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BK & Cole Crypto Travel Channel | Bitcoin Diary Life Goals
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Music: “for love” by Jeff Kaale (https://soundcloud.com/jeff-kaale)
here let me get let me get
to the clubhouse store we go
we going to the clubhouse store
oh my god it’s still in line to get in
holy cow we’re just trying to go in and
check out our friend stick check it out
come up
barely everyone else is too
to get in
that’s on the instead of pump them
to the pump them
yep smoke hey so and then to type it was
one shrimp one grilled chicken Thanks
so we are in the car
driving back from
the premiere
it was surprisingly a very good film
everyone did very well and it’s fun the
red carpet however was a bit of a frenzy
I barely got to get my talent photo but
it’s okay I realized that here in
Atlanta a red carpet picture a red
carpet picture is worth gold to some
people I guess it’s their ticket in to
start him and fame even if they weren’t
even in the movie
what are your thoughts on that
everybody’s somebody in Atlanta a
red-carpet premiere everybody is
somebody in Atlanta and a red carpet
premiere no it was fun
there’s a lot of fun it’s cool
that was the second time now that you’d
see me on the big screen yes
what do you say about it that’s pretty
cool you had more no the first one you
had a lot of words yeah I was like a
main main character everyone you have a
funny scene like every movie cuz I’m
funny where people laughed
funny-looking I’m very funny
but yeah the whole theater like laughed
cuz like the way I said it
hey Tobin was like Peter left it was
actually really funny but yeah it was a
lot of fun and tomorrow we go to flower
for board of advisers again later