so hello fellow coin collectors are you
going today today we’re going to have a look at a half crayon from 1817 so this
coin is over 200 years old 202 years actually and there’s still in very good
condition so if you have a look at the crown so that’s a crown from 1892 so
that is mini 75 years in between those coins and then that’s 75 years the value
of the pound pretty much it actually stayed the same which is sort of a
content state the same unlike coins now which actually having
decreased in value so the boolean value of a half-crown which is fourteen point
one four grams point nine two five percent silver or 92.5 percent silver
and so seven half percent copper and it’s 32 millimeters and it actually has
a bullion value of our ten dollars fifty so that’s basically the silver content
that’s actually in the coins but at the time the silver content will finish half
crown would have been less than the actual monetary value so they’re
actually good for collecting for silver value but the actual okay that looks a
bit better just increase the range so the actual silver content would have
been a lot less in its actual face value and that’s pretty normal
coins and then these were to circulate up into 1920 as a full nearly full
silver coin then then I actually reduced the Queen 50% but these were demonetized
in 1971 when the UK dismal was its currency so
the first year of this coin was 1816 and this is the last year 1817 so it’s just
a two year coin and in 1817 they also issued a another type of coin which I
don’t have and here it is sue has a different fast and has larger letters in
a larger coat of arms and this one which is probably in low gray very fine
high grade fine condition as small it is an a large bust so if I turn this over
so you get this coin flip it over you can’t flip it over that way so it’s not
the middle coin alignment flip it that way so it’s actually middle alignment
which is pretty much a standard of UK coins now and as you can see on this
side has a coat of arms of the United Kingdom so it has the three lines of
England the harp of Ireland and the line of Scotland and then it has the Amato
from one of the which is a cord honey soit qui mal y pense which is a shiv
record I used from the Order of the Garter and that is actually in the inner
ring so in between the coat of arms and the FEG
are not the FE TT lettering that’s related to the monarch that says shame
be to him who thinks evil of it and you have the crown at the top that might be
the Edwardian crown not too sure then we have Britain king faithful defender of
the faith and then here we have Saint George and his dragon as you can see and
that’s something I just realized something is
dragon and all these half-crowns actually have the coat of arms of the
United Kingdom up until the last climbers 1970 but that one wasn’t
released in the circulation it’s only a collector’s item
Michigan cities are ready to stop clipping so not to for me reading was
actually introduced to our stop people cutting bits of the coin maybe I’ll make
another video on that so people can actually know what he is actually for so
it’s quite a nice coin so what is the mintage for in 1917 well as I said there
were two types of coins this is the first one in there’s a second one and
both of them have a combined mintage of eight million ninety-two thousand six
hundred how many of each coin actually minted so
um the price for both is pretty much the same what would you be paying for a coin
in this great so this one I’ll tell you probably low-grade very fine you’ll
probably be paying about fifty dollars for this coin in this grade if you want
to earn a higher grade uncirculated you will be paying I would say probably a
few thousand dollars because even though the mintage is high before the standards
the value is actually high as well and because poverty rates are actually quite
high in United Kingdom compared to now not many of these coins would have
actually been kept in a high grade so if you’re into collecting United Kingdom
coins these high very coins you need to actually put some investment in it and
because it’s only $50 I’m not worried about the actual grading but if you want
to get one in uncirculated condition I would advise to actually go for a grey a
coin because counterfeiters probably more likely to actually try and
make fake coins just to deceive people so just be careful out there and later
on here I have some ever half-crowns I will make a video just detailing the
changes in the designs of these half crowns it’s actually quite nice and
something that I am going to hold on to so I hope you like this video I hope you
found it informative now if you really want to check about the specifications
of this coin go to numerous de lookup half-crowns and I just enjoy your coin
collecting time I’ll leave a link down below to eBay in case anyone’s
interested in looking at the soul values of half crown coins thank you and have a
good day