the only thing that has a direct
correlation with happiness is to strengthen a human connection means of
preparing us for a world that is no longer going to exist putting these kids
in a bubble and by the time they come out the world has children by 2029
everyone in the world will have the equivalent of Tony Stark’s java’s of
their Pope and so I started MindValley to help get this out to more people
we’re looking at everything from neurofeedback to psychedelics of
meditation getting people to understand that they can exist in different states
of consciousness and accessories States for different abilities teaching you all
the things that can lead to you having a better life that’s cool forgotten this week on the show we have vision
Lackey ami he is the founder of MindValley a company that’s really try
to reinvent our entire concept of the education system
he believes schools don’t work we’re teaching our kids the wrong things and
it’s all because of these devices we have in our pockets they’re super smart
they have all this information so we need to learn how to learn differently
and he just came back from his very first MindValley University where he
took over the city of Barcelona and taught kids next to old people next to
adults and really just changed the whole concept of what learning is and I’m
super excited to drop this episode on you I love vision and I was actually in
Ibiza this year at his a fest which is his semi annual gathering tons of great
ideas tons of fun tons of former London real guests like
Esther Perel and I really loved his vision and what he’s going to do with
the world so sit back and relax for vision and of course come over to London
real academy check out our broadcast yourself course our business accelerator
our life accelerator course we’re always doing big things and now I leave you
with vision Lackey Amy this is loan to real I am Brian rose my
guest today is vision Lackey ani the entrepreneur author speaker and
philanthropist you are the founder and CEO of mine Valley one of the most
successful wellness companies in the world that you started in 2003 which is
$700 you’ve recently launched mine Valley University this year taking place
in Barcelona which is your reimagining of our education system for the future
your best-selling book the code of the extraordinary mind provides a 10-point
framework for understanding and enhancing the human self and features
interviews with Elon Musk Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington I was at
your AFS and Ibiza this year I had an amazing time vision welcome to London
real thank you it is I’m so excited to be here because firstly I fought through
interviews not only are they so high-end and so intellectual but oh my god you’re
set I love design I love interior design I love the whole steampunk feel and this
set is ridiculous it’s so beautiful that bulldog I want that don’t take the
Bulldog with you you were typing on the vertical typewriters yeah this is all
right up your ass this is so inspiring for me okay I just love this place and
you have a new text makes you’re saying in qalam yeah we just we opened up in
your tech office about 18 months ago I forgot the exact date but I just come
back from Burning Man and I was inspired by steampunk so IBM IBM’s computer of
what’s in a big blue did an analysis of what would be the hottest in your design
style in the future right future meaning like ten years on and it was steampunk
which is basically this same Punk is is if you lived a hundred years ago what
would you imagine the future to be like right so steampunk is very inspired by
Jules Verne it’s it’s it’s steam engine it’s gas mask it’s it’s British leather
British flags everywhere hello it’s a beautiful beautiful beautiful
style and I love it you’ve got it here yeah I don’t know why we just it was a
vibe we hit on right we’re redesigning our studio and it just works for this
whole space so it’s awesome to have you here and I’ve actually seen what you can
do behind the scenes by being at AFS so I want to talk all about that and your
last month in Barcelona but first tell me about London and your relationship
with London because you’ve probably been around what in all over the globe but
you used too much time here well I I have family here and I’m a New York guy
so I like London but I’ve always found London extremely complicated with hard
to use public transform and transport and streets that just don’t make sense
because in New York everything is a grid so I love London I love the people my
wife is in love with the city my wife she’s Estonian she was educated at
University of Edinburgh so Britain is in her heart she loves
this country and so we come to London every now and then without kids for a
holiday okay and you were born in Kuala Lumpur I was born in Kuala Lumpur winter
school University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in Ann Arbor yes and a summer in
Ann Arbor by the way and then you once the city I I worked in New York I worked
in Silicon Valley and now mine Valley’s operations are in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
okay and your wife’s Estonian you have a lot of Estonian staff so you know Europe
brown but you’re all over the place I just became a European resident and I’m
in love with this continent very much right it’s amazing it is awesome
tell me about this last month because I’ve been hearing about this MindValley
University and I figured we might as well do this because you just flew in
from Barcelona I was at a festive out a month ago in Ibiza maybe it six weeks
ago I remember and you were talking about the extension of this four or five
day you know piece what we’re learning from all these
people former guests on the show like Esther Perel she’s amazing again you
curate these people that teach us things and then you’re going on to do this
