Which altcoins can rise sharply during or
before the expected big bull season? I mean, what kind of altcoins do they have
that could save us money? Yes, folks, this is the second of our video
series that you watch with interest. The first video of the series is also on my
channel. I published it last week. Be sure to watch that video, of course there
is a risk in everything, but I’ve talked about Coindesk’s data service to check the long-term
health of your altcoins. In total, we’re talking about 11 different
features that should be available on your altcoins, including this video. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, like
my videos, write a lot of comments and subscribe to the Ledger lottery and support me. You have until 29 November, then full support. In the meantime, do not evaluate all the items
I have described in this video and in the previous video alone. You know what? Sit down, say, one day, I’ll draw a picture
of the 3 altcoin, say that I will analyze every aspect and pass these 11 items one by
one. Let’s see which ones they go through, which
ones they stay in class. In fact, share your results under the videos
so that we can brainstorm with each other saying I’m going to the first article of this
video. 1- Short-term buy and sell money to make longer-term
crypto money than trying to make your eyes close and think about this. You’re a big, serial investor, maybe turning
millions of dollars. Would you take that altcoin even if it goes? No, I’m not saying that you don’t have to
bind all the million dollars anyway, but would you link an important number to that coin
even when you’re turning millions? Please answer this question without making
an emotional connection to any crypto currency. You can behave in a fanatic way if you respond
in the way that emotion predominates. This is very dangerous, stop making profit
and damage it. Last example, comment. I’ve got my money in Bitcoin, even if it drops
to $ 100, the support is always full support. No friends, no. Not from ground to sky. Yes, I believe in Bitcoin, the crypto money
will come. If I didn’t believe, I wouldn’t have spent
so much labor. I believe, but I think of my logic. I’m not keeping any coins in front of my own
self. Anyway, let’s get back to that. Even if you have millions of dollars, if you
can give sensible, sensible and six full answers and get that coin, you may have chosen the
right coin. Because you know that getting any crypto money,
taking long-term thinking is to invest more or less in your own coin’s company. If you buy a Holo token today, you’ll invest
in Holochain, and if you buy Ethereum, you’ll invest in Ethereum. Yes, sometimes we do not think much when buying
crypto, long-term, but let’s not forget that when we buy coins, we invest in that coin’s
company. We’re raising him. Is it worth questioning. 2- Product needed. We’ve been making word salad for 2-3 years. Are there products and integration? Question this, maybe this is the most important. Is there a physical or software visionary
product of altcoin? Does it appeal to top-level companies that
can be called above-the-line companies that do not stay under the line or tie the places
under the stairs. I will not name, but our small 5 square meters,
which is pretty fast food’cu a con many investors in Turkey in the past was because something
trades in his head. Do you want to put some solid money into the
market with them? Some coins are advantageous, some disadvantageous. To the end user, those who have products that
appeal to us can easily tell us about their products, or Huobi’s HT token, Binance’s BNB
coin or something, because they’re more fortunate in explaining themselves. In the meantime, by the end of this year,
Huobi brings the property of buying Bitcoin, altcoin directly like the domestic stock market
with the Turkish Lira by the end of this year. If you’d like to open an account already,
there is a link to register with Huobi in the description of this video. You can easily become a member by clicking
on that link and if you are going to invest in stock market coins, check the coinmarketcap’s
list of crypto money exchanges to show the power of liquidity, even if you invest too
much in coins such as BNB, Huobi token. Return to the list once every 3-5 weeks see
again. Do they fall backwards or rise on the list? As you know, the ability of companies to return
to cash is another power. Anyway, as I said, these coins are more fortunate
to express themselves, but some of the subcoins are purely technical and aim to produce software,
tools that allow companies to move to Blockchain. Those who invest in these coins should investigate
more. Regardless of whether or not there is a product,
and if any, where to sell this product, who did business with them should question. For example, researched At the rma stage,
you contacted the foundation, the company that altcoin is affiliated with, whatever
it is, and we work like this, we’ll do it, we’re going to get the answers that keep the
style constantly forward, you can eliminate it for a few more months, maybe the market
may have a certain liquidity problem. . After a few months, ask again, for example,
if there has been any clear progress or product. Ask for concrete things. If you’re satisfied, go ahead, or go back
and tell me, brother, crypto-money-maker. 3- What is the amount of coin you have in
the market? Is there more or less on the market than many
other subcoins? To get a quick and general look at this, go
to coinmarketcap.com and click once on circulation supply, folks. For example, I click directly on my face Pundix,
Bittorent, Bytecoin, Holo, Dogecoin, Tron, XRP and so on. I have investors in Turkey very much and I
think I need to be really careful. Of course, we can’t just call a subcoin good
or bad with this data, but it’s generally better to have fewer coins on the market. You know, because less is more valuable. In a light demand, it can rise much faster
than its counterparts in the market and save you money. Does the company that the altcoin is affiliated
with hold a lot of coins in their hands? This is very important. I’il tell you something. Well, nobody tell me a story, bro. If the company holds most of its coins, it’s
the coin center. No one should call it decentralized. You’re going to keep 75% of the coins on the
market, and then you’re going to say we’re decentralized. No? We don’t eat that. There are also events of this foundation. Well, new friends get very careful. They often call themselves foundations to
hide the identity of a profit-making company. The Foundation event is derived from the emergence
of the Bitcoin Foundation years ago. Nobody does anything for the benefit of humanity. I’m keeping exceptions, of course. Other than that we found the Stellar passing. The Stellar foundation burned a lot of coins,
how the price of XLM suddenly rose by around 30%. Do you remember? We talked in a video again. Similarly, Ripple has been selling XRP for
