In 2011 Charlie Lee, a former
Google software engineer started studying cryptography and decided
to create a Bitcoin-inspired currency. But Lee knew the value Bitcoin had. and he didn’t want to take his attention
off Nakamoto’s coin. The gold had already been created. Charlie Lee aimed to create Litecoin,
the silver of cryptocurrencies. Litecoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency
and shares the same code as the BTC. Which means a lot of Bitcoin updates can also be made for Lee’s coin. The origin of the name Litecoin
means “light currency”, and it really is. LTC is one of the fastest cryptocurrencies today. Its block is confirmed within two and a half minutes. Four times faster than Bitcoin In addition it can be converted
in fiat currency easily. And it’s one of the four most
cryptocurrencies safe and difficult to attack. And you could have more Litecoins than Bitcoins. While Bitcoin has a Limit
of 21 million coins Litecoin will reach a maximum of 84 million in the market. CoinBene has over 200 digital assets on the platform. And Litecoin is one of them. Visit
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