university and I figure might as well start there because it’s the first time
you did it and it’s really kind of a revolutionary idea so what happened in
Barcelona well I love that city by the way well they’re blowing onto that I
should tell you the end goal the end game of what we are trying to do right
yeah so you look at the world today the way our society functions is
fundamentally broken gallup did a really interesting study couple of years back
and they found that 54% of Americans hate their jobs or the more accurate
what in the study was dislike their jobs and then Gallup did a study of school
kids and the majority of American school kids over 50% I believe was 51 and 52
percent dislike school now think about what that is same its saying that we’ve
created a society despite all our technology despite you know 2,000 years
of Western civilization of more even where our kids dislike how they are
spending the majority of their waking hours and they are groomed to become
adults who dislike the way they are spending the majority of their waking
hours something is broken and you’re talking about over 50% here now I mean
it if you had a car at 50 percent of the time you hate it being in this car you
dislike this car it was breaking down it’s tanked it wouldn’t move you’d
probably want to go get a new car but when it comes to our education when it
comes to our careers we blindly follow we have this this this idea that this is
the way it has to be and we just have to accept it
so acting in those situations I went to a really horrible school in Kuala Lumpur
I’ve worked at really horrible jobs and I decided well what would happen about
if we invented this so I got into this this intense study of all of these new
models of human evolution I looked at Ken Wilbur’s work the world’s greatest
living philosopher and he spoke about expanding consciousness and what would
human beings think about how would they function what would their levels of
awareness be as we progressed I look into Barbara Marx habits idea reformer
Universalist I looked into Neale Donald Walsch work of high
beings and I tried to create a roadmap of what the optimized human being would
be and I’m talking about optimize in terms of not just spiritual awareness
but optimizing terms of your levels of self-esteem confidence your your level
your the way you follow your passion the way you treat other human beings to
where you raise your kids and then I looked at what the education system is
doing the get us there and the answer is hardly anything maybe five to ten
percent instead the education system is creating us to be cogs in the wheels of
machinery I mean and that quote comes directly from Calvin Coolidge I think in
the 1920s he says the point of education is to create workers who can be calls in
the wheels of Industry and so so much has advanced in our world in terms of
technology artificial intelligence robotics we know that 10 years from now
forty five percent of the jobs in the world today are going to be obsolete but
we’re doing nothing to expand the human beings understanding of itself and its
own nature human consciousness isn’t evolving as fast what I’m trying to do
at 9:00 Valley is to do everything I can I guess to collaborate with the world’s
greatest thinkers to bring on millions of students onto our platforms to
accelerate and build upon human ideas of consciousness so you mentioned a FETs
right yeah now before we do that you started
MindValley in 2003 with with meditation right now how kind of right that’s how
it started but it sounds like as you spent more time with that you open your
mind said oh yeah I got more work yes because I was in Silicon Valley I’m a
computer engineer so I’m a but I was gonna see a bit of a geek but no I’m a
total geek I was a computer engineer geek I used to be like servile and I say
that with I guess I I I have this so I have all of the the the weird negative
sides of being a computer engineer right I’m a little bit socially awkward and
probably slightly Asperger’s or something but my mind thinks in
algorithms and I see patents sometimes I see patents and everything and I guess
that’s one of the abilities that allow me to see patents in life so in my book
I call these I use the word culture escape to describe the color
active web of human beliefs ideas understandings rituals religions culture
as it it it surrounds us but within this web of the culture escape
they are rules that help us move forward and they are rules which I call rules or
bullshit rules that hold us back so when I was in Silicon Valley I lost my
company my timing sucked I was a kid who thought I was smart I thought I was
going to build this technology investors were going to hand me money I was dumb I
was an experienced I lost everything and I found myself sleeping in a couch
this was 2001 2002 with the dot-com bubble head chest first I was standing
out my resume to every job I could find on Craigslist and finally the company
hires me and they want me to sell technology to law firms it was the only
job that I could get up to months of being unemployed so the economy was so
bad the the deal was if he couldn’t close a sale you did not get paid no
base salary so I was miserable I was I was taking home maybe 2 grand a month
which is hardly enough to live in San Francisco so I guess in desperation I
got online and I googled can’t remember what I search for maybe it was why
there’s life sucked so bad or please help me figure this out and I found a
class in meditation blue took the class and shifted in me I came back and I was
using these newfound human abilities to be better at my job not only did I
double myself in one week using ideas I learned such as empathy creative
visualization tapping into intuition using mindfulness to remove stress not
only that but I was able to be so good at connecting with people as a leader to
