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so first of all JP JP Morgan sees crypto as competition and risk to its business
and SEC annual report they should they should write this book but it does look
pretty cool the picture here is pretty funny if you guys remember before we
heard a lot of things about you know them saying Bitcoin wasn’t good all
bitcoins bad bitcoins of scammed bitcoins these bitcoins that then we saw
that they were investing in and now we are seeing according to the US
Securities and Exchange mission that they put it under um
JPMorgan Hey they added a segment on crypto curse currencies to the risk
factor section of their 2017 annual report so guys I mean I’m not surprised
it is definitely something that is here to stay so the beginning of February you
see they even referred to crypto currencies crazies as an innovation and
they’re unlikely to disappear which we all agree on if you’re on this channel
you probably agree with that however before here it is
Jamie Dimon called big Bitcoin a fraud and threatened threatened to fire any
employee that traded BTC on company accounts so if that doesn’t scream
terrified to you I don’t know what does we also have a lot of speculation that
maybe that was try he was trying to manipulate the market because that did
cause the price of Bitcoin to dip in order for them to pick up some more
however that was pretty cool news now the second thing is the self-proclaimed
Satoshi Nakamoto a Craig Wright was sued for five billion dollars just a quick
run-through of what happened basically someone claims that he stole hundreds of
thousands of bitcoins which now valued at roughly five billion dollars of from
David climene’s estate pretty interesting that’s a lot of money
Jesus five billion dollars worth of Bitcoin that’s absolutely insane so he
was the self for clean Satoshi Nakamoto I don’t know if you guys watched the
documentary but yeah he self proclaimed that he was no one really believes him I
don’t think anyone thinks he’s the real Satoshi Nakamoto I don’t I don’t believe
it uh and third last article Bill Gates
crypto currencies cause debts in The Fairly in a fairly direct way he did
this in his reddit ask me anything so just kind of reading the quote the main
feature cryptocurrency is there an enum and huh now you’re gonna trying to read
that word tongue-twister right there I don’t know why I can’t speak sometimes
when I make videos anonymity there we go that’s right word I don’t think this is
a good thing the gun ability to find money laundering and tax
evasion and terrorist funding is a good thing right now cryptocurrencies are
used for buying fentanyl and other drugs so it is a rare technology that has
caused deaths in a fairly direct way I think the speculative wave around ICS
and crypto currencies is super risky for those who go long it’s interesting Oh
bill key it seems to be changing his mind a decent amount because I also
heard him talk before in an interview where he said bitcoin was here to stay
now maybe maybe speculating maybe he does believe it is here to stay but that
is not a good thing maybe that’s what he meant
in the interview it was just you know people manipulate words the way they
want to innovate it seemed like he was saying bitcoins good well from this ask
me anything maybe he had second thoughts I don’t know what it could be but I
don’t necessarily agree with him because money I get that it’s easier I guess so
I guess with Vic with cryptocurrency it is easier to do these things and get
away with it however guys people have been doing like
these things aren’t you know Bitcoin might have say Bitcoin came around in
2008 this has been going on for so much longer than 2008 they’ve been doing fine
they’ve been you know tax evasions been going on fine you know terrorist funding
has been going on fine with whatever currency they want or a Fiat they want
and money laundering same thing this isn’t a new thing I like sure it’s going
to be around with Bitcoin with cryptocurrency a lot of people are
saying oh isn’t that using the black market yeah so is dollars okay so I
don’t really like to hear that I don’t think it’s a solid structural argument
just saying that oh it’s used for bad things because by that case we really
shouldn’t be using anything because everything is used everywhere there is
good there is also bad anyways enough about the news let me know what you guys
think of that down below in the comments all three articles or whichever one is
your favorite let me know what you guys think of it down below let’s take a look
at the market though again we’re hovering pretty close to where we were
yesterday not much has changed Bitcoin dominance again getting
close to 40% which means all coins are bleeding and if we run through the list
that’s basically what we’re seeing we’re seeing a ton of red now this this uh I
don’t think I think tomorrow we might have a green day I’m gonna explain to
