so hello fellow coin and banknote
collectors are you going today and today well I have this Soviet thank know as
you can see has a picture of Lenin but can you tell me what the denomination is
so it is here and it’s a very funny denomination as you can see it’s free so
do you know wow this is a curve on nets it is a currency that was issued by the
Soviet Union and it was based on gold so what was the value to gold roughly 1/2
bonnets equals about seven point seven four grams of gold and well this one is
a free no not many currencies actually use a free denomination but I do have a
few here so I actually have a fur the drachma from Greece 1964 wherever that
circulated not too sure maybe oh I have a free Escudo from
Portuguese Timor and are also free escudos issue for Indian Portuguese
India sure to say so Portuguese Timor 1958 and the only current circulating
free denomination is this free some som it’s not Co him that since really and it
from Kyrgyzstan which is in Central Asia no so do a review on those coins not bad
so this one is a free channel nets and it was issued well this one has a date
on it what’s a date on it Oh 1937 and this was in circulation for
about 10 years and to 1947 in which there was a revaluation in which these
ruble banknotes are put into circulation in 1947 and the exchange
was 10 rubles to bunch of on its so this ruble equals point one of it you are
nets any such fun it’s equal to three rubles
I have a look it’s not a bad note it’s quite a big bank note if I compare it
with a Hong Kong $20 banknote which is quite common as you can see he’s quite
big and these come in denominations of 1 3 5 and 10 shavon it’s it was actually
expressions to issue a half and 25 and a 50 but dating a bit materialized as you
can see has no watermark and it has no security thread which wasn’t a common
thing back then anyway so it was issue by oh who was the issue by but we did
the Finance Ministry I would say I can’t remember and it has these Soviet coat of
arms so they’ve got a Soviet coat of arms they’re screwed not good not good
and yeah it’s just a nice beat bank note I actually want to try and get a lot of
these but well there are big expensive so we have the name of the currency so
one probably in Belarus the ovens on this side is probably inai Ukrainian
here we have oh which one is which I believe that’s Georgian and this one on
that side so that one is probably Armenian or could be confused and having
the other way around and these ones down here mmm
they could be a outside of probably in Central Asian languages probably like
Ted cheek it’s a boy Johnny whatever languages doesn’t send bi meaning I mean
they were talking Azerbaijani Kazakh Kyrgyz all those different types of
languages because or maybe this one’s a bit different so this is disco puppy
who’s back no not was back tight cheek because that
had chi-chi’s and Iranian language and the rest are Turkic because well phrase
who’s well and these are all in Latin alphabets which later on they were
changed to Cyrillic beautiful not a bag banknote nice to collect and there’s
this some money they’ve just not that many especially in there ten
denominations definitely not many so anyway thank you very much for watching
I hope you have an awesome banknote collecting time you should click save
your banknotes are quite interesting and very unique