so hello people are you going this is
Glend and today I have some banknotes from Vietnam but these are not really in the
ordinary bank notes these are banknotes in made by freedom fighters and we’re
not talking about freedom fighters I’m talking about the communist of the
northern part of Vietnam you wanted to free from French rule and the French
been ruling Vietnam since probably bit 1880 and it’s in 1945 when they decided
to get the guts to try and get rid of them and I eventually did in a 1954
again p.m. to where they actually defeated the French in open battle and
the French weren’t actually expecting that but these banknotes are from the
40s so I have a tendon and I $5 it’s the currency either yeah Don and these
banknotes around the bear mmm 1948 roughly as you can see the quality is
actually quite poor they actually print the days on whatever paper they could
actually find and there probably would have just used low-grade printing so on
this side has a nomination there’s some other things account looks like two
signatures here but I can’t actually quite read it yeah but $10 is actually a
lot better and so we ever well multi don’t use the serial numbers and here
this one looks like a slightly different color they actually come in a variety of
shades of brown this one and on the back as you can see this one’s actually a
better version says xo5 oh yes I do 7 to whatever he has soldiers and a worker
and Ho Chi Minh and also has a denomination
then you think one you know Vietnamese no-show sake Chinese on this side we can
actually see it actually has two signatures and this is supposed to be in
the counterfeiting feature so that is quite a nice banknote and these actually
come in a variety of denominations believes a highest one is one hunt dong
and they just come in various issues and they also have like this one’s a
national bank note so issued all over northern part of Vietnam but there are
other ones that were actually issued just provincial banknotes and this one’s
actually a bit hard to get they seem to provincial ones actually harder to get
so here I have the five dollar I have two of them so these two a nearly
consecutive I’m just one missing in the middle I’ve got these from France so
obviously someone had a lot of a lot of these banknotes probably someone found a
hoard and as you can see the color of these ones are different so they do come
in different varieties and on the other side and the color is different as I
said this one’s like blackish color brown this one’s like a bluish color and
actually I’m looking at a website and it says green gray on front and back they
have black and purple green blue so it’s a green blue looks like it and then
usually I have a red or brown back so a colour at ease back these ones are more
light so that’s a the green on the front of green on the back and this one’s more like a black on the
back so lots of different varieties that you can get and the serial numbers are
different so these are quite interesting being feature of Vietnamese history um
and if you collect then that means banknotes then you should actually get
these but I wouldn’t be surprised if that there is a lot of canopies because
I have a look at this there’s no features and I water my is to be quite
easy to actually print and just cut them up on a piece of paper and so on don’t
get that idea because it’s really not a nice thing to do and no this is actually
the first one about what there’s probably 20 years ago
I really haven’t collected many since then so very cheap paper it doesn’t feel
that good just feels like some cheap type of paper you get from the $2 shop
and this one this one’s even worse but this one actually has a watermark so if
we have a look then the watermark is actually communist ours this autumn
actually yeah yeah that’s easy I think coming the stance that has has in oh no
his vision so that’s that’s the way it is being oh yeah um zoom via is the
actual name of the people and armies just mean self so southern Viet very
interesting banknotes so actually again they’re quite similar to the World War
two Philippines banknotes the various issues is she buy um rebel groups and
they’re just so unique part of history so I encourage you to actually collect
these because especially if you love all Vietnamese background because they trace
your heritage have a awesome way my collecting timetable and please I give
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I’ll leave link this to eBay so you can see if you can find
any DS banknotes but in at a reasonable price