so hello people are you going today and
today on goomer the Queen’s of banknotes I will show you these Venezuelan
banknotes they were introduced in 2007 and are currently out of circulation
because of hyperinflation Venezuela so if you look on the news you’ll find that
Venezuela is suffering economic problems brought on by the socialist policies of
the government by nationalizing and a lot of industries the people or
businesses have no incentive to produce things because prices are regulated and
there is no there’s no real incentive to supply the market any demand even though
there is a demand a government strongly regulates the economy so this is pretty
much like a Soviet economy back in the seventies and eighties okay so these
banknotes are introduced in 2007 at a rate of 1,000 old believe ours equals 1
new Bulova in current exchange rate is I believe over 20,000 bolivars
and next year they estimating the inflation rate will be seven to eight
hundred percent okay so let’s have a look at the boulevards first thing you
know he said these are sideways not on the reverse the reverse is like a most
ever banknote in the world so who have we got on deed to bully bus we have a
friend she’s got the Malanda and the portrait is by a person named George
Ruger he’s probably French okay so has the name down below under his portrait
and in the background has as ships and she seen from yeah ships there hmm
if you have look at this pie here if you rub your fingers across it it’s actually
quite thick and you can see a number to that place and security features we have
watermark which is just the same as the portrait and we have a security Fred
okay and if you rub here you up here that’s all braised ink as well and if
it’s a counterfeit will probably just be flattened okay let’s have a good effect
the becaise amazon river dolphins and he has marine bristle worms also its coat
of arms it has twos here and what am I now a feature if you twist these around
most modern bank not to like this even Australian United States notes or not
then this if you twist it around this shouldn’t match up and this is another
indication that is not counterfeit you actually saw this on someone doing it to
Chinese 100 you won banknotes and also for merican banknotes you can actually
do these two in Canadian ones as well okay this one is a 2012 very low
denomination where fact probably point zero is there one of a u.s. cent
okay beautiful river dolphins there’s a coat of arms here as well and this star
if you have a look at that size now look at that side if it should fall
more complete stuff then you can see here how it is indium ok d5 bloody bars
now this one has Pedro come Mia cameo and on the banker has Negro primo
primero I’m not to use the Spanish Dan here has some horses galloping with the
Venezuelan flag let’s cover during the War of Independence and up here we have
the joint I’m in dealer which is also on the back I have more horses you okay
watermark his face again well these banknotes are pretty much the same with
this sign in this security features increases you got two chicken
denomination ok the giant armadillo and we have our palm trees in the background
palm tree so quite nice actually also have a guitar here and design pattern
there these guitars with also match up if we
spin me around makes a full guitar there you go for guitar my banknotes actually
raised printing II didn’t believe us she says I have to say it’s naming chiku why
kapu well it’s probably 194 American languages so I have trouble actually
saying so there’s the tin he has a hobby Agel yeah mmm
American happy Agel yeah and as these features teens in the background and
also this should also match up Tim yeah like that and on the back has a happy
able and has Kaku National Park okay looks like a waterfall and here he has
the clock has a pot so if we join in terror where’s the make pottery
beautiful I actually quite like pottery ancient Roman and Greek pottery is
actually one of the most colorful but pottery from the Americas it’s also
quite amazing okay few features now this is a
segmented security frettin has 10 BC a on it OPC feel me being the central
Venezuela okay and last so we see pin so we got free more so we have 20 now to
this has Louise Carreras the this Maddie I know I butcher the name but I’m on Oh
as you can see on this one you have a flower never 20 and they alternate
depending on the light source so that’s quite good this has a segmented screw
thread as well beautiful this is one of the best series
from South America mmm Columbia also she’s good bank nights and so does
Argentina Brazil used to in the old serious account series ma’am our day
this has a Hawksbill turtle not bad ok I’ll quickly run through 15100 okay
if he has Simon Rodriguez and as you can see he has a book out a 950 doesn’t work
well on that one it’s a book and a quill on the back Brown and this one has a
spectacle Bay and Laguna del Santo Cristo in the news here in Nevada
National Park mmm background is his face as well and 100 sorry this one as well
as 50s one security in the segmented one yeah
segmented one changes color as you can see and this one is I’m a believer
he’s a liberator Venezuela from the Spanish also they also have each one of
them has a device here so the visually impaired can actually tell which bank
now that these any here we have looks like a memorial some not too sure what
is this ultimately not to be hot hungry no nothing day Arizona water mask on the
back he has a black hooded red Siskin in the Kaurava Rapinoe which is in out of
gila national park mmm this 100 years purplish color so to be hard to actually
see it beautiful isn’t it this painting is
beautiful isn’t it so we have all these banknotes and the
current banknotes actually based on mr. science so this one became the 500 this
one became the thousand this design became the 2000 this design became the
5000 this 50 design became the king Belson and this 100 boulevards became
the 20,000th bank now of course they’ve different colors and the denominations
have been changed and this one was used into 2016 when they issued a 10 50 and
100 Bulevar cone which I presume they don’t use anymore cuz ur e those values
200 bullying bars just one US sent so Central Bank of Venezuela banknotes from
2007 beautiful banknotes aren’t they hope you enjoyed this video and please
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countries thank you very much have a nice day