to to set proper goals for myself and my team that in the next 4 months at the
age of 26 I got promoted three times and then the boss ended up giving me two
jobs in the company I could handle two jobs that normally would require two
senior managers because my mind was so much more effective but after staying
with that company for 18 months I realized I wanted to do more I wanted to
to give back the woman this is a really funny thing that happens Brian when you
meditate that this.width phenomenon that that happens when you
a lot where you start feeling connected and we start feeling connected with life
with other human beings you cannot help but get that feeling inside you that you
want to give back so I don’t know what it is that meditation seems to to open
up this altruistic drive within people and I wanted to get back and I
remembered Nelson Mandela had once said if you want to change the world change
education so I thought well what can I do to create a company in education that
could teach the world what I had just learned that it had such a profound
impact in my life I mean I grew up with self-esteem problems I even in my entire
college life I never dated a single girl because I believe that was ugly and I
was insecure and I just didn’t know how I just had no confidence and I wondered
what if I had learned this stuff way way way earlier who would I have been and so
I started MindValley to help get this out to more people and
now I guess that’s what we try to do every single day and I absolutely love it
it’s no longer just meditation it’s fitness it’s relationships it’s teaching
you all the things that can lead to you having a better life that school forgot
to teach you you went to University of Michigan right I went to MIT
you got computer science degree there yes back so back when I studied in the
University of Michigan our electrical engineering and computer science
department was ranked number five in the world I believe right MIT I think was
number one so give me on that one were you an engineer I was mechanical and
she’s mechanical that’s why was it I was at Ford Motor Co right for the summer
and I lived in Ann Arbor and we’re here see that explains why um yes so do we
shut down these universities before I want to get into your University is
there a place for that did you learn anything there
well University has it’s good points and it’s bad points and that’s why I created
my own University right which we just completed and I just flew in from
Barcelona and here’s what’s happening I was talking to Ray Crisco the VP of
engineering at Google we were having dinner at an X Prize event and he said
something really interesting too to our dinner table he says by 2029 everyone in
the world will have the equivalent of iron man’s or Tony Stark’s javis on
their phone you’ll be able to open up your smartphone
your own personal artificial intelligence that will be as smart as
the smartest human being and possibly a collection of the smartest human beings
in the world today and anything you need to figure out your phone will be able to
tell you now you can move forward into the future recurso states by 2040 9 that
AI will will be super intelligent and as intelligent as the collective all the
collective brains on earth today now as that’s happening why are schools
teaching us things that are personalized artificial intelligent creatures
essentially an extension of our brain it’s now on our smartphone so schools
are preparing us for a world that is no longer going to exist and then then
there’s robotics and artificial intelligence applied to jobs now that’s
a whole other thing even jobs such as lawyers doctors
copywriters algorithms AI and robotics are taking away those jobs now when this
happens what should we be learning because honestly your mechanical
engineer what’s going to happen with an artificial intelligence so I I remember
talking to a group of scientist and they were talking about the impact of AI on
the future and they specifically spoke about mechanical engineering right they
say let’s say you want to and then a skateboard right so you can hire a team
of chemical engineers to optimize and create the world’s great escape’ board
but ten years from now you could assign that to an AI and the
AI if it’s program right could create millions of different iterations of a
skateboard put it through algorithmic tests and
boom 3d print the ideal skateboard where is the role of an canticle engineering
they’re even Mechanical Engineering gets disrupted Google just wrote AI that can
write its own software so where does the role of my job Computer Engineering come
in now this doesn’t mean that all of these skills are going to disappear they
are still going to be necessary but what is truly going to make us unique what’s
truly going to make us high functioning in the world is not this it’s it’s the
skills that truly lead to happy lives it’s learning how to be better parents
it’s learning wisdom it’s learning mindfulness it’s learning how to deal
with those Courage’s of society anxiety depression low self-esteem schools don’t
teach this and there was a Harvard study right done by shawn Achor so he looked
at employees and companies and he wanted to see what what would be the things
that would contribute to these employees seeing a career go up and guess what it
wasn’t skills rather it was what shawn Achor called social connectivity score
he found that you could look at all these employees you could rate them on
their social connectivity scorn this means they are the ability to empathize
with others yet kindness their levels of positivity when they walk into a room
they are motivation their optimism and if you look at the top 25% if you’re on
that top 25% in terms of social connectivity score you are going to be
40% more likely to get a raise in the next two years than everyone else and it
has nothing to do with the school you graduated from so we know that because
