What if Bitcoin crash!!!

Hi my name is Mike
Soh you know a 3 and 1/2 years ago I have
a very regular buddy by the my name called
Genn Lai he is my very good buddy came
around Singapore to tell me this thing
about Bitcoin he said that this is going
to be the future of money it’s gonna be
peer to peer
as we can transfer
money like nobody business we don’t need
the banks we don’t need you know the pay
high transaction fee we are totally in
control of our own money it’s
decentralized nobody country we have
total freedom it’s gonna be you’re able
to do come your own bank you can even
print money you know and at that point of time
when I look at him I say bro
whenever you sell I’ll definitely buy it
but this sounds like what it sounds like
a scam and their part I was so ignorant
you know I didn’t even you know spend
time to listen to him open up my mind or
even go and learn about it totally right
away I make that ignorant you know
decision that it is my scam so but you
know 2017 November I was having a bit of
time out for my business I began to
explore things out there and one of my
friend was telling me about launching
and when I ran in a study a little bit
and things are there and cryptocurrency
is one of the product of Blockchain and I
spent almost 5 figure and upon time to go
and learn you know what is blockchain or
what is cryptocurrency what is the
benefit of cryptocurrency what is
benefit of Bitcoin and only at that point of time and then there oh my god this is an
awesome technology and awesome invention
this you know group on this named
Satoshi Nakamoto should get a Nobel
Prize for inventing something like that
and it’s all about learning so when you
can spend your time to learn and you
shall learn something and you shall be
able to earn you know and at that point of time
my friend was just telling me and my son
was with me and he know that I love my
son to the core and I wanted to provide
whatever he deserve I know whatever I
can afford and my son is very into
soccer he wanted to become the what
World Cup player and then in
Singapore it’s very difficult you know
the trainings quality is not so good
gonna send him oversea to train the
other people play the highest level and
that takes a lot of money and he just
told me buddy
I tell you what you can afford to lose
you know at that point time was $750 per
Bitcoin I think you can afford to lose
that what if this investment of one
Bitcoin is gonna be able to pay for your
son’s soccer training in oversea and
providing him a future whereby he may
not be able to do so and at that point of time I
was quite ignorant or totally ignorance
and I do not listen and
December 2017 because price went up to
$19 750 if I would just bought that
one Bitcoin I would have 25 Times of return
and then I would think that totally can
pay for the Soccer Academy fee for my
son and at one time so what I’m telling
you when you look at certain things we
have a lot of what if what if it doesn’t
work what if it doesn’t pay us the
investment what if Bitcoin crushed yes if
you go into investment you gonna do one
thing the 101 of investment prepare to
lose everything and calculate your risk
if let’s say a 750 US dollar you ask
yourself if you invest 750
Bitcoin when in 2016 if you lose
that 750 would you jump down from the
building would you? I wouldn’t if that is the
worst-case scenario you just have to
calculate that calculate the risk and
put in the money and let’s see how it
goes at least and if you imagine at that
point time
If I would just have to put in the 750 they
will have paid off for my son academy
school training now I have to work
very hard for that 21,000 to provide him
with the soccer training so you’re
gonna ask yourself what if that decision and then you make by just maybe just by one
Bitcoin and when Bitcoin go up to that
price you’ll be able to get the returns
and would that be able to help you to
even leave a better life what if this
that decision that you make is gonna
able you to spend more time with your
family do the things you want achieve
the dreams you want what if that is
gonna happen
what if not we really prepare but what
if it’s able to help you to do that so
ladies and gentlemen you know whatever
you do all prepare all the what if the
worst-case scenario but also prepare
what if it works if it doesn’t work
doesn’t matter you prepare for the worst
like I prepare for the worst if I put in
that 750 on now three thousand dollars
what if I lose that three thousand
dollars I would not you know jump down
from the building I will just take the
action to do it and just invest in this
one Bitcoin and that will helps you you
know to earn back what if it raises up
to the price always what if so hope this
is useful for you this is Mike Soh the
Founder of Be Your Own Boss club.
We only live once
make it counts. see you soon