so hello people here you going this is
Glen from gue MIDI coins and banknotes in today here I have a consecutive
rental 5 trans nice try 1 ruble coins if you don’t know where transistor is it’s
actually legally supposed to be part of Moldova which is next to Romania and it
borders Moldova and the Ukraine he has Russian fruits in it to keep guard to
help protect it from there from the Moldovans and it’s wanted it earliest
countries to be intervened by the Russians on behalf of the local
inhabitants a bit like a Ukraine’s being supplied by the Russians and selfish at
the end of Katya so but this is the only I recognize state in Europe actually
issues design country currency the ruble itself Isetta yet
cars eeeh they use the Russian rule and the Donetsk also uses the Russian ruble
so on this side it has a general Alexander Vasilievich Suvarov mmm
leave damn between has these birthdate days so 1713 1800s and he was a Russian
general it was involved in a third partition of the polish-lithuanian
Commonwealth and also Russia a Turkish war in 1787 and 92 apparently is quite a
good and successful general so the watermark is also him and it has a
metallic security red holographic as well as you can see and it should have
Russian Ukrainian and the Romanian language but in
Cyrillic text so presume one of these is Russian Ukrainian and the bottom ones
Romanian because of the differences in the way it is written
okay so this one is 2007 and if I hope this one is about my hands are sweaty
it’s about 15 roubles to when US dollar even though it’s not freely exchangeable
because unrecognized guarantee so on the reverse we have the chick cami bridge
head memorial now unable to find any information on the internet about this
actual memorial and has an inscription it’s a bit hard to actually read on the
bank night and this is in the town of kid skanska as the russian scholar or
Chicana is a romanian scholar you know assume it is memorial in commemoration
of people who fought for independence in that sea so here i’ve consecutive so
goes from four to eight four five six seven eight five banknotes and these are
pretty common pretty easy to get inna on ebay or amazon Australia doesn’t really
have banknotes and coins Amazon America he’s the same quite a beautiful banknote
you can get banknotes up to five hundred rubles which is about thirty three
dollars so if you like to click these banknotes I’ll live you think down
Bernard to trance Nestor on eBay you can have a look you get some cheaper
banknotes as well and I think they’re quite interesting to collect this was
read um read denomination from account number I think 1 million all route was
to one in 2000 so this has been in circulation for at seventeen years and
they’re just an interesting banknotes and all the individuals on it Russians
so dope Iike this should be more dou viens or trance in eastern specifically
to put on there there represent transnational anyway thank you very much
have an awesome day