ya know guys from MIT and you know guys from Michigan including even you by your
own example that got out there in the workforce and we’re probably useful
right themselves right because we didn’t know ourselves very well so the answer
isn’t the wipe out these schools but if to get these schools to teach things
that can contribute to social connectivity score and contribute to
personal wisdom that’s where personal growth comes in so mine value I predict
this is going to be huge in the future so right now we’re assembling all of the
world’s greatest features onto a platform from Neale Donald Walsch to
Robin Sharma to win hawk our goal is to create the best technologies the best
events the best learning curriculums because I believe this is what the
billions of people are going to crave ten years from now okay when you have
javis in your pocket right right tell me about the university because this is
enjoying because it just happened a month ago what is it when did you think
of it and if I had been there in Barcelona this last month what would I
have expected so so here’s the problem with school it is a bullshit idea that
you pluck out the teenager from society and stick them in a bubble for four
years with other teams and then have them go through classes and to compete
to get great so that they can maybe go to graduate school maybe go take another
job maybe go become partner in a law firm and it creates a really
dysfunctional world I mean the problem in America is that most people go into
university stop there and start going for classes
and figuring out how to combine in selected academic credits before they
can legally buy a beer most people in America have to choose a career before
you could legally buy a beer and that’s kind of messed up I became a computer
engineer I got a job at Microsoft I worked my butt off for five years to get
that job 11 weeks into that job at Microsoft I realized I hated it and so I
quit I quit cold turkey and I went and I followed my passion and I did what
really inspired me and back then it was joining a nonprofit that allowed me to
travel to travel and do good work in the world now just a problem so the profit
University is you’re putting these kids in a bubble and by the time they come
out the world has changed and the world is changing at an ever-increasing rate
Peter Diamandis said between 1900 and 2000 sorry between 2000 and 2015 we will
see as much change in the world we saw as much change in the world as 1900 to
2000 but here’s the crazy bit between 2016 and 2022 we will see as much change
in the world as the entire 20th century and then from 2020 to 2025 in 3 years
the world will shift as much as an entire century before so what’s going to
happen when you spend 4 years in the bubble with a bunch of other teenagers
so mine values version of college is dramatically different the first thing
is we take away the four years we take away that bubble you go to university
for one month of the year and then you go back into the real world and actually
do things start a company learn new skills intern at a company that’s the
first thing right so it’s it’s you spend a month in focus learning than 11 months
applying and doing and because when you attended in today’s world the best way
to learn is to also apply and do because jobs are changing so fast now the second
thing is it’s transgenerational so we have entire families come together I’m
there taking classes but my nine-year-old son is taking classes my
friend’s teenage sons are taking classes in the teenage track 20-somethings are
taking classes so it’s tracks for people of all ages and these tracks we them
together in certain tracks I’m there with my 9 year old son now think about
what this does to a 9 year old when he’s in the room not with other 9 year olds
but with adults and then it gets even better in this university so again one
of our models for this was Burning Man beautiful thing about Burning Man is
they create a canvas and people come in build on that canvas a lot of the
students who come to mind value then teach so we had this one twenty
seven-year-old who joined nine value for a month with her boyfriend and her name
is Reagan Hillier and she has a business at 27 that does millions a year so she
came she learn then she decided to go and teach the teenagers so now you have
these eighteen and nineteen year olds learning about like not from a professor
but from a 27 year old who leads an epic life she gets to travel she has a team
she’s built up to brand and it was so inspiring that that weekend some of
those teenagers started their first company on Shopify because one of the
teams we spoke to he said I’ve always wanted to start a t-shirt company but I
thought I had to have my parents pay for me to go to college take some business
classes come out get an investor take all of these management classes and
accounting classes so I know how to run a business and then start my company
bullshit he started it in three days sold his
first t-shirt his entire paradigm shift that he says now I know I’m still going
to go to university but I’m going to be an entrepreneur as I go through
university that’s what we’re trying to do we accelerating the process we’re
getting rid of the unnecessary dogma the unnecessary bullshit rules the
unnecessary long winded paths going straight to building a school that
teaches people what truly matters how to be a better parent how to love better
how to be happier how to improve yourself esteem how to practice
mindfulness so you don’t have to suffer from depression or anxiety like so many
of the other people in the world how to start a business fast how to we even
have classes on how to invest in Bitcoin and crypto currencies stuff that many
universities are not picking up but the greatest thing about this is the
