Hi, Are you blind or low vision and do you want to identify
the currency note in your hand? It may sound difficult or may be impossible, but I would say with the new 6 by 6 app, its very simple. So lets go ahead and identify a few currency notes. I already have the 6 by 6 app
running on my android smart phone and I will also be using Talkback with this. So as you can see, we have
three different tools out here. We have the Currency Detector,
the Magnifier and the Light Detector. So, let me go to the Currency Detection tool. I will activate this. So, I will have to hold the currency note 5 to 6 inches away fromthe
phones camera for a better reading. So, let me pick up a note from here. So, I have a trick to do this. Generally, we have smartphones
with 5 to 6 inches of screen sizes. What we can do is, we can take that to our benefit. We will hold the note vertically and I would place my phone horizontally, such that the top side of
the phone faces away from you. Now, I will touch the note
with the top side of my phone and I would position the phone
in the vertical direction again. Now, let me find the check
currency button and activate this. So, if in case if you did not hear or you missed out the reading, what you can do is, you can go to the repeat button and you can listen to the reading once more. So lets try some other note. Let me take this one. 200 rupee note. Let me try some other note. So in this way you can identify any Indian currency note
using the Currency Detection Tool with the new 6 by 6 App.