Matthew: Hey, laowinners. It’s laowhy86
here with another video. Guess what? Vivi: What?
Matthew: You gave me a brilliant idea, and when you woke me up and you told me about
that circumcision thing that I’m about to release on your channel, men cutting their
own… I’m not even going to get into it. If you guys haven’t seen it yet, go check it
out. I’m still reeling from discomfort from that. First of all, big update, you’re still
pregnant, very much so. Come along nicely. It’s getting real fat, real…what’s it
called…strong? Saw the ultrasounds. Number two, we found out that it’s a… oh, I was
going to let you do it. Vivi: Girl.
Matthew: It’s a girl. It’s a girl. It’s another little girl. Apparently, I’m only
capable… Vivi: We love girls.
Matthew: …of making females. Vivi: Yeah, but in China, like, the woman
got to get blame. It’s like you can never even have a boy. What’s wrong with you?
Fire that…or divorce your woman. Matthew: You know when we walk around doing
vlogs on the street and sometimes my voice gets a little…we did that one about porn
the other day, but when I was walking around, I was saying a few words in Chinese here and
there, and I’m worried that people are going to understand me. So, you see…you’ll hear
my voice get lower. I get kind of hush-hush about it, you know what I mean, or I’ll be
like…remember I was telling the story about the taxi driver and I said…because what
he just said before that was I’m going to beat the hell out of you. I’m going to kill
you. Didn’t he say that? I’ll beat you to death. Like, I didn’t want to say it out
loud. So, I decided to take it indoors today and today’s video is going to be talking about
something – and I just mentioned that circumcision thing – stuff that’s happening in China
that’s just absolutely ridiculous, so ridiculous, in fact, that we have to talk about it.
Vivi: I think it’s to you guys though. Matthew: I think that if I tell you the story
right now, what just happened, the news that just broke, I think that if you say that it’s
just weird to foreigners, then you’re absolutely stupid, because do you know what just happened?
Vivi: What? Matthew: Woman’s eating a hot pot, right?
It’s at a company called Xiabuxiabu, okay? You know in Japanese, that means…
Vivi: That’s the Taiwan chain. Matthew: Right. So, xiabu xiabu in Japanese
means, like a dipped meat right or a blanched meat, right? Woman’s eating her hotpot, digging
around. She pulls out a dead baby rat, okay? Now, first off, I have to tell everyone this
out there, all the laowinners out there, this is not that weird, okay? I’m not saying you’re
going to find rats in your food in China. Vivi: Cockroach or…
Matthew: But you’ll find cockroaches. Vivi: Yeah, or hair.
Matthew: Hair. Vivi: And nail,
Matthew: Yeah. Vivi: The fingernails or whatever.
Matthew: People found condoms the other day. Long story short, this woman pulls this out,
right? Now, that’s not the surprise because…have you’ve ever heard of the three screams?
Vivi: Yeah. Matthew: Yeah.
Vivi: Yeah. Matthew: So, explain to them what this is.
Vivi: I don’t really remember. It’s a cuisine that…
Matthew: In China. Vivi: Like, in China, that you torture the
baby mouse and then torture them three different kind of way, and then, at the end, you eat
them alive. They scream their one last. Matthew: Okay. So, yeah, the three screams
is the first scream is when you pick them up with your chopsticks, the second scream
is when you dip them in alcohol or soy sauce, and third scream is when you eat them.
Vivi: Yeah, yeah. Matthew: They actually eat this, eat these
baby mice. I’m not going to show this. I have videos of this, by the way, and you’ve seen
people…I feel like you’ve seen your grandmother had baby rats in a jar. She didn’t eat them
alive. Vivi: Yeah. No. They do…they throw them
in and then… Matthew: When they’re alive.
Vivi: …yeah, I think so, and in the alcohol and that they said it’s really good for you,
make you long live after you drink this. Matthew: Rats have diseases and parasites,
especially the newborns, right? That stuff gets passed on.
Vivi: Crap. When I was a kid, I always play with the newborn mice.
Matthew: Wait. You used to play with newborn mice? Why didn’t your parents buy you a
doll? Vivi: I don’t know. I just around the corner of the street, I found those, they’re so cute, and I dug them
out to bath them. Matthew: Every time that you say your childhood
was fairly normal, I learn something new, okay? Nobody grows up playing with baby rats…
Vivi: Really? They are usually that dirty? Matthew: …in the street. Yes.
