How’s it going YouTube… Crypto NWO here… another mystery box, this is how the sides of the box look like… That’s how the top of the box looks like Have pink gloves over here. They’re pretty thick pretty safe gloves if you ask me got our handy-dandy box cutter over here That’s gorgeous That’s gorgeous. This one’s so sick. Just BANG just goes right through it. I can even cut through the box if I wanted to just…bang!!! take the whole freaking top off Just remove the whole freaking top they got the whole top up okay? Oh Bad in here, okay. I don’t know why I did that Maybe I should have kept the top on we’ve got quite a few things in here I don’t have a top camera and I apologize for that But that’s what the inside of the box looks like a couple of cameras over here. We’ve got camera number one camera number two and Camera number three camera number one gives you guys the entire show in front of you camera Number two gives you guys some close-up shots and camera number three, obviously, it’s whatever Anyways, the first thing we’re gonna pull out of the box is this little red thing over here catching my attention Inside this little box over here. Maybe I should be a little bit cautious while opening this Okay, so it opens like Oh Flame cress butane lighters, that’s a lighter. That’s so sick How the… oh… Oh, oh That’s so sick. Oh I’m taking off my gloves for this give me one second. Oh one minute into the box and I’m already…. This is the coolest thing ever… it doesn’t work right now. That’s gorgeous I’m in love with this already, this is awesome now, I’m just trying to check under here see if there’s anything Nothing else inside. It was kind of just like latched down here, but that’s pretty cool. We have flame crest butane lighter Everything’s gonna go to my right whether it’s garbage or whether it’s valuable I’m just gonna be going over it kind of like detective over here if we’re gonna talk about detective Fingerprints…I don’t know how the hell this camera will catch it I don’t know, but we bring the box back the next thing we’re gonna pull out of the box over here is a little a little bag a little… bag over here… some letters inside “THE” I’m pretty sure it’s “The”. I hate Scrabble mystery boxes. I hate them I get them all the time, but we’ll put that to the side My gloves were off. Oh my goodness Gotta put that back on for the entire comment section attacks me ew… the next thing..ew Okay, that’s gross. Oh, I don’t know what that is that squishy and it’s it’s not play-doh squishy Ladies and gentlemen, if you know what you’re looking at over here, I need you to help a brother out over here because I’m gonna puke it smells so bad. It smells so freakin bad. Oh my gosh. *gags* oh…I have to play? I have to play detective? oh…I need a mask Okay, I cant smell that anymore I’m gonna puke I’m gonna puke. Okay, I can’t do this I can’t do this I can’t do this I can’t look at this oh my god i’m literally crying right now. Ah, we’re this far into the video and it’s already looking pretty damn bad The next thing we’re gonna pull out of the box There’s a little a little cable over here “G” oh its a *company name* plug It’s a *company name* plug I have like ten of these in my house, I how didn’t I recognize that right off the bat “G” I’m trying to think of like gamer for some reason. I don’t know why there’s a *company* device in here right over here. Oh, That’s that’s nice should I plug it in Let me know in the comment section. If I should plug this in I’ll wait till the end of the video.. this black one is… Really nice though. I’m gonna take in just put it with all the other items. the next thing we’re gonna pull out of the box… Catching my eye Yay colors Wow more colors Legos LEGO pieces What is it a ruler guys if you know what this is? Just let me know in the comment section down below because I’m at a complete loss right now It’s interesting Okay Is this Who invented such a thing What does it do I Don’t get it. What do you like hit people with it? Yeah, you do you hit people with it. It’s like a grabber, that’s so sick, maybe not. Grabbed it I’m probably misusing whatever this is, but if it’s a grabber What’s the point you can just reach over and grab that same Instead of putting so much effort into it. I don’t know if you guys know what the heck that is Just let me know in the comment section because maybe I’m a hundred percent wrong We have white gloves Stretchy white gloves Kinda see through them. I can see my monitor. I don’t trust them. I’m not wearing them maybe they’re trying to give me gloves to wear for my mystery unboxing which is which is um Nice if you ask me but no no no no no no no… I don’t trust you it gave me some thin gloves if I put these On I’m gonna get myself hurt, or maybe these were put on While something illicit what’s happening? I don’t know. I’m just gonna put it to the side next thing we’re pulling out of the box is… Looks like the fruity pebbles logo it is Oh danger 100 ml 75 VG 3 mg/ml What the hell is this? Do not swallow do not get an eyes or skin or clothing? Keep out reach of children and pets. Yeah, do I smell it? Should I smell it? I’m gonna smell it I think this is a terrible idea. people are already bashing at me in the comment section. Why am I doing this? Why am I doing this why we do this Oh This fruity has a little… has a little weird after smell to it Now the next thing we’re gonna pull out of the box, ohh we have more little Scrabble