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Alberta sorry dudes in Alberta yeah I don’t know how you take it ok so we’re
gonna we’re gonna start the show the first topic is to remind you and I
haven’t had time to read it yet but this is for people who like to read
alright the bitcoin times is out that’s by Alex speaking of Australia he’s in
Australia it’s a compilation of articles I think Nick Carter wrote one they’re
not short but they’re thought-provoking it’s
the Bitcoin times addition to ask McCook to also be on the show he wrote he
writes in there and again Alex also did so check that out I haven’t had time to
check out the whole thing hopefully get some more time after this week in
Bitcoin tomorrow it’s gets busy starting Thursday nights I gotta do the Thursday
night show and then I gotta do this week a big coin at true p.m. mountain time
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zone I’m in or at least as the Mountain Time Zone this time of year in Tucson
Arizona is a weird state or at least it used to be Indiana in Arizona or weird
stage with the time service we won’t get into that Oh American woman you gotta
love it now a Hong Kong that is not I don’t know what time mister will be on
in Hakata more but they got a situation over there and reminds us about Bitcoin
being I’m confiscating all let me read you this article a quote from this
article police on Thursday said they had arrested four people on suspicion of
money laundering freezing seventy million Hong Kong dollars in donations
that the force claim could have been spent on paying youngsters to join the
city’s anti-government protest the group said the donations would go toward
paying legal and medical fees as well as food for protesters but acting senior
superintendent Shan wack K he likes to whack a I guess said police had found
some pretty suspicious financial activity linked to the group so Li just
took their 70 million dollars Hong Kong dollars away from them now with Bitcoin
it son confiscate able but when you got a bank account and you’re funding some
protest in Hong Kong well yeah you should expect this to
happen they’ll call it money laundering you know call it anything that’s that’s
the with Bitcoin they can’t take away your
Bitcoin so another example for the people say there’s no use case for
Bitcoin out there oh yeah there there’s your use case right there they can say
you’re laundering money with the Bitcoin but they can’t take it away they can
make up all sorts of stories about what you’re doing with your Bitcoin but they
can’t take it away as long as you control your private key and we’re going
to get into that aspect of Bitcoin right now with the next story about Mesabi
wallet and a dude on Finance he says and this is everything I talked about his
link to below and by the way bit Piggy’s calm you like
this shirt you love this shirt discount code below get the shirts get the big
piggy piggy bank teach your kids to save it’s linked to below you gotta love a
big piece but and so this guy should have just put his money in his bit piggy
account but no he had to be a traitor and he was doing something on Finance
and he says bitcoiners be warned this is what happens if finance finds you with
drawling – wasabi wallet not surprised that my transactions are tracked its kyc
after all but I’m very concerned that Finance knew I was sending to wasabi
when all I input was abc1 address nothing more okay so there’s a reddit
thread that discusses it thoroughly this says the guy should have known better
than the guys tweet but what happened was he tried to withdrawal his funds
sending it directly to his wasabi wallet address and they froze his funds and he
inquired about what was going on and they gave him some shotgun kyc questions
pound that like but I was talking about shotgun kyc yesterday well this guy got
shit shotgun kyc up the ying-yang they asked him why he was rich why he had to
send his his Bitcoin his Bitcoin to wasabi
all sorts of interesting question so yeah they know when you’re setting
into wasabi so I mean my first word of advice obviously is why are you trading
in the first place people but if you’ve got your stuff on Finance and you trust
them here’s one thing you know not to do now don’t send it to your wasabi wallet
pray to God you can get it off of there and just send it to your irregular
address somewhere they know you’re using wasabi how they know I don’t know I
don’t care because you know what you know what it doesn’t
I don’t trade so what do I have to worry about what I have to worry now if all of
a sudden I was to use it what’s up how would I use it was sabi wallet compared
to how that guy’s using wasabi wallet that guy thinks he owns his Bitcoin when
it’s on the exchange so he wants to sign it – wasabi wallet so that it will be
totally untraceable okay but he failed with me what would I want to do well
I’ve got my Bitcoin on various storage devices all over the place if I won the
sense of wasabi well it would be for the same reason but I who could stop me who
could stop me from sending it – wasabi wallet no one could stop me no one can