Vivi: I thought that when they to grow up, they pick up a lot of disease, not when they’re
baby. Matthew: We are so off track now, it’s not
even funny. Anyway, my point is Chinese people do eat rats. Anyway, long story short, she
pulls this rat out, she’s really pissed off, and, just like you, she’s pregnant, okay?
So, she’s super pregnant. She’s like super…can you be super pregnant?
Vivi: No. Matthew: I guess this is something like…
Vivi: I think she was about three months. Matthew: She was, like, three months pregnant,
right? Newly pregnant woman goes into this Shandong restaurant, beautiful, you know,
Shandong, seaside, beautiful place, right? She goes in this restaurant, she sits down.
She’s not low-class. This is a fairly expensive establishment, okay? She sits down and she
pulls out a…and it’s hairy. It’s a hairy rat, right? It’s not like the, you know, the
squeaky little new baby mice that we’re talking about? It has hair on it.
Vivi: I think it looks like a baby one. Matthew: It was a baby but it still had hair.
We can say it was probably, like, maybe, like, the equivalent of a five-year-old human, okay?
I don’t know. This is getting dark, dude. Don’t pull out a five-year-old human out of
your hotpot. She pulls it out and she freaks out. Now, justifiably so. I think everyone
would spaz out, Chinese or not, if you find a rat in your hotpot.
Vivi: Yeah. Of course. Matthew: The issue that she had in particular
was when she brought it up with the restaurant, the restaurant offered compensation, of course,
but not to pay for her meal because she’s going to take this to court, just like in
America or in any other country, right? If something like this happens, you probably
are going to take the advantage to at least sue to get them to settle so you can take
some money home, right, and justifiably so. You shouldn’t have rats in your food, right?
The restaurant, because she said, I’m pregnant, how could you do this to me, especially, like,
if you have pregnant customers, you would take more care in your food cleanliness, right?
She was concerned that her baby would be harmed. Now, the restaurant owner took this in a very
different way. The restaurant owner, instead of saying, well, here is so-and-so amount
of money, like, I hope everything works out, they said, here’s so-and-so amount of money,
we’ll pay for your abortion because if you’re concerned about what’s going to happen to
your kid, and they meant it in good faith, and that’s what the craziest thing about this,
and you say, oh, it’s just weird to you guys. Are you telling me it’s normal in China for
when somebody does something to a pregnant woman they offer to pay for their abortion,
outside of like a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship? No. I don’t think so.
Vivi: Okay. Hear me out on this, right? I do…like, abortion is such a heavy topic
conversation in in the western country, right, especially in America. It’s like also your
parents is like pro-life and just like… Matthew: Right, right, right.
Vivi: …not supposed…not supporting any… Matthew: Right.
Vivi: …right situation of abortion, or something but, in China, it’s a different story.
Matthew: You open the pregnancy test in China and it gives you a card. Like, literally…
Vivi: Yeah. Matthew: …they put advertisement cards for
abortion clinics. Vivi: To them, it’s like they don’t not love
their baby. They love their baby to death. Matthew: If it’s born.
Vivi: If it’s born. The bottom line to them is, like, as long as that baby is healthy.
You can easily see, like, if, like, those people, they have a problem baby, they not
willing to keep them. Matthew: Right.
Vivi: After all you say, like China developed, China is like trying to go to second world,
first world country, still third-world country… Matthew: Right. In many aspects, yeah.
Vivi: In many aspects. Matthew: In most of the areas outside of east…
Vivi: Especially, like, if you have sick kids in the house, that’s, like, tearing your whole
family apart. Matthew: Yeah. I mean, that’s still…that
mentality is still there. Vivi: So, the mentality still there is like
we not because of the little baby, we would sacrifice a whole family. That’s most of the
mentality. So, that’s why abortion wasn’t necessary, like, oh my gosh, I can’t believe
you did that. Matthew: Right, right, right.
Vivi: It’s…but the thing is, like, you know, online people would talk about this…according
to this problem, they say, oh, see, the company they do care about customers unless
they pay for it. Matthew: Right.
Vivi: Like… Matthew: That’s what blew my mind.
