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right this second now the block crypto has an interesting story out there based
on an interview that Nick Carter did with this guy who was the former head of
circle a circle OTC says there there’s more to the tether narrative and what is
this guy’s name Matt Matt zovsky is his last I can’t
pronounce the guy’s name I’m not even gonna I’m not even gonna say it but he’s
saying that tether tether had the money he saw that tether had had a bank
account or you know the tether is supposed to be backed up by actual
dollars and he claims that it actually was and he I mean he appears to be a
reliable dude I’m not gonna put the dude on the pedestal or anything like that
but what he did say here is according to Matt zosky circle and that’s who he was
working for his time saw no up siding ago upside in associating itself and
other exchanges felt similarly for this reason much of the concern about tether
was never dispelled so a lot of exchanges knew that it was a bunch of
tether FUD out there they knew it was fun but they were scared because
of the New York Attorney General the government because of those type of
institutions that were they didn’t want to be set subpoenas they didn’t want to
have lawsuits die like heather has had so I mean you can you can understand it
from from a stress and and business perspective if if you’re a business
you’re not gonna put yourself into some get yourself into legal trouble by
supporting the truth I mean yeah it’s a yeah business could be nasty sometimes
but that that was a very interesting revelation there you can check out the
block crypto article and also at the article they link to the actual
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dyson sphere the dyson sphere bitcoins shirt here someone not called that you
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who have set me these beautiful shirts who sell these shirts and like me to
model their shirts all right I mean pound alright so this dude a Spanish guy
came up with a user-friendly uh Bitcoin account ID I idea he’s linked to below
easy hazy easy peasy it’s linked to below uh they’re trying
to make he was offended by the long Bitcoin
dresses so he came up with a solution a second layer solution an innovative
solution and no Bitcoin doesn’t have to change for this this is on the second
layer if it’s implemented okay so there’s nothing nothing major hat has to
happen here this dude has built something or it says it can be
implemented immediately instead of sending to a crazy Bitcoin address you
can have a Bitcoin account ID an easy-to-remember ID it’s a few words all
right and eventually he hopes they could somehow incorporate domain names into a
– but that would be more for businesses anyway I’m going to read you it i link
to their YouTube a youtube video that explains it really nicely I link to
their Twitter I link to their page I link to the article by aaron von weird
um in uh in Bitcoin magazine so Bitcoin addresses make for a horrible user
experience says Pepe feminists so he designed an opt-in account layer for
Bitcoin called easy paisie no protocol change is required wallets could start
implementing it today we are somewhat used to Bitcoin payments the way they
are but it it’s really an atrocity quinella told bitcoin magazine it’s like
using the internet without domain names relying on IP addresses yeah that’s a
good comparison only worse because crypto addresses are way longer uglier
and constantly changing so ok this could make it easier for newbies to get into
Bitcoin to be more comfortable with sending Bitcoin receiving Bitcoin I it
the Oracle it is not you might find the explanation in the article to be complex
and then you’re gonna think well this doesn’t seem very easy it’s a complex
explanation but I think the product itself is easy now also an article it
says they could involve litecoin in some way if
things got too crowded on the main layer of Bitcoin because of all of this all
right and also in the video and this was not mentioned a Bitcoin magazine because
bitcoin magazine only cares about Bitcoin but the this easy paisie
account ID could be implemented on other cryptocurrencies too on all coins like
litecoin and I think it listed some others I really didn’t pay attention to
the other ones that were in the video but hey it’s all linked to below check
it out this could be a big breaking story that changes things and maybe lead
to a Netscape type of moment where a Bitcoin is a lot easier to use from
regular people innovate that’s why I say just don’t destroy innovate so I give
this guy credit and I really he’s got a different handle
than his last name apparently and I probably butchered both his last name
and the handle though but you’re doing good work there dude let me go back to
the chat real quick aroma cue says like easy-peasy was there ever any other
Bitcoin tech that you previously like that never took off yeah there probably
was I can’t think of it now I you know so many darn videos I’ve done fifteen
hundred that disrupt meister died have to look over some of my old videos and
and it was just pop into my head some of the ideas that have been tossed out
there that i thought were good and and then never took off there’s something
with god it’s hard to I don’t know I can’t think it went off the top of my
head but I know I know I’ve talked about all sorts of little teeny companies and
projects over the years and I know if I just see one of their names really oh
yeah that was a great idea but it never caught on maybe I’ll maybe I’ll think of
more when I’m talking in the rest of this video that’s it that’s a good
question though that’s a good good question alright JC in South Africa says
strike that like button that’s how they say it in South Africa they don’t say
pound they say strike right there you go there’s that shirt
moving on well we just mentioned altcoins there and well I’ll tell you
man I’ve been waiting for there’s some easy way to do the cross atomic swaps
that that was an idea that I thought was great but that that that’ll happen
eventually now or that easy I don’t even know how I don’t even the progress of
that stuff did it was like it was a cool idea I mean not that you should we trait
changing your precious Bitcoin into light coin but I mean changing your
light coin and other things or other things in the light coin all right and
it avoids it avoids having you see changes anyway that’s that is not a
company though that’s a technology and that is going to happen ok I’ve gotten
off track because I’m so trying to think of some company back in the day or in
the recent day that I thought was a good idea that just nobody picked up on yet all right so we’re speaking of all coins
I I think it was because I was looking at the MWC wallet and how Chris has
handled the questions is very professional and in the wallets very
professional and you and I must you have to when these guys with their altcoins
there has to be a certain level of professionalism if that professionalism
does not exist they when the big when the big money comes they’re not going to
buy into your coin they’re not going to put it into these uh these silly funds