you guys why at the end when we look at the in depth chart the technical
analysis chart we have been following with Bitcoin as it’s still stayed within
those limits we’re gonna find out however everything’s down even including
Bitcoin everything’s down let’s take a look at the 7 days 7 days we have a sort
of a mix but definitely more red coins like Finance is up 12% the week and nano
is up 8% however 81% however it is down 10% today not really much of a surprise
if I were to open a nano right here for you guys will show you why just a little
bit of logic when it comes to trading cryptocurrency stuff everyone you know
if you don’t know what already you’re going to I guess learn it as you go
first things first we had a huge pump up in price that is because nano I I don’t
believe it was a pumping up I’m gonna say it again I don’t think this is a
pump and um it doesn’t make sense because there has been no dump however
it went up in law in value because the price had been dropping so much due to
the hacking of the exchange big Grail it’s dropped a ton you know it put a
shadow over the name as I like to say and then finally reached a point where
it just broke under $7 and people are just like this is ridiculous this had a
high of $34 uh maybe even more 35 almost 36 dollars and it’s you know it has it
works it does what it’s supposed to do it’s a good coin it you know fast
transactions no fees it’s good it doesn’t belong it was like 20-some to
rank 20 something it doesn’t belong there so price went back up and then
corrected a little bit because we had such a fast run up correct it a little
bit the kind of leveled off had another pump and it’s down a little bit again
with days like today where every coin is red it’s not surprising that we see a
little bit of a correction with Nano its price that increased significantly now I
saw I got people asking me up here should I buy Nano
and I was saying if you’re going long with nano yes go ahead purchase whatever
you want if you are not if you just want to make short-term gains maybe within
the week I would stay away because after a huge increase in price like this it
basically doubled in value it’s not a good time to get into any cryptocurrency
when it doubles in value in 24 hours now I could still triple quadruple but you
start getting into a play of risk evaluation chances of it are you know a
lot less likely however if you are going long and with the all-time high with the
situation the markets are in right now there’s definitely a lot of space for us
to see you know nano just shoot up back to its all-time highs and wait past it
because again it doesn’t deserve to be ranked 22nd I think we could see Nano
break top 10 guys it does what it needs to do and it does it very very well
now again days like this and for those of you guys have a binson channel a
while and if this is your first video if you haven’t heard me say this before
this is black friday for crypto currencies now you guys know Black
Friday is the day everything’s on sale at least that’s how it works in the u.s.
very famous day everything’s on sale Best Buy does huge sales TVs are 50 to
70% off that’s Black Friday and it happens you know at the end of November
I don’t know exactly what the day is but cryptocurrency has it happened every so
often we get another 5% 10% down day for your favorite coins which just means
it’s a buying opportunity especially with the situation the markets in right
now the market is looking to break out it’s struggling a little bit but it is
looking to have its break out anytime now I’m just waiting buying more of my
coins buy more of my favorite coins one of the ones I’m recently picking up a
lot of is Bobby you guys have heard me talk about this before it’s down so much
again I might pick up some more maybe dollar cost average because I am
currently in the negative with it however I think I picked them up roughly
around here when I was around the 145 and down ten cents it’s not the worst
thing in the world we’ll live especially since we’re going long it’s only had a
sixty million dollar valuation it has easy easy easy road to 10x don’t forget
guys none of this is financial advice before forget I’m not financial advisor
I’m dissing off financial advice I have to say that every video make sure to do
your own research guys it’s the only way to feel confident and to keep your money
safe is to do your own research and only invest in stuff you believe in however I
do recommend going to research wahby it does have a lot a lot of potential and
where can you pick it up you may ask if you go over here
finance I’ll leave a link to Finance down below but you guys can go ahead and
pick up some of your favorite all points all the top all coins are owned by Nance
it’s probably the easiest exchange to use other than coinbase maybe but you
can’t really get all coins there at least not many so Finance is where I get
all my all coins and they do have why be on there that is where I picked up my