Vivi: Yeah. Like, at least they pay for…they’re willing to settle with that. Other people
were just like, okay, they focus on, first of all, probably that woman’s…that couple’s
try to scam them. This is the first thing they will talk about. The second thing is,
like, oh, that means, like, you can never trust Chinese any restaurant…
Matthew: Right. Vivi: …which is common…
Matthew: Right. Vivi: …in Guangdong. I do know, in Guangdong…
Matthew: It’s in every province. Vivi: …we have, like, three little face.
You see the sad face, the no emotion face, and the happy face. Most of the restaurant,
they have the sad face. Matthew: Well, if there’s a moral from this
story, right, it’s not that this woman got offered an abortion, which she didn’t take,
by the way. By the way, the official public statement that the news is reporting is that
they don’t talk about that part. That was her statement in the beginning and that’s
kind of getting washed away, but the whole point is that food safety in China is a joke
because you talk about this rating system. It doesn’t matter that most of them have a
sad face. That’s just because they don’t want to waste their money to bribe the officials.
In every province, they still have this issue. There is no food inspector that comes in and
actually does thorough reporting. They will give you the smiley face, the top food safety
thing, if you paid the money for your license for the restaurant. Has nothing to do with
the cleanliness of your restaurant. I’ve been sick at just as many happy face restaurants
as sad face restaurants, and… Vivi: Yeah. You should remember most of the
place we go to, they’re happy face, it doesn’t matter, and the sad face, usually we love
them all are sad face restaurants.
Matthew: We love the sad face restaurants because they use the money on actual ingredients
and, you know, they put some soul into their cooking.
Vivi: Yeah. Matthew: But if anyone…if anything comes
out of this, I don’t want this to be a negative smear campaign on China. What I want this
to be is finally maybe an eye opener because this is not a local issue. Now, the stock
has dropped 12%. This is on the stock market, the stock exchange. Right. So, it was like
10million RMB. So, if that can happen…if the food cleanliness and food safety can be
leveled up from just bribing officials to get your stupid food safety sticker and actually,
you know, the public paying attention to this kind of stuff, maybe this can get better,
because this is pretty horrible. A couple of years ago, you had the gutter oil, you
have the milk melamine thing, you have a vaccine scandal, you have all this stuff that’s popping
up, and this hotpot issue seems to really have grabbed everyone’s international attention.
So, hopefully, this is the big kind of necessary thing…necessary change that China will have.
Vivi: You know what is good thing about this situation, though? This situation is a…for
example, if that’s a Chinese company, for example, just for example, that’s a Chinese
company, so they’re not in the stock or whatever… Matthew: Right.
Vivi: They’re just a chain, that not going to happen.
Matthew: No, no, no. Vivi: Like, the punishment and those not going
to happen. Matthew: It wouldn’t even have made the news.
Vivi: Yeah. Matthew: No.
Vivi: No. Matthew: It would have been…
Vivi: It’s just, like, so common though. Matthew: You know, it would have been like
no one’s even talking… Vivi: Yeah. They just, like, pay the money
offered… Matthew: Right.
Vivi: …or maybe go viral. This…like, the punishment is so harsh on this, like, Taiwan
company. Matthew: Right.
Vivi: I kind of feel sad for them but, like… Matthew: That’s the way that China works
is that they make an example out of someone. Look at Fan BingBing. Look at all these things.
The biggest thing that happens, they’ll make an example out of you so everyone else is
scared. That’s how China works, right? Now, if there’s a number two thing to learn from
this, if you want to get an abortion in China, just bring a little rat, pop it in your food,
free. Done. You don’t have to pay for anything. It’s like golden ticket.
Vivi: Yeah. I mean, like, the Western country is like, oh my gosh, I can’t believe they
offered the abortion, and then they would say, oh my gosh, I can’t believe I would find
a rat. Matthew: Yeah. Right, right.
Vivi: That’s it. Matthew: Long story short, if you want to
see more like this, go to We just shot a video for her channel. Go check
that out. Next video, we’ll be back outside, and just this was kind of weird and gross,
and I’m glad we get to share it with you, and I’m glad that you guys are subscribers,
and I’m glad that you guys stuck through this entire video, and I want to say one more thing.
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Vivi: …on the next one.