hello dear community and welcome to this
week’s news digest here are the latest
updates for you
Vitamart is now officially open to the
public. as most of you know our community
token VITA has been launched over two
months ago and we’re super excited to
see thousands of you claiming the tokens
every day, bidding, playing with it and
earning VITA through various community
campaigns and hopefully you have
accumulated enough of VITA in order to
be able to spend it. We’re happy to
announce the launch of VITAmart with
the first two sub-stores – Giveaway and
Vitamall. we recommend you to visit vitamart.io
in order to check out how the
stores look like, what products they have
and how you’re able to purchase them
and also make sure to read this blog
that covers everything in great detail!
We would also welcome any feedback that
you have for us so make sure to share it
on Telegram or in our Discord. We have
shared summary of our last week’s AMAs
one was for the Korean community that we
had with Binance Korea and the other
was from Asia Blockchain Review that we
hosted in their telegram group check out
the questions and answers some of them
you have already seen some of them are
new and offer some interesting
perspectives. This week, our head of
business development, Larry, was in
Berlin for the Berlin blockchain week
where we have also hosted our own event
along with MXC foundation check out
the pictures on our Twitter and make
sure that you’re following us. these were
all of the updates for you this week
we’re looking forward to sharing even more news and announcements that are coming up
shortly and wishing you a great week