that they make for people a when you’re thinking of an all coin you’ve got to
think of it as a company almost when you’re thinking about its future and
what a company have some of the auth coin spokespeople figure heads whatever
you want to call them that that certain all coins have no companies would have
nothing to do with some of these these like wackos they’re literally wackos
they’re Psychopaths they’re sociopaths so
these guys that just all they do is lie lie lie so IB can you imagine a business
that that’s let’s run like bsv that that has a representative like PSV you can’t
so I’ve mentioned this before but why would anyone with money want to have
anything to do with an altcoin that is does not well that has a incredibly high
level of unprofessionalism how about that that that’s just a clear train
wreck and the thing is the people that pump these coins they’re blind to the
fact I mean they’re not living in in a reality like in a sustainable reality
like especially since uh the guy behind bsv he drops all these big company these
big company names apparently what do you you think a big company won’t want
anything to do with such a person it’s it’s absolutely ridiculous but I mean
there’s other I’m picking on bsv there because it’s such a prime example of not
being professional but I mean my recommendation to the altcoins out there
because they’re all centrally controlled centrally controlled in some way you
know make sure your founder is professional is calm is cool doesn’t act
like a psychopath and is you know into innovation into working with others
doesn’t doesn’t like rip on other coins because you’ll never had the big money
come in there is they just wouldn’t not touch it at all not touch it at all I
mean and so people say well whereas I could kill the trolls I mean no he
actually does exhibit a certain level of professionalism he’s a good marketer he
presents his good talker he appears he’s convincing he can be come in there with
some be cash things that have been huge mistakes but he’s a Salesman he’ll be
able to sell it he’ll be able to sell it to funds and and stuff probably but I
mean he’s not a psychopath he’s not a he’s not a a person just lies and lies
and lies I mean has he exaggerated things yeah no doubt about it but
there’s there’s definitely a certain level of professional was
to him I mean whether you like it or not and I go yeah I’m not a fan of the guys
at all but just just this is my I was just I was just thinking about all coins
and the professionalism that’s involving some of them have and people don’t like
the marketing you have to have a legitimate marketing team your marketing
team just can’t be you suck or I’m going to blow up another coin but that’s not
legitimate marketing that’s not going to get big funds buying up your coin or
including your coin in some big fun and for these all coins to survive
they’re gonna need mass massive amounts of money to to prop them up pretty much
unnaturally because most of them won’t even deserve it but I mean I challenge
someone out there and this is where the innovation comes in and this is where
the you know this is why it’s doable by us this is where the big boys play
someone should just come up with it a coin all it is is just sheer
professionalism sheer just you know being a businessman be acting like they
do on Wall Street or on in any normal business just you know tie suit you know
just really keeping it highbrow type of stuff never cursing it said hey you know
not using Twitter as a it’s like a toilet type of thing in having
legitimate be interesting to see how one of those would pull off is that’s not
really ripple either biz real well ripples done
I mean ripples been pretty perfect I mean they’re a company they are a
company there’s there’s some unprofessionalism it but ripple to a new
level and then not being that centralized either not because I mean
they just claim to be there like they they’re not hiding anything they aren’t
their freakin company for God’s sakes at least you know with my idea for this
theoretical are altcoin they would say you know they’re decentralized etcetera
etc it would somewhat look like that okay moving on for all the Lightning
Network haters out there this this news is is for Oh somebody said how many
miles do you plan the run today you should do Spartan Race or Tough Mudder
man I know I don’t like those things I do
interval training that that’s better than I I’m gonna do my on Tuesday I do
my interval training which is 15 sprints as hard as I can you know with like 30
seconds in between each one and I didn’t run it all on Monday because I ran so
much yesterday because I had to make sure I got 20 miles in last week and
because of all my traveling there wasn’t much running so I did like 11 at the end
of the week all Tuesday though after I do my interval training I’ll uh I
actually will go on go on another run that could be like nine miles or
something like that a little later on in the day cuz I got another busy week
ahead of me all right No someone said one coin no no no that
what one coin that that was a barrier that was like a clear Ponzi scheme
that’s like I’m talking real professionalism real professionalism all
right not some people screaming on stage or that was big connect was the guy
screaming on stage all right no I legit a legitimate coin that is just
professional because one coin was not a legitimate way you can make a legitimate
all coin that’s really dissent you know that is decentralized to certain extent
except for you know it has a founder and everything yeah I mean you make you give
it out to cryptic give it a descriptive dividend Bitcoin say hey this is called
professional coin all Bitcoin holders will get ten of them there you go there
you go huh anyway they anything that all coins
should benefit big coin holders all coins should be Krypton dividends a
Bitcoin baby okay so like this is for Lightning Network haters out there
BitFenix email announces they will be the first major exchange to integrate
the Lightning Network for deposits and withdrawals as one of the few vanguards
of the crypto revolution BitFenix feels reasonable responsible issue for
supporting crypto products and services that have brought the industry a new
level to a new level we’re also relentlessly looking for
to provide the best services to our new to our users and at the same time
contribute to the broader crypto community in the same revolutionary
spirit we’ve decided to bring lightning network to BitFenix from December 3rd we
are starting to support lightning network deposits and withdrawals all our
users will enjoy faster transactions at low fees all right so they’re actually
using lightning Network for faster transactions and low fees which the
haters say it’s not true and it’s it’s not usable ok it is true
December 3rd they’re going to be using it all right that’s good that’s gonna
help Bitcoin so yeah the people said that lightning networks not gonna help
it it’ll never happen there you go a big a big exchange is using it so that
should uh that should be good all right that’s it
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