Hey, Waves community! It’s time for our monthly digest again, and this month we have something special for you! The Waves team here at Berlin Blockchain Week, where we’re surrounded by a wide array of blockchain developers, hackers, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders. Berlin Blockchain Week is as decentralized as the industry it represents. Lots of cool events are happening here this week: Web3 Summit, Dappcon, ETH Conference, and a few satellite events. The Waves team is hitting as many events as possible, attending panel discussions, giving speeches, and conduction workshops and hackathons. We are shooting this video during the middle of Berlin Blockchain Week, so you might have seen some of our reports on social media already. Our founder and CEO, Sasha Ivanov, is here with us, and he gave a speech at web3 summit. We’ll let him tell you what he thinks about all this event Hi, guys! We are here in Berlin on Berlin Blockchain Week. We participate in many events and there are many members of our team here. They all love what’s happening here because it’s very helpful, we can share their expertise, and we can understand what other teams are doing. I think we need to participate in more events like that. We are going to expand soon, we are going to be more global, so you will see us in many events like that in near future. Hey, guys! I’m also in Berlin! And because you’ve been asking for this a lot, we’ve launched a full-fledged ERC-20 gateway on Waves DEX! The ERC-20 gateway bridges the gap between the Ethereum and Waves blockchains. The first ERC-20 token we’re listing is the Bancor token – BNT. Almost a year ago, the Waves community voted to list this token, and now you can start trading BNT on Waves DEX. There are some deposit and withdrawal limits, so be sure to read the details on our blog. New ERC-20 tokens will be added gradually, and the Waves community will get the opportunity to decide which tokens will be listed next. Hello! I’m Igor Pavlov, the guy responsible for the node development. This month, we published a proposal for “Block reward and community driven monetary policy”. There are two major parts to this proposal: A decentralized governance mechanism, and WAVES token emission model that will operate under community governance. This is designed to increase mining and leasing profits by the promised 5 percent, but ultimately, the community will decide. This community-driven governance is just the beginning. Imagine what opportunities will become possible with this decentralized control. The update, if it is accepted, will activate a 6 WAVES token reward for each generated block to the node that has generated it. Holders of WAVES will have the opportunity to vote to change the reward amount for generating the block. The first vote for changing the reward will take place 250,000 blocks after the activation of this functionality, which is about six months. Then the voting procedure will take place every 150,000 blocks, which is around 100 days. Each time the vote taking place, voters can choose to increase or decrease the reward by up to one WAVES With the introduction of this reward, generating of blocks will become profitable. We estimate it will generate an annual return of 4.5% in WAVES, and in the very beginning, it could generate up to a 7.2% return. This model is designed to attract new block-generating nodes to the Waves ecosystem, which will improve decentralization and security and we believe will increase the demand for WAVES. You’ll find a link with all the details in the video description below. We encourage all of you to read the proposal and let us know what you think of it. Hey guys! Game of Nodes is full on and it’s definitely better than the last season of the popular series! Now that we launched the community node program to support small nodes, the game became a bit harder. We got more than fifty new nodes and leased out over a million WAVES to new participants. Some leaders already emerged, but the ranking gets updated every week, so let’s see what happens. Now on the educational side, graduates from our Web3 courses will be teaching workshops in Zurich and Paris next month. Those are gonna be 4 hour workshops that focused on smart contract developing using the RIDE language. Our Austrian Jedi, Daniel Lutz, will be there on September 19 and 20 and he’s gonna be supported by otherwise consuls and jedis remotely all the way from the Philippines. Fully decentralized community effort, good job, guys, keep it up! Also We are also planning a few dev focused events in the UK last week of September, which will be published on the community page, so stay tuned! We have great news for gamers and game developers. In August, our gaming project launched Item Market for tokenized digital goods such as in-game items for example. This is a full-fledged blockchain marketplace where you can exchange items, gaming inventory and more. We have a starting pack of games available there, including Nyan Cat, which is currently in beta, but you can already buy a Nyan cat there and play with it. The marketplace itself isn’t very big yet, so to encourage game developers to play with it, we are giving grants for those who want to build great games on the Waves blockchain. Thanks for watching! We hope you enjoyed our new style for the digest. If you did, hit that like button below, and let us know if you have any questions about these updates in the comments.