pieces over here now It’s not gonna be no freaking simple word Just get it open one, two, three four or five six pieces inside here. Alright, so The last time we got Scrabble pieces and made out the word “THE” and now we have six Letters over here and you guys know that I’m not the biggest Scrabble guy you got an S. O. L. H. a “U” … obviously I can just sit down and do this but Hold..AYE HODL… HODLGANG. Am I wearing the HODL…ohhh… I’m not wearing the HODLGANG. Why is this always happening to me every time? HODL, that’s pretty cool SHODL, SHODLU It’s pretty cool Definitely, maybe not that or “HODL US” Huddle us Sold Who Sold uh, I have no idea. I honestly have no idea. I’m just gonna take this and put it with that that’s egg number two the LS owed the HU, I’m sure we’ve all had those games of Scrabble with our family members and you know I’m that one guy. That’s always just terrible at the game. You know, I never win number one. I Have to pull this out I have to pull this out no freakin way I’ve always wanted a yo-yo It’s not like it’s not like I couldn’t afford a yo-yo. It’s just I’ve always wanted a yo-yo I Never bought one It’s supposed to come back up this is broken who the hell invented this It’s a broken yo-yo I’m gonna show you guys right now that it’s broken cuz you guys think I’m crazy or probably you think I don’t know how to Use a yo-yo spinning. I mean maybe it’s a spinning yo-yo watch and learn from the master It’s down again, oh my god, I have to do it one more time. I have a freaking yo-yo Listen, the mystery box can wait. I have a freaking yo-yo over here Thank You. Dark web mystery man or 101 Do it. Oh look at that I call this the space worm Oh None of you guys can do that, honestly, honestly, honestly, if you guys think you can do that, no, you cannot only 100 percent skilled yo-yo magicians Can handle that trick anyway, so they’re putting my gloves back on top of the fun is over Freaking yo-yo now and I’ll learn how to use it we have Okay Let’s see, what’s popping over here Oh Watch it. What is this? I Broke. Oh my god. I’m sorry for breaking your gift Oh What is that Face, what do you see here? It’s like a little person. Oh It’s a talk, oh my god. It’s a duck It’s a it’s a bird. It’s Tweety Bird, what is it? What broke? Oh my god. I’m so heartbroken Oh No Okay I’ll be careful. I’ll be careful with with the green one Taking off my gloves for this Maybe that’s a bad idea. Uh-huh How do I do this I Don’t have the tools. Oh, no That that’s probably freakin valuable Look at that That’s probably significantly valuable and I just ruined it Look at the color is coming out of that hole my goodness. Look at that. Alright I’m gonna open up the little green one over here. Oh My goodness, it’s a little dinosaur Well, merry Christmas to you too little dude listen we get all types of stuff we always get cool stuff like this We always get really interesting and weird stuff But guys seriously subscribe to the channel if you want to see more of this because this is a huge one not it’s not a big huge thing, but Wow When you shine a light through it look at that, oh my goodness, okay I’m so heartbroken for like breaking this little ducky, but that dinosaur is so fired I’m gonna take this and just move it very ever. So slightly over here. You really really like those. We have a couple more letters inside another bag Oh Baby, three letter words are my favorite you Why are you now? We’ll put that bag on top you the L s o d hu Do I have anything so far? We are getting somewhere We’re gonna put on our gloves again. The next thing we’re gonna pull out of the box is oh My god, that’s a That’s freaking up that’s a burger pathetic. Why would you send me such beautiful items and Oh, oh that’s disgusting l that’s all girls ya Know maybe maybe it’s Evidence what I hate doing. This is why me, please what do you notice about this? That’s off Is there anything off about it? am I wasting my time and just breathing in some nasty smell for no reason you Tell me I don’t know but I’m just gonna take it put it to the side. I don’t have a garbage can near me I’m not at the usual unboxing smart. I kind of missed the kitchen right now I don’t have a freakin toilet near me and I don’t have it like a garbage can so I mean Let’s discuss thing. That’s gross dude. The next thing we have over here is worse the litters. Hey, you know what? Something smells so battery now and it’s not the burger smell that just has a rotten smell selfie, so V No, what are the numbers I forgot how to play Scrabble? I forgot what the numbers men on Scrabble. I Have no idea I Think like three letter words and four letter words are my thing, but that’s what we have so far flies FL Flies eh, okay. So flies flies you Hey, yeah, and now we’re gonna pull out another one the next one over here we have n T. Oh Not Three letter words my favorite next things we have over here is a little thing It says a VP and it says a spire. Oh, this is another thing I have a cousin that has exactly the same one. Is this not the same color his is red. I Was like making fun of him for using this I mean, I don’t have anything against think I don’t do it myself but such a weird shade of purple I’m very critical when it comes to the color pink and purple I mean, I’ve always been actually I kind of like that to be honest I know you told me what do you think about this color purple over here? I don’t know how to use it and I’m not using it