’s one thing which I believe
that you should always buy with a,
with any hardware wallet
is a Crypto Steel.
This is something which I’ll be unboxing
and showing the guide in the upcoming
So basically it’s much better than on
writing down your recovery phrase in a
recovery Sheet, this makes it
whether proof and calamity proof,
which is something that you
should consider using more
on this in the upcoming
But for now I hope you find this video
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And in the future updates we’ll
learn everything about Ledger Nano X.
So I’ll see you in the
next video. Bye Bye.