right the first update for the Milwaukee
Tesla Service Center looks a little different now that there are no there is
no snow on the ground yes it’s just November end of November and there’s no
snow on the ground yet in October we had snow so let’s see some things that I
things that are notable its brand new asphalt of course I that last time
however there’s tape markings for what looks to be nose in or pull in
supercharger stalls at least where they have the tape marked would make a lot of
sense and the downside is they don’t have any conduit or anything run in this
asphalt is really poor quality there is something here Oh sign this is where
they will be putting the sign it looks like somebody hit the plastic post with
a vehicle that kind of sucks but that’s what they get for using plastic over
parking lot so the sign will be right there
a few more notes someone hit the phone box holy moly yeah that’s gonna need to
upgrade there are lots of electric company and phone company tags markers
all over the place for for digging diggers hotline let’s take a look the back gates closed
so I’m going to sneak through this way and we can take a look inside early guys
I hate going on the inside almost nothing
actually nothing has been done there’s a box there oh just to cover up some
piping let’s take a look walk around to the back of the building I’m not going
to go all the way around because once again it’s gated and if I go the other
way I can’t get out I trained a trouble it there’s a
transformer full of asphalt let’s see any capacity markings you know
it’s an older one looks to me maybe a 750 kV a no meters I didn’t want to
bother the electrician working it’s not locked but I’m not gonna fool around to
this three-phase and even though it doesn’t have a meter it doesn’t mean
it’s not connected up so that’s for the building this is all the new stuff and I’m gonna bother her cut in the
video here back Lots again completely redone stuff we can see now that the
snow is melted more markings not sure what they’re
going to be doing in terms of super charging and power here
take a looking back yeah nothing really done on the inside
here holy wall it is Black Friday so of course
everything around here is closed this transformer is possibly feeding John
Deere tractors as well because it’s really humming away and there’s really
not too much maybe a furnace running inside the service center here take a
look the back door here back hallway not much to see that’s where that light was
the last time too dark in there go around back to the front showroom and
we’re gonna head out really not too much to report other than we can see you know
what’s what was marked something that is caution buried Mitchell yeah it’s a
natural gas line red is power line high high voltage power line
orange is fiber-optic cable for AT&T they got a post here that wire is really
not thick enough to do much of anything so that is definitely not a high powered
wall charger power line but one of the best advertising things they could do
would be having superchargers right up front the peak over here nothing let’s
go take one look at the service bay Allen oh shit I can plugged in one here
gotten a watt whopping one tenth of a cent worth of electricity oh that windows blacked out they got
these black top there we go this one who should be viewable no change no change yeah no change right through the middle
there that’s where that store that was open last time was in the door we just
walked past of course doors are locked so that is it nothing much to see on the
other side here there’s nothing parked there no one’s working so I bid you I do