stop me from doing it because I’m on internal control of it of the Bitcoin at
that point because it’s all mine whatever my my storage device all right
so you learn your lesson your lesson but that’s a little FYI for you uh you
freaks out there that insist on playing games with finance hey this guy says
who’s this was wise Abbott says do you have a passphrase on your treasurer yes
I do if so did you recommend setting one if not why yes please please do please
do it of course do it because it makes it manure a baleen if someone got you in
a really bad situation you can make it seem like you had less uh less on your
wallet if someone took if someone took your treasurer
it would be less likely they could get your funds it would be impossible for
them to get your funds at that point now it’d be really hard even if you
didn’t have one they would have to guess your your numerical irregular pin but
who knows people say they can people can do that if you fit anyway when you try
to guess someone’s pin what’s supposed to happen is it takes longer and longer
and longer for them the as they fail you really can’t brute-force it I guess but
I mean there’s some people they’re going to tell me oh yeah you can with some
spot whatever the passphrase yeah you don’t have to worry about it okay you
all have to worry about anything when you get that passphrase on it okay that
that’s that’s a real good thing so yeah the passphrase I have it crypto curb it
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this I’m sure I was here this exact day by the 20th at least I was there’s I
know well I know I was in Tucson on Christmas that year and because
Christmas I am I’m so I’m Jewish I don’t celery Christmas so it was like
surreal very very surreal just you know seeing everyone out there everything’s
by the way everybody on the internet or in crypto land on the internet
everything has already started to slow down people have already started taking
off of work you can tell with the traffic all the numbers are down all
over the place but still you’re getting a new show for me
every day and yeah Hanukkah starts on Sunday that’ll be fun they’re having a
big candle lighting downtown in Tucson maybe I’ll go
but there had Chabad has them all over the United States in major cities so go
to the one in Baltimore I’m sure they’ll have plenty now lahic ah go wherever all
right let’s move on yesterday’s show Oh now when I yesterday show I talked about
the the Bitcoin having and I compared it I somehow intertwined it with the
impeachment and I had not read this tweet by Odie Wertheimer who is in
Israel Tel Aviv I’ll be back and Tel Aviv what on April 30th I believe anyway
Rudi was thinking the same thing I was here he said basically everyone who’s at
least half awake knew Trump will get impeached today that was yesterday and
also that he won’t be removed from office that said everyone still freaking
out over it right now the over this symbolic event it’s just as some and
they say the having is priced in say shaking my head oh dude you’re on the
same thought pattern than I am there dude
everybody everybody knows what the having is or they should know what the
heck a lot of people have heard about the having they should know what it is
they don’t understand it fully it’s not priced in just like the Trump thing
everybody knew what was happening should have known whatever knew there was
something called the impeachment so many people didn’t understand it it was just
just as largely it’s totally symbolic you mean he wasn’t getting kicked out of
auspice but you had people you’re going wild saying that he that pence was the
president of United States of America yesterday you know even though people
have heard of the having even though a lot of people you think a lot of people
are talking about it not a lot of people are talking about it no one understands
what it is very few people understand what it is and thus it is not
Christ in it is not priced in now with all that being said a lot of you encrypt
their Twitter or any a unique beast bubble you hear from unique beasts like
me who are screaming about very loudly about that the having is not priced in
so you think what everyone knows the having is not priced in so maybe it is
maybe maybe it is priced in then no dudes the majority of people out there
they’re talking about the having they say it’s priced it the most people think
is priced in most people think is priced in so there are a unique beast out there
screaming like me then it’s not priced in so it’s the budget we are the unique
beast the people who say it’s not priced in we’re the unique ones here the most
people think is priced in that have heard about it they they’re not they’re
not thinking about it they don’t think anything is going to do anything they
don’t think they don’t remember what happened in 2017 after the last one they
don’t they don’t care they don’t think it will go up in price in 2021 they
think they don’t know is priced in so it doesn’t has nothing people don’t peep
they think everybody already knows about it so it’s priced in no no no you’ll see
you shall see that no not the market has not priced them as the market does not
