My name’s Evan Vandenberg and I’m the
Director of Business Development at WAX,
worldwide asset exchange, and I’m out
here visiting London to meet with a
bunch of partners and also the SVK
Crypto guys. We’ve known SVK Crypto
for a long time,
Shane, Charles and team are just awesome
stand-up guys they you know they were
throwing this meetup event tonight and
we you know we jumped on board. I will
tell you this right now this is the
single largest blockchain meetup I have
ever been to. Overall I think SVK is
clearly the leader in community here in
London and yeah we’re happy to support
them. We’re here tonight because we
wanted to get out there support the
London blockchain community you know
mingle with everybody who’s in this
space, get a sense of what’s going on out
here in England. WAX is
obviously most of us are in the U.S. but
you know London such an important part
of this ecosystem that we wanted to give
back and we really wanted to get out
there and see you know what’s going on.
For us personally we have all sorts of
partners out here, the meeting with people
this whole past week clearly it’s a
booming ecosystem here in London so we
want to make sure that you know we don’t
necessarily get out here all the time we
want to make sure that if you’re here
we’re gonna make our mark and that we
make sure that we got involved and we
talk to people who are really active in
the community so that’s really our
impetus for being out here in London.
Community is everything for us
we’re a protocol ourselves so
we rely entirely on our community to go
out there and not only
participate in and enjoy the product but
realistically they’re the people who are
building everything, all the content
everything that’s important on WAX right,
we’re building out our service layer, we
have a protocol, we have all these things
to make things easier but at the end of
the day it’s the people who create and
the people who use our product that
really make everything a success. In
the next couple of months we’ve got a
lot coming out I think you know it
really starts with the end of this month
so end of August we’re gonna have our
developer portal, our dock site really
honestly state-of-the-art, top of the
class in terms of blockchain so that’s
gonna make everything exponentially
easier for developers to port
apps or to build nude apps on top of the
WAX protocol. One of the other things I’m
really excited about in the upcoming months
is our work a proposal system so for
those that don’t understand what a work
proposal system is, it’s basically a way
for any developer to propose a project,
whether it’d be a DAPP or an infrastructure
level you know add-on that makes things
easier for other developers but it’s a
way for them to propose a project and
then have the community vote on it and
if the community votes yes they can
actually be compensated for their work
so this is like it’s a massive
benefit for anybody trying to build
something really important for the
ecosystem and it gives them a way to be
compensated, incentivize fairly