For the past 100 plus years, the U. S. GOVERNMENT and Federal Reserve has been dictating the money supply and how our monetary system works Over the past 10 years, that has been changing rapidly. in My hands I’m holding a regular Bitcoin mining asic which is basically the future of how money is created. Bitcoin had a predetermined amount of money that was gonna be released in the future. And these machines basically replace the actions of central bankers. Hey, guys. we just got to Cerro Gordo, which is here at about 8500 feet in California, right across the Valley from Mount Whitney in between there and Death Valley. about a year ago, my buddy Brent and his business partner Jon bought this ghost town, and their goal is to turn this into a more modern travel destination while also preserving the feel of this old MINE. over 100 years ago, this mine was really active and they were pulling out a bunch of silver, and I think iron and some other stuff. one thing that he wanted to do is incorporate Bitcoin and crypto currency and make this more of a haven for the crypto community where you could buy and sell goods and services here. what we’re also going to do is – you can see up here on the hill there’s a mine that goes about 1,100 feet down. We’re actually gonna be exploring the idea of setting up some crypto miners in the old mine shaft. basically we’re bringing new mining to an old ass mine. So let’s go ahead and meet up with Brent and check out the town. cerro Gordo was originally established in 1865 they found some small deposits of silver here, and that drew the attention of a couple guys in San Francisco. So they came down, took a bigger sample. and saw that was really high quality. Ore and then they got an investment, started mining here. And yet over the course of – pretty quickly, in like, 10 years, they pulled out something worth like 500 million dollars worth of silver. So what’s your plans with the town going forward? I know you guys have been doing a lot of work on it what’s the vision? we want to create a place that people will come up and experience it for a little bit longer term. Right now, we give tours. That’s kind of the main. We will experience it. We want to introduce overnight accommodation. A way for you would come up stay. I mean, you can look out and see Mount whitney And if you look over that, what you see is Death Valley, so just kind of the stunning nature of it. And there was five hotels here when it was an active mining town. So we’re kind of bringing back a destination place. where you can come stay overnight, maybe introduce spa and fun things like that. I like that you’re embracing the whole crypto feel, you know, accepting Bitcoin payments, setting up some mining rigs AS THE NEW kind of keepers of the town we want to pay homage to the history that’s been here. We’re keeping all the existing buildings were renovating them WE’RE KEEPING this story going. We’re also trying to put our own personal touch on it. And that means introducing new technology like, you know, blockchain and Bitcoin and a lot of really innovative water conservation procedures and solar and renewables and wind energy. Um, kind of trying to bring this town back to life. That’s awesome. This is original union mine shaft that goes 1100 feet straight down at every 100 feet. There’s kind of like a crossover Where there’s a horizontal mine. And this is the hole that kind of built Cerro Gordo. They pulled something like 500 million dollars of the silver out of that hole and that silver was responsible for building a lot of Los Angeles and the surrounding towns. So I mean, there’s a lot of history here to think that this car has been here taking people up and down 1100 feet for 100 years or something is pretty crazy How would we describe that? Bringing new mining technology to a historic – we’re bring in mining back! So this outhouse has the best view in the entire world. Arguably right in the background. You can see that’s the tallest point in the u.s., which is Mount Whitney. And yeah, if you gotta go number one or number two, you know, there’s hardly any better place on the planet to do it. Okay, so we’ve got a test miner. And we’re going to scout some locations because there’s a few different mines. We could either drop it in the big mine that’s up the hill or there’s a horizontal mine that goes, I think about 1000 feet just horizontally into the mountain. And if you take a look over here, we’ve actually got an aT&T Tower right there. So I’m gonna hook up the power to one of these houses, and then we’re gonna run a few hundred feet of Ethernet cable with a hot spot that will pick up right there. So So, apparently, there’s a mountain lion that likes to hang out in this mine we’re gonna just check for tracks before we head in there. this Elevation is kicking my ass, guys. All right, so I don’t see any tracks. I think he’s on the other side of the mountain, let’s go ahead and do this. All right, so you see, that goes further back than we can see. Think of at least 1000 feet, we’ll only go about half of that Maybe. We’ve come to a fork in the road and I think what would be kind of a smart play would be to – here Let me just show you this first. Like you can see, like, this is not just a horizontal mine This drops down and kind of curves under for much further than we can see. So I’d imagine least couple hundred feet. But what I’m thinking is we could set up some kind of rack here or even on the back side of this. This is a This is a dead end. the temperature in here right now is probably about do you think, Blake, like, 55 60 degrees. 50? So this could work. The only thing that freaks me out is this. Mine is not really structurally sound. See, I mean, there’s big cracks you see back there, that one’s kind of half collapsed. And back here, this goes, I think, for several hundred more feet. But I don’t want to put it too far back here because I just requires more CHORDS and complexity. So let’s go and head back out. All right, so we scouted a couple locations. We know we can set it up either In the main mine about 100 feet down in the mineshaft or over here in the horizontal line, which is a little more sketchy. But anyway, the next step is to just test one of our test miners, make sure it connects to the data and that it runs properly. So I couldn’t think of a better place to do that then The old American Hotel which was built back in 18 seventies This place is just steeped in history and has so many stories And it’s just a beautiful place let’s go ahead and check out the saloon then head into the poker room. All right, this is the reception of the old hotel, and then we lead right into the old beautiful bar. You see, this thing is still in really great shape. Yeah, just a really nice spot. But what I’ll do I’m gonna take us back where I got the miner set up in the poker room and you can hear this thing. it’s working. If you look over here in the corner, you can see some bullet holes in the wall I guess some bird shot. back in the day There was quite a bit of gunfights and you can see the blood stains on the floor. It there’s a lot of history in this room. So I thought this would be kind of an interesting place to go ahead and test the miner so you can see it’s running, i got it hooked up to the hot spot and it’s picking up the data from Tower, I just checked it and if you don’t know anything about miners, You can log in and just check the status and see the speed and all the information that it’s running. So this thing is working. It’s not the most powerful miner But again, this is just a test to make sure that the data and everything’s gonna work up here. And it’s gonna work with the elements because it does get really dusty and the temperatures can drop pretty low. Which is why I like the mines because I think the temperatures stay pretty consistent throughout the year. we’re gonna take a little break barbecue hang out drink some whiskey and see you guys in a little bit. All right, guys. So here’s the game plan. We checked out the lower mine We’ve checked out this mine, and we’ve got the miner actually working. You see, it’s coming along back there and again. We’ve just got one for now because it’s a quick test to make sure that the data is gonna pick up on all that I’ve already mentioned. But what we’re gonna do is actually build a minor rack on the elevator that goes all the way down to 1100 feet. So we’ll have several miners in the actual shaft, and then what we’re gonna do is drop it down into the mine. This experiment is really just about bringing new technology to a really historic and epic location. I would just encourage anybody that wants to come to cerro gordo, I’ll link up how you can get here. And how you could get a tour and even stay when this thing is fully refurbished and you can see the mining operation. But this is like part one, and hopefully in a few months I’ll be able to do another video showing you guys the full operation. But hope you enjoyed this video Just trying to have some fun and bring awareness to the crypto community and shout out to brent and John for letting us have fun here and integrating Bitcoin in crypto into this amazing town. So I hope you guys enjoyed the video. See you next time.