so I’m just gonna take it and I’m just gonna Check out to the side with everything else. The next thing we have over here is Something that’s missing a battery Hour minute second start stop clear mood Timer or a clock will start stop, assuming a stopwatch or a timer little thing over there I don’t know little timer. I’m not plugging it in. I don’t want to see no time. I am NOT I am NOT plugging at it. I’m gonna plug it in I’m just gonna put a battery and why not got a little Bad Rover here. Nothing happens. Oh, there’s a switch on the back Oh More timer. Yeah, I knew it flock. Okay clock timer Interesting we’ll take this and we’ll just put it to the side over there I have no value in it, but I’m not gonna worry about Value or what not? Next thing we have over here is Samsung. Whoo portable SSD No way t3 250 gigabyte more Lola 250 gigabyte Samsung SSD up external SSD portable SSD. That’s pretty cool Just stay tuned until the end of the video and a lot of this stuff Yay, we’re getting somewhere. We have another Scrabble bag over here all right, so these letters we got sy are Syria probably know a oh my god. I was so close watching I and I arty Rats my rats Maybe I could be my rats maybe it could be Me Remy Marty could be smarty. It could be my rats who puts smarty there. Why not smarty? the smarty L s old eh u fi LS e and ot not You the not use smarty. I don’t know. I don’t know I’m not gonna do it because every time I do it I sound really stupid. But the next thing we have over here is oh Oh, that’s what the smells coming from That Hamid gloves on man, why am I doing this to myself Some black stuff just got on my hands right now Okay inside this egg is like covered in black stuff and it smells like arable. Terrible. Terrible. I have to show you guys this It’s like pitch black It’s oh what the oh You it would smell so freakin bad I can’t describe the smell it smells like oh My god, right yes. Oh it doesn’t smell like feces it doesn’t smell like Good bottle you what it’s just so weird Oh That’s disgusting that’s disgusting that’s so gross. It’s so gross I’m gonna open it I’m gonna open it I’m gonna open it I’m gonna open it. I’m gonna open it I’m gonna open it. I’m gonna open it. I have to examine it like a Detective. What is this? A little piece of figure out of my table. Oh That’s disgusting what is this stuff? Oh, this is all so bad it helped me it Helped me please ladies and gentlemen, I put a really like really really deep close-up for you guys I tortured myself with a smell and it still smells really bad right now. I don’t know why I cut it open I don’t know what kind of information processes through my head and it’s killing me right now The next thing we’re gonna pull out is a little brown bag over here Inside this brown bag we have Why what is this not sharp It’s not bouncy Ladies and gentlemen, if you know what you’re looking at over here y’all gotta help a brother out It doesn’t dance looks like a freaking bouncy ball it has like some sort of bounce to it Okay, that one has a good balance kind of like a good balance, I don’t know I Don’t know these are they look nice. It looks something like collectible to be honest Interesting interesting Oh No, that’s all that’s inside this little bag over here. I hope yeah, it’s all this inside here The next thing we’re gonna pull out of the box It’s a laser pointer. Yeah a laser pointer And it works Interesting interesting, I don’t know I’m gonna take it. It’s a working little laser pointer. We have another Scrabble game over here Cool this one has P. Oh and I don’t like where this word is going to oh Nope yes, this one says nope Nope or open open so not Open maybe it’s not nope, because we already have not so we have open we have the word the I Think smarty or I think it was my rats This one is LS o th you. This one has L ifs e this one has not and then You why? Oh you we have a couple more things inside the box over here. We have I Don’t know what the heck peas are Two three four five Six I don’t know what this is Kind of have like a weird weight to them. They’re pretty For the size. They’re pretty really heavy. I don’t know I Don’t know. I don’t know but so far. These are all the stuff that we got inside the box Take a good look for yourself smash the like button guys if you enjoyed the video so far and Looks like we got one more thing inside the box over here Okay, so we have a little silvery Bronzy type of lock over here, but I don’t know if that Japanese letter or Chinese letters I don’t know how to read that but I Don’t know no no no. No, I’m not gonna sit in front of the camera and try to freaking pick a lock I’m gonna break this if anything What is this like the Vinci’s freaking code Well, that doesn’t work uh-uh Nope loop Let me see what I can use I’m trying to think of trying to think I’m trying to think I don’t even know the problem is I don’t know What the heck it does. I don’t even know how it opens There’s an arrow. Maybe it’s a puzzle What the hell is inside though? What Said a snake or something like I don’t know y’all gotta help me out But yeah that’s all that’s inside the mystery box subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so put on a notification bell and smash that like Button guys, but yeah now it’s time to go through this little Samsung 200 and was a 250 gigabyte Portable SSD t3 I don’t know we’re just gonna go ahead and plug this into the computer see what we get and that’s good