did you know that there’s a huge portion
of the internet the you can’t find simply by Googling it in fact search engines can only account
for about 10 percent of the total internet what is the other ninety percent that’s
out there? That’s what’s known as the Deep Web. The deep web is any website that
cannot be indexed by search engine when you look for something on Google
for instance you’re actually searching an index as much of the internet as
Google has been able to find search engines use web crawler software
sometimes known as spiders to find and index web pages. They start by finding a few web pages at first, then they follow links on those
those webpages to other webpages and so on and so forth
until they have a pretty hefty catalogue of the Internet. However, there are some
things that those crawler simply can’t reach. So what’s in this nefarious seedy part of the Internet? drugs? weapons? murder?! yeah but it’s also your bank account and
a bunch of library catalogs you see, the deep web is mostly comprised
a database-driven web sites or any part of a website that past the login page also websites can simply choose to be
omitted from search engine results so that private photo album dedicated
your cat… that’s a part of the deep web. However there
is a small subsection anonymous networks in the deep web known as the dark net. dark net networks use free services such
as Tor to browse the web and host web sites
anonymously They also provide services that operate on the internet but can only be accessed through the private
network. Some of the services have included internet black markets such as silk road where users have
access to drugs weapons and even assassins and their preferred choice of currency? bitcoins despite this criminal activity privacy
advocates have applauded programs like Tor for their ability to keep online
activity hidden within the deep web especially from government agencies like
the NSA for more information on the deep web
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