connections because people come together and we design it in a way where you have
community you have connections you leave with six to ten new best friends from
around the world that are with you and it’s transgenerational we have 25 year
olds becoming close friends but via rolls and think about what that does
the older folks learn from you the youth have connections in big companies in
entrepreneurial ventures where they can apply to get a job they have Mentors
it is amazing to see how people of different generations can come together
hmm what took you so long to do this that’s what I want to know because
you’ve been doing online education for a long time why did you finally say I
gotta bring people to get what well here’s what happened right it took me so
long because I doubt it the idea could work because everyone I pitched this to
said who on earth is going to be able to leave their jobs and spend 30 days in a
city with their kids but then the world started changing do you know that I
might HR manager was in an HR conference recently right and a big thing that they
were talking about is that employee ship is going to disappear in ten years they
said everyone is going to be a free agent officers will no longer be
necessary I’m sure your retina news WordPress they just disbanded the
Silicon Valley office people are working remotely from around the world
collaborating through Skype through whatsapp through slack employee ship the
shifting many people are becoming free agents they stay with a company for two
to three months work on the project and go and join another company now because
of all of these all of a sudden the big doubt that I had when I was setting out
this vision will people come for a month that disappeared right now not only did
we have double the many applications that seats available but the word of
mouth has been so insane that next year we are scaling up for four hundred
percent growth and now we’re asking ourselves how can we put 40,000 students
simultaneously into mind our university on this city campus on the city campus
because your next one is in talent and talent we’re aiming for a thousand three
hundred okay that’s still four hundred percent growth well I host experiment in
Barcelona last week what last month was three hundred people okay walk me
through what Monday through Friday would have been like for me I’m there with my
thirteen-year-old stepdaughter and my and my missus Romanian question yeah
what are the kinds of things am I in class all day is it part of the day but
what does it feel like really a question so what happens is that when you come
you have a curriculum and you have a co-working space so
is what my day looked like I would wake up and my wife and I while my wife would
walk my son to the co-working space so the adults and the kids are learning in
the same neighborhood a beautiful place called Villa de Gracia in in in
Barcelona my kid would get enrolled in a class for 90 minutes an entrepreneur or
a teacher would come and teach these kids so the kids were learning
everything from mindfulness to kindness to – they had a class where they had to
roam the streets and speak to homeless people to develop their sense of empathy
amazing right so my wife would drop the kid off that she would go up to the
fifth floor where the co-working space is and work with her team my wife has
her own company her own division of mine Bali she flew her team down so her
entire team was super excited because they got to work together in a new city
bond and connecting new ways now at 11 a.m. we have a class so we have often so
many famous teachers and celebrities decided to come down and teach everyone
from the NFL icon Tony Gonzalez to win hawk right the superhuman Danis record
holder whose picture I see on your wall – legends like Lisa Nichols Marissa
Pierre who’s Britain’s number one coach so the 11 a.m. they be a class and then
we had former classes with celebrities with great teachers that we arranged but
we also opened up slots for the students there to teach so students would apply
so one one guy Andrew patashnik he’s made millions investing in aetherium and
Bitcoin I didn’t even know what aetherium was he did a class on Bitcoin
the deal and that blew everyone’s mind right so we have classes at 11 classes a
class at 3:00 and a class at 5:00 each class is 90 minutes and it’s optional so
you have a co-working space where you’re connecting with people you’re grabbing
coffee BR you’re taking beautiful walks in the city there are three different
classes every day and this goes on for about a month and in the evening they
are organized parties you go for you go for a flamenco show you go for an
organized party you can sign up to go on a trip to see the Sagrada família all
with fellow students and this is where the greatest thing that University
gathers community and friends this is where that comes in so when people leave
they’ve learned something but the crazy thing is it’s not about the agenda we
the great teachers but that’s never number one number one are the
friendships and remarkable friendships are created when you experience moments
that fill you with emotion with someone else when you experience a mind-blowing
idea when you gaze upon the Sagrada família the most beautiful church in
the world with people next to you or when you go out for a night of drinking
of tapas and cava in a beautiful suburb in Barcelona with five or six other
students and those friendships are what carry people through so we found that
because that’s what I remember about University it’s those demo friendships
yes but as we become adults you know that there was a study done that shows
that especially it applies to men and women after we turned 40 the amount our
social connection start going down we spend more time with our spouses our
kids and that’s great but it’s not enough men especially after 40 stop
