hello people how and you’re going today and
this is Glenn back with some UK currency and these are the big night so we issued
in the lower denominations between 1928 and 1960 and they were replaced in 1960
with a future series mmm this is it but worry about that later
so in these two denominations we have the 10 shilling and 1 pound the 5 pounds
that had a surface that was not uni faced with this Yuja 1957 and before
that the high denominations for uni face and they were have been that way since
the 1800s so this is called the Britannia series
and as you can see Britannia is there and it’s what this banknote is named
after all so starting from 1940 there was a security fridge which is one of
the LS banknotes was for security Fred and also has a watermark of Athena who
is the Greek goddess you know who Evans is named after so you can get two
colours in this series so for the 10 shilling from 1928 to 40 it was mo and
from 1948 to 60 it was brown so this is the last signature in the issue l Kate
O’Brien and unfortunately this one has some stains in it you most likely this
is iron stains because of the way it has been stained but it’s hard to tell that
is just a guess okay now that prefixes you want to look
for this one start with a and the number in the middle 35
69 no I’m not starting with a after ending your name so where the ways that
a and another I’m starting with M and the middle number one to 18 and a
replacement notes and this one even though it’s disease just a general
prefix if it was as easy may be will be last prefix but that might be
collectible but it’s not the last prefix in the series the university’s banknotes
it’s just a flower not flowers leaves and it’s just a general design
throughout so this one pound is the same well good dese are riding on it looks
beautiful cursive writing this is your way to people used to write and I
actually can write like this and I usually do that most people just print
their writing now like Dan yeah so that actually makes the banknote quite
attractive and overall the banknote is our fuel to spaces field so that
actually makes it more attractive Deanna some have a banknotes which I just leave
a lot of spaces so diversity statement there’s a bank nick of england building
as you can see large structure beautiful and it has a 2-1 sovereign coins which
are the one pound was equivalent to one sovereign in gold
well at least for for 30s now it’s just a bullion coin
okay the replacement banknotes for this the ones where you have s s and the
numbers 71 to 99 in 1955 and st as well from 1 to 23 in the 1960s you some more
replacement starting with him and one 268 so it actually so it’s 168
million so placing banknotes they actually have a quite a lot of him they
are more expensive Dennis so what is the value of these pinkness well I’ve seen
that you can actually pick these up for ten dollars Australian which is about
six pounds in the UK and with the inflation no it really wasn’t worth
actually keeping these banknotes because in 1960 one pound can buy you twenty one
pounds and forty pence off 2017 items so and to buy this six pounds yeah you’ve
lost quite a lot I mean fifteen pounds actually and the same with this one this
one would be equivalent to ten and a half pounds of goods but you can buy the
six pinch I lost about four pounds so these banknotes actually um yeah they
worth collecting because I offed a beautiful design and look at the paper
paper she run along it that’s actually the paper it’s not printing but it does
affect the printing as well beautiful the same 2-1 pounds has the same effect
I’m jarem banknote to the food he’s actually had this as well not many
paintings actually crease the paper to give it an anti-counterfeiting effect
not bad okay I’ll let you speak miss quite a lot so if you like these pennies
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