Planning my next trip away is what gets
me through the week. But traveling a lot means exchanging currency a lot, and finding a good deal is tough. Whether I went to an exchange
bureau, or used my debit card abroad it felt like companies were making sure that they profited from my holiday by giving me bad exchange rates, fees, or both. Then I discovered WeSwap – the people’s currency exchange. Now I can exchange money at the
fairest possible rates with a simple app. WeSwap uses smart technology to swap my currency directly with real people in different countries abroad. By skipping the banks everyone gets a fair deal. It’s saved me so much money. I just downloaded the app, filled out the info and they sent me the WeSwap Mastercard straight away. I load my account using my debit card, bank transfer, Apple or Android pay, and then swap into the currency that I need. Then I spend over the counter, or
withdraw from an ATM using the WeSwap card. I can track my activity, see where I’ve spent, and top-up my balance wherever I am. Now I can concentrate on
the things that really matter on holiday like watching the perfect sunset, finding my next adrenaline fix, or eating crazy food in a foreign town. Sign up to WeSwap today and join a revolution in travel money.