getting lonely I created this because I was getting lonely my life was work gym
meditation kids spouse and I loved all of it but I had no room to hang out with
my friends I think I remember one month went by and I realized I had turned down
five friends wanting to go out for drinks not because I didn’t want to
because it was so damn tired after work I want to come back I got to spend time
with my kids help them with their homework and I created this so that all
of us have a chance to escape from the day-to-day and we still get to work but
we get to be in experience life in a new world in a new society in a new city
with beautiful new friends and do it with our children in our family so
you’re not leaving them aside and when I did this I realized I woke up in
Barcelona one day and I was cycling on my rented bicycle to my co-working space
and I realized that this is not just a new form of Education it’s a new form of
living it’s the closest you can come to reincarnation at home I have my
beautiful blue murse that I Drive to work here I’m on a frickin green bicycle
that cost 300 euros but I’m loving every minute of it it’s the closest you can
come to reincarnation because you’re in a new city but not as a tourist you’re
dropping your kids off the classes you’re attending classes you have your
meetings to get to you have your co-working space and you have a
community and it’s so in so beautiful and I can’t wait to go back
on you over them is this the new family vacation because yes funny enough
absolutely I was in Barcelona a year ago and we took the family and it’s two
weeks and you can’t wait to go and it is beautiful city but some of you part of
you says after three days what do we do exactly it is a new family vacation it’s
the new communication especially for people who are creators who are
entrepreneurs who who love doing stuff that matters I’m one of those people
when I go to vacation after two or three days I get bored I’m like all right this
is like the 15 church I’ve seen what can I do next right and then while I’m
spending time with my kids and my wife which is great after three days
sometimes you long for I long for the company of men of my peers you know um
you want to talk about ideas you want to create things you wanna that’s what
happens here so what was really funny is a lot of people moved to Barcelona
thinking oh we’re going to see we’re going to see all of these these
different museums they never have time for that because they were so busy and
so enamored by the beautiful talks and for me the greatest thing was every
single night going to a new Spanish restaurant to that freaking love Spanish
food and having meaningful conversations with new friends okay wow this is a very
interesting to hear and right you’d report back two things biggest surprise
positive biggest thing that you didn’t see coming that you’re like I’m gonna
fix this next time well the well the first thing is we thought people cared
about a co-working space so we had 600 applicants a co-working space that room
for 300 we turned down 300 people so it so we had a fix and acceptance right
you’re a tech guy so yes guys we love our co-working spaces
nobody gather damn about the co-working space because people people would come
there and they would think okay I’m going to work for four to six hours but
then they would find the classes so interesting and it was fine they got so
much out of the conversations because they aren’t there with other brilliant
people that they decided to forego work in many cases or work one or two hours a
day and instead go for masterminds go for coffee house chats go for walks with
other people in their industry and I did that and I got I got so much more out of
it than if I simply being in front of my computer and being on slacker
now that was the first big surprise okay so you wanted to give people the option
to work so they wouldn’t be thinking at 30 days I can’t not look but you found
out that people actually use that time to connect with others they found the
connection far far far more valuable okay and and the second thing that
happened is we initially created a pop-up school for kids under 14 so that
parents didn’t have to worry about these kids
but the pop-up school was so incredible so brilliant educators from around the
world some of the world’s leading educators flew down to see what was
going on we had a thermal from the upland school it’s a school for gifted
children in Michigan he flew down all of these incredible educators school down
of one through 35 hours just for two days to see this experiment and because
parents were coming to us kids were coming to us going oh my god this is
incredible teenagers was saying I learned more in
one month in the last two years of school and so we decided that we were
going to expand this particular thing the pop-up school was done it’s an
experiment so parents didn’t have to worry about their kids it was so
successful that we now have we have a education program from Houston that’s
bringing a hundred teenagers next year because they found the cave checked it
out and was mind blown so next year we are launching mine Valley Schools and
we’re going to create tracks like more structured tracks for teenagers and for
kids under 13 okay my by schools is specifically the University targeted for
an exactly exactly so it’s 30 days it’s 30 days it’s a summer program so the
adults are they’re learning but now you’re teenage kids and you’re younger
kids have tracks to them as well okay this is fascinating and also I was at a
fest so I got to learn a little bit more about you and a little bit of the
history of mine Valley and I’m starting to put some pieces together because you
started doing a fest in 2010 and you started bringing these people together
for these amazing experiences with each other and I’m thinking this is when you
started to see what happens when you bring people together right and later
