On 3rd July 2017 Dow Jones Crosses 21,500 – All Time High On 23-Oct -2017 US Army Announces US Nuclear Bombers in Readiness Mode For The First Time Since The Cold War It’s Time To Sell US Stocks. Exit Now. March 2009 Dow Jones Hit A Low Of 6443 From 2009 till 2014 The US Fed – QE -Added $4.5 Trillion That Put The Markets Into Bull Orbit Now Fed Has Announced It Will Take Back The $4.5 Trillion Dollars They Call It ‘The Unwinding’ What Then Do You Think Will Happen ? The Stocks That Went Up Will Go Down Is Trump Rabid ? Everyone wants the Iran Deal except Trump Is Trump Real Or Is He Acting A Reality Show? As per the book ‘Investment Strategy’ The US Stock Market Will Collapse In Oct-2017 From Now On The Risk – Reward Ratio For US Stocks Is Skewed The Profit That You Expect Is Just Not Worth The Risk Is It Right For You To Take Such A Huge Risk With Your Hard Earned Money ? For A Reward That May Not Be There ? The Book ‘Investment Strategy’ Lists 4 High Risks These Risks Are So Huge They Are Termed ‘Dynamite’ Dynamite 1: The Fed Unwinding Dynamite 2: The Fed Interest Rate Increase Dynamite 3 : Trump Fails To Get The Tax Cuts Dynamite 4: N Korea, South China Sea, Russia, Iran and Syria The Combination Of Fed Interest Rate Increase And The Fed Unwinding Is A Double Blow Trump Fails To Pass The Healthcare Bill Trump Will Also Fail On The Tax Cut Tax Cuts Were Very Very Important For The Market On 4th July 2017 The S Korean President Wanted ‘Action’ “What you get is linked to how the globe is doing.” ‘Investment Strategy : 2017-2020’ On CNBC Market Expert Robert McClellan Revealed – Markets Have Started To Crack OCTOBER 2017 : BOOMM From The Book : Investment Strategy 2017-2020. (Kindle Downloadable & Paperback) Author: Piam