Wahby and Tron actually is one of the few coins up today I like to cover
trunks I know a lot of you guys in the channel follow for Tron because you guys
are Tron investors as well it’s reaching close to a 3 billion dollar market cap
help pretty steady here as the whole market has kind of fluctuated over the
last one to two weeks we’ve had a lot of like sideways movement we went up a
decent amount in the market and then we went down I know this very simplified
terms but we did basically have a nice little pump to increase the market than
we had for a week then we had another week where it was a lot of red all over
the market everything was bleeding and now we’ve kind of leveled off and I said
when we level off it’s good I’m waiting for a nice nice nice move upward and
start to enter the bullish market now Tron’s actually add to another exchange
today I saw in the Facebook group someone posted so thank you for posting
that I don’t remember who it was I don’t have the Facebook group open but I
remember someone the Facebook groups always a great place to get updated all
the time now currently six people now are on sell for Bitcoin you guys are
absolutely crazy I don’t don’t listen to this
this will lose you money right here technical analysis summary will lose you
money the only way to not lose money is to do your own technical analysis and
this is the chart I have recently been messing with this is the technical
analysis I did again it’s not very complex at all we could definitely go
into a lot more detail I try to keep it fairly simple for everyone to understand
basically this is our resistance line this is our support line you guys can
tell bitcoins kind of been trading up here for the last God who knows how long
I’m when did this first break in around the 6th of December so it’s been in here
for a few months and we had a child up here which we were trying to break
through we were balancing up in here hoping to break past this resistance
line which would cause a definite definite decent price increase we can
delete this right now because that did not hold currently broke under it
unfortunately but still came back up and now we’re testing this resistance line
again today which is why I’m saying today is a big day for cryptocurrency
and it’s a good time to pick up some all coins because if we do break past this
this is all about risk analysis so one thing that could happen obviously is we
could turn down and we could start climbing our way down do i think bitcoin
is going to reach these levels of $2000 i don’t think so i think we have a
strong support line right here the 200-day moving average if you guys don’t
understand anything we’re on say if i’m saying a lot of words comment down below
I’ll try and explain in the comments if you guys need some more help with
technical analysis I know a lot of you guys are not cryptocurrency you know you
guys might be new to cryptocurrency may be gone in today’s your first veer
you’re watching in which case I hope I’m doing it good I’m doing a good first
impression you know but yeah basically hopefully we’re gonna break this
resistance line too which case I can’t say how high I think we could go I think
we definitely maybe start reaching these levels maybe up to the 12 13 14 thousand
dollar mark is where we’ll probably face a little bit of resistance again but
this is a very big resistance line that’s been holding for a while so
breaking through that will definitely be very very good for Bitcoin also just
very basics right here this is the stock RSI the one of the two charts I use at
the RSI and I have the stock RSI not the only things you guys can you protect :
Alice’s obviously there’s a lot of things you can do but in summary when to
make this very very simple for you guys when the blue line crosses the red line
good sign you guys can tell blue line crosses the red line goes up blue line
cross the red line goes up when red line
crosses the blue line goes down right simple simple terms right there for you
guys so um those of you guys who need it those of you guys who don’t then you
guys don’t know what I’m talking about right so yeah we’re good um so yeah
hopefully we see Bitcoin break through here and start moving upwards that is
what I am excited for that’s what I’m looking forward to in the next couple of
days maybe we could come back down a little bit but again do some risk
analysis see would you rather lose $500 in the long run and maybe gain a few
thousand or would you want to wait and hold off and play the risk of maybe not
going back down so that’s kind of what you guys have to play well that’s what
we all have to play with with cryptocurrency is all risk analysis what
you guys think is the right move so let me know down below what you guys are
going to be doing with within the next couple of days maybe even with today
what you guys are gonna do with crude with your cryptocurrency let me know
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