you said wow wow wow okay now we have to do it in this university maybe but maybe
you could walk me through maybe your path with mine value they got me where
you want to go and then I’d love for you to talk to me a little bit about your
mission because you dropped the mission on everybody in the AFS and that quite
frankly I was taking notes I was really inspired with your mission and I think
that’s really important to talk about so talk to me about the start of mind value
first well my lolly started that I said
because I wanted to spread meditation to the world and it bet but there’s a lot
more to it meditation is one thing but there’s a second value that I hold
really dear to my heart and that’s human unity and the reason I hold that so dear
to my heart is because growing up as an Indian kid in Malaysia I look different
from everyone else I’ve been through a lot of racism going up when I was in the
United States starting MindValley over there I ended up you know it was the
post September 11 world and if you look at me I could be Middle Eastern and I
ended up for whatever reason being a Muslim watchlist which existed back then
President Obama ruled it unconstitutional in 2008 it was it was
ended Trump wants to bring it back now but I was added to this watchlist I’m
not judging it I’m not judging it I’m just sharing what I experienced my wife
is European and all of a sudden living in the United States be I found that
every 30 days I had to report to the government to be fingerprinted to be
photographed and to be and to have to hand them my credit cards so they could
see all my purchases in Kentucky I had to wait in line for hours just for my
turn detector to happen I couldn’t board certain planes I couldn’t use certain
airports before getting on a flight I had to go for a two hour interrogation
getting off a flight I had to be go for another two-hour interrogation so I felt
that I don’t want that in the world in the future my wife is white she’s
Estonian so you know Estonian select finish very blonde very blue-eyed my I’m
Indian so if you look at my children my children are somewhere in between they
could be big they look Syrian or Lebanese or Israeli they look Middle
East and right I don’t want my daughter or my son ending up on such a list
because of how they look they look different they are these beautiful mixed
kids and so I thought that as I build up mine Valley while education is important
there’s an important aspect to human growth that is often not looked at and
it’s called wolf centrism ken wilber says you
can look at human development on an axis that looks like this for the longest
time we thought that human development involved taking people into different
states of consciousness so there’s a state of consciousness part and you know
you can have these old moments of awakening through meditation through
psychedelics true neural training you can have these moments of awakening I
guess one of the the highest levels would be the Samadhi experience where
you feel a feeling of oneness with all life but twenty years ago they
discovered that that wasn’t it that there’s a second level of human
awakening and it’s called in and if this is waking up this is called growing up
to use Ken Wilbur’s terms it’s called growing up and growing up means this it
means understanding that your compassion your connectedness with other human
beings can expand beyond just your religion or your culture or your
nation-state so the most simplistic sense people can fold and around four
different stages of growing up there’s about the 1% of the world that would be
at the ego centric stage which means that their level of kindness and
compassion doesn’t go beyond their body these people can be Psychopaths they can
be murderers they can be dangerous fortunately it’s a tiny percentage 70%
of the world is that what you would call the ethnocentric stage these are people
who believe that there are countries the greatest country in the world and others
have it wrong or their religion has all the answers and others have it wrong 70%
of the world now there’s this awakening happening where 30% of the world has
moved to what is called the world centric stage and the world centric
stage is where we need to move more of humanity the world centric stage means
you understand that look your religion is beautiful to you but it is not the
only way it is merely one way your nation is great but you can enjoy and
learn so many things about other cultures and your country doesn’t have
all the answers and so when people move from ethnocentric to worldcentric
we create a much better world we are more tolerant of things such as gay
rights makes marriages we’re less likely to fight each other we’re less likely to
create things such as watchlist we are a journey all Jeremy
Corbyn said yesterday at Glastonbury he said we in Britain need to build bridges
we are not doing the build walls that’s a world centric attitude now
there is a level of birth that called cosmos centrism that’s really a far more
advanced age that’s um that’s if an alien landed on this planet and he
stepped out of a spaceship and he was green and like and had tentacles
emerging from his mouth and slandered him over his body we give him a hug we
give him a hug because we can extend our levels of compassion to all sentient
beings so personal growth is about two things it’s about getting people into
these enlightened experiences but also getting people to expand their circles
of compassion to wider and wider circles until you can encompass all of planet
Earth now here’s what’s interesting the guy
who first put this idea around was Charles Darwin in 1872 he wrote a book
called The Descent of Man and and sexual and natural selection in sexes of I
can’t remember the title complicated title that was in 1870 book 72 book and