understand it the market does not know about it the market thinks Pence is
present that’s what they think about the having so how could they price it all
right now and I just it’s crazy dude II tied into having to the impeachment also
as I did and we did not talk to each other now so be a unique beast finally
something else that was on yesterday’s show let me see if anybody else had
anything in the super chat no no super chat or bitcoinmeister is out there oh I
see table owl is back in the house good to see you it’s about and there someone
says Adam Meister and again you got type in bitcoinmeister but I happen to see
that you said Adam Meister how are your MVC bags doing still
holding or dumping well how are they exactly bad
they were free so I can tell again you you don’t follow directions very well so
I can see how you’re confused about calling them bags because you type in
adam meister the bitcoinmeister again listening comprehension listening
comprehension do but again so you don’t understand what a crypto dividend is let
me explain it to you very quickly I hold Bitcoin I sign up for an airdrop
and then I get free MWC so what’s it matter what’s it matter
how’s that bag how am i holding back how did I how am I gonna lose them if this
was the term you know you you’re stuck with these bags means you actually paid
for it you got no no they’re not bags they’re free so I got rid of some of it
so I’m already ahead obviously I know I’ve got some I’ve got something it’s it
seems to be going up in price so I mean if I were to sell it alright now I have
more Bitcoin than you do so pound that like button that the amount of Bitcoin I
would get is more than you have from from just from the MWC that I have it’s
more than you have problem it’s more than anyway we’re not going to get into
that I’m not gonna you know no one reveal too much here anyway good
question let’s get some listening comprehension there maybe if you want to
ask me another question remember it’s have been bitcoinmeister but yeah
crypto dividends dude you could be someone that you know be a be a hater of
them or you can just understand you get it for free you turn them into Bitcoin
you’re wait you’re way ahead of the game right there you get interest on your
Bitcoin through the crypto dividend process so III i look forward hopefully
there’ll be more people doing i’m in 2020 it’s great I love them I love him
WC good job but I would love it I mean it would be awesome for it to for it to
give us a 1% return so you know as we get four we get 40 of them for every
Bitcoin we have if 40 MWC equaled a 40 MW c equals $70 right yeah that would be
good so that would that would be less than $2 per MW see him right now what is
it $1 per MW see that’s pretty good it right now what it’s a 0.5% interest
that’s better than you get up with your cash in the freaking Bank of America
savings account or whatever all right so the final thing is from yesterday this
is from Bruce Fenton he says on a topic from yesterday I mean I’m in favor of
abolishing all accredited investor rules they are antiquated have little to no
value in protecting the public and Slow legitimate capital formation now that’s
all true people are able to buy state lotto tickets they should be allowed to
invest in the same investment as the rich
I like that comparison so if everyone can buy lotto tickets so why can’t they
gamble their money on risky investments why can’t they do that too
why can’t poor people do that if poor people can go to the liquor store and
spend $50 a lot of tickets I mean this is but they think the politicians think
they’re protecting old ladies now with all that in mind and I like that lot of
comparison if they and I think they should get rid of it too I think if
they’re antiquated the the accredited investor rules if they got rid of it
though if just tomorrow and they’re not doing this because they love look
they’re their control freaks they love to have rules like this and
maybe they do like to help only want their rich friends to have access to
these special opportunities I don’t know I’m not a mind reader but if they did
this if everyone could get in on the pre-google IPO or a pre Facebook IPO if
everybody could throw their money in those directions well a lot of people
would lose money but some of those people would choose that option instead
of getting in the Bitcoin so as long as they have these rules out there some
people who would maybe try those pre IPO type of things that they can’t get into
now are getting in the Bitcoin so in the long run keeping those rules
actually helps Bitcoin because Bitcoin you don’t have to be anyone who gave the
Bitcoin so they are probably are a few people out there and the amount of
people will grow over time that wake up to this who are frustrated that only
rich people get to get in on the Facebook pre-ipo oh wait I can get in on
the equivalent on just buying Bitcoin there knows so you see where I’m coming
with there I’m no fans of the government but they’re helping Bitcoin here a
little bit alright i am adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
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