When the mass starts getting
frustated about currency, the collective global economical
meltdown starts happening. Understand, Economic meltdown is nothing but
mass getting to the understanding – Mass trying to come out of the delusion
called “Currency”. Understand, currency is instrument Instrument itself, is not inteliigent. Instrument can only be transactional mechanism. It can be used to kindle your fear and greed. I need to debunk the concept of myth of currency.
Only then.. you will understand wealth.
You need to put your energy in the direction of wealth. Not in the direction of currency. Understand. Currency should be your by product Early morning, when you wake up you should know – what is life out of Freedom, Joy and live whole day.
Because you are breathing,
the currency should follow you. That is Wealth consciousness. Because you are conscious,
wealth should be following you. That is Wealth Consciousness.