Darwin spoke about this idea called diffusion of sympathy sympathy back in
1872 is simply what we would call compassion today and he said as men
understands that they can unify in tribes and have sympathy for other
tribes because it is advantageous to them they soon realize that they can
extend their sympathy to all members of a nation and as soon as this point is
reached they realize they can extend their sympathy to groups of Nations and
as soon as this is reached these levels of sympathy will extend further and
further and further and occasionally we will hit hiccups it’s harder to extend
your sympathy to people who look different from you say Syrian refugees
right but this too will happen until man’s levels of sympathy will extend to
all sentient life and it was astonishing that Darwin wrote the word sentient life
amazing he used those exact terms and so I think it is one of the singular most
powerful paragraphs ever written in any book and it’s just it’s just about 400
words it’s really really it’s a tiny section of that book but it’s powerful
stuff Bauman didn’t just predict where we’re coming from you please get where
we are going now back – mission personal growth is not just
about expanding your awareness of yourself it’s about getting you to
become a changemaker to expand your levels of compassion beyond yourself –
not to your community and later to the wider world and all human beings it’s
about training people to be as concerned about people starving in Venezuela
because people starting in their own country it’s about training people – to
look beyond borders and religions and skin color that’s really one of the
overriding value systems at 9:00 Valley it’s why in our office we have 40
different nationalities working together when you came to a fest you would have
noticed a huge number of different countries represented we want to help
expand people both in terms of waking up but also in terms of growing up in terms
of their diffusion of sympathy to use Darwin’s language and those are two
different axes of just because I can meditate and become more aware of myself
right doesn’t mean that I’m growing it well growing right now so you can have
someone that’s very very in touch with themselves who still has that knee
centric view right okay and I’m meditating Psychopaths and yes and we
call this the asshole guru syndrome you’ve read about these gurus right who
have these big followings but they are assholes and they are being accused of
of sexual predatory behavior and and manipulating people they achieve high
levels of waking up now I met one of these asshole gurus he had his team they
were being investigated by scientists because he was able to do some crazy
stuff science was showing that he could hold seeds in his hand and accelerate
their growth people or he was doing the tour of the United States and they
approached me to do to build a website for them to build a brand in marketing
and I was super excited but I was in a meeting with this guy and one of my
staff walked in and you know he hit asked for a private meeting with me and
I gave it to him that one of my staff walked in a dear dear dear member of my
team someone asked to be adorned he turned to that guy and he goes who the
fuck are you in the guard goes I’m part of mission Siemens he said get the fuck
out get out you cannot just walk in this is my meeting and I’m like whoa whoa
that guy works with me he’s like I don’t care I asked for meeting with you
the next day I cancelled that deal I lost $50,000 but I didn’t want that
level of energy in my life that’s the asshole guru syndrome high levels of
spiritual sorry high levels of mental ability of spiritual ability you can see
in all you can see auras you can heal with your hands scientists can even
study this phenomenon in you but you haven’t grown up you’re at the
egocentric ethnocentric level you’re too much into yourself you cannot extend
your levels of compassion beyond yourself so you got to grow in both axes
mind ally sometimes gets accused of being political because in our education
we sometimes will release a video that talks about how to look at a political
leader and understand if they are holding humanity back or pushing
humanity forward and so we made you know especially when when because of what’s
going on right now with Trump right yeah um
we made some early calls when he was running for president I and you said
look this is how we feel about it I made some early calls yes and and
firstly when you get to higher levels when you get to the cosmos centric level
you never judge anyone if Trump was here I want to give him a
hug I definitely want to take him out to dinner his book was an incredible book I
learned so much from his writing he’s a he’s a good man but I disagree with his
approach because his approaches ethnocentric so again notice I said he’s
a good man but he’s certainly not qualified in my opinion to be a leader
because the world is a neat ethnocentric leaders ethnocentric leaders are very
prone to come up with ideas such as let’s build a border wall to keep out
the Mexicans or let’s create this Muslim watch list that’s not the forward
progression of the human race I mean Darwin predicted this a hundred and
fifty years ago so what we want to do is teach people teach our audience to look
at leaders who are inclusive you can be right you can be left that doesn’t
matter that don’t vilify other human beings
because that’s tapping into this reptilian part of our brain which causes
the fear of the other and it’s an easy way to get votes but it isn’t the
natural forward progression of the human race continue watching this fascinating
conversation for free by clicking on the link below to visit our
website and I’ll see you on the inside talking about the phrase unfuckable when
yours when you are confident and secure in your own cell that nothing someone
else says or does can shake you unmarketable