months. Even though it sells open, there is still
a sales pressure on the price. Also, if there is a lot of coins in the market
such as XRP and there is a pile of coins that haven’t been unlocked and released yet, there
could always be a potential threat of a downfall. Always. Because when you buy those coins, think about
this. You’re buying it, but someone might be on
your hill, rubbing your hands and waiting. Here we give an example from XRP, but let
me tell you about all the subcoins. Ha what could be the exception to all this. I’il tell him. You started as a crypto money startup. If you have an active business model where
you can create as much demand as you set, thank you if you can excite people by telling
them the truth without deceiving, but thank you, or boredom. They turn into coins with no purpose in the
market. Nevertheless, as I said in the beginning,
although these are not, of course, a stand-alone indicator, friends, I think that the photo
we’ve really checked and put it all out says something. 4- How much stock exchange has been accepted
with the money or the power of the community? Look at this. The more and the bigger the stock market,
the better. Again, I don’t give a name, but we call some
ICOs, which are pre-sales companies that have not been opened to the stock exchange, but
ICOs were already in the first months of 2018. We’re partners with LG, we’ve done something
with Samsung or something. Last time I checked, it was just the first
time I heard your name, and it’s a $ 100, 24-hour volume, like a joke. Anyway, the stock market is good, but if the
money entered a stock market by pressing still do not throw away. Okay, community is very important, but printing
that money and finding that capital is a success. Which means his back might be intact. By the way, let me give you some additional
information. To see which exchanges a coin is bought and
sold quickly, you can enter coinmarketcap.com by selecting the coin you want and clicking
on the market section. 5- Do they use virtual offices just because
they need to specify addresses on their websites or do they really have offices with employees
in it? Ok virtual office visionary, a new event and
nice also an event or even as far as this foreign crypto money portal exists or cointelegraph
is running completely online all over the world. They are acceptable, but they usually want
to show off their web sites if they have offices and a nice work environment. I can not say bad for the 5th item, but I
think we can write plus points if there is. Arriving 6- Is the team’s history solid? All of them with crypto coins in the industry,
such as mushroom or already in the past Have they established good companies? And most importantly, maybe they start a new
business every few years. The ancients have an expression, ayran volunteers,
for example. If they see the difficulties in the sector
and close the shutters, this may mean closing the shutters and losing money. Varan 7- Do they hesitate to show their software
performances and software improvements in their blog, web site, code library we call
github or do they put bam bam? In the meantime, I’ve shared a separate hint
that you can control this software performance. He writes that there is no escape in the visual
of the video. If you haven’t watched that video, I suggest
you watch it, fellows, of course there are many details to talk about, but I wanted to
share it with you in the 10 most important articles. Now, folks, in this episode, I would like
to briefly talk about Fairspin as a sponsor. Fairspin is the first and only licensed gaming
platform based on Blockchain. To ensure a completely transparent gaming
experience, we use the TruePlay Blockchain platform, all transactions and statistics
are saved to Blockchain, and everyone says they can track all deposits from the Blockchain
address or directly from the website through Blockchain’s transparency. I just want to point out that they don’t have
their own Blockchain, as I said before, they use the Blockchain service of a company called
TruePlay. When I looked into their site, I found that
Blockchain is a specialized business for gaming, e-commerce and online dating. The use of another company’s Blockchain when
you look good and bad. On the bright side, it’s not all monopoly. The downside is that if there is an immediate
response to user benefit, they must resolve it with that company. In the meantime, the name of the platform
before Fairplay’den a name change in October, and some features of the platform came to
the fore, they say. In fact, people try to fill the question of
why they should choose us with the following items. First, we have an honesty-controlled blockchain. With this technology, everything done, including
payments, is written to the Blockchain, the block chain, and no one can change them. This is a good thing in terms of transparency
when you look at it. Secondly, they say that we have a bonus of
75% to 200% for the first four deposits, which we often encounter with these types of bonus
applications. Thirdly, we have a fast and secure way of
payment. We do not pay high bank fees by trading directly
with crypto money. Fourth, our English and Russian support teams
are on duty 24/7. Apart from these, when you look at the games,
there are smart contracts and payment processes are realized automatically through these contracts. They were able to pass the press release to
Yahoo Finance. The link is at the top of the description
section. You can click and look directly from there,
but I want to underline that. I’m talking about the pros and cons here. OK, Blockchain is the technology of the future
and it’s very safe, but we still have to enter it with tiny numbers that we won’t even worry
about if we lose. Because there is Blockchain on the one hand,
but also an online service. I have to think about you. Oh, that’s not fairspin. Even an e-mail you keep in your Gmail today
may fly, but we don’t use online business as online brother, of course, because online
life is now online. I just want to draw attention to the importance
of distance approach without suddenly dive. Now, if you like, friends, we talked about
today’s bonus information Fairspin’i .. Friends, the Swedish capital Stockholm, there was a
super application. I think it should be urgently implemented in Turkey. There was a speed camera in traffic lights. If
you pass at or below the speed limit, you participate in this draw. You know what the reward is? Penalties paid by those who do not meet the
speed limit. Isn’t that good? It takes people from one side to another and
encourages people to go below the speed limit. I think the super idea, let’s look at what previous
questions and comments from you in the previous video. Thank you very much for all of them, but I can’t fit hundreds of comments here. Let’s pick a few random ones.