hi there everybody Jez Feldmesser here from feldmesser dot co just giving you a quick video on the question of what if
litecoin booms in 2018 now if you’ve been around the crypto space for any
length of time you’ll obviously have seen the massive increase in price of
Bitcoin since this year massively just took off like like nobody expected it to
perhaps or perhaps it was expected there are certain predictions going around on
Bitcoin and obviously on litecoin as well so I’ve been doing a little bit of
research on litecoin because it’s very interesting fork of Bitcoin
cryptocurrency and let’s see where we can go yes news from news BTC dot-com in
consideration the recent sites in the price of the light coin Lee stated that
he would be satisfied if litecoin price stays around the 300 dollar region by
the end of 2018 now that’s interesting prediction from the guy that created it
and why would he want that well he stated later in the interview that if
you said it was gonna rise and it didn’t then you’d be upset very cautious very
conservative probably quite a smart plan so then if you look at wallet investor
calm you get the information that their forecasts for like coin and these are
their forecasts not mine I’m not a cryptocurrency in investment
person so this is just for your education and do your own due diligence
when playing with any of this of course and this is not financial advice I’m
just a geezer who is learning about cryptocurrency so take note but the wallet
investor dot com website says that forecasts
litecoin the current price is 320 sevens a little bit about that right
this second very year forecast it would end about four hundred and thirty-five
dollars reasonable kind of expectation for a cryptocurrency I would imagine and
on long forecast dot com it has been reported that the litecoin price
prediction for October 2018 is the beginning price around $900 not quite
there yet but that’s in October next year they’re predicting and maximum
price of about a thousand 128 in October and then apparently it will dip towards
the end of the year how they calculate all of that like a long term weather
forecast I’m not exactly sure because of course the market fluctuations depend on
a great deal of other factors but there we are these people have been doing
forecasting finances for a long time so I guess they know better than me anyway
the litecoin predictions for 2018 what do you think if you’ve got any
information on like when I would be interested in hearing your viewpoint and
your ideas as to why you consider it would go higher or lower and of course
just I will give you this disclaimer once again this video is for education
purposes only and not in any way financial advice you are expected to do
your own due diligence and seek expert advice in respect any financial
transactions or investment you can of course get more information and educate
yourself on the cryptocurrency space with a complete walkthrough on how this
all works from crypto coin hero comm so definitely check that website out and
have some information here is just the current current layout of light coin
versus US dollars we’re at 315 and this is a one day overlay so we’re on all
kind of a right now so I think there’s a lot of
buying and selling going on yes we’ve got one on three-quarter million
litecoin have been exchanged in the last 24 hours so that’s kind of intriguing
information and there we are so that’s Queen base litecoin price at
315 dollars so there we are that’s the predictions is litecoin going to boom in
2018 leave me your comments below let me know what you think and see you guys in
the next video bye for now