What is fundamentally currency? 100 of us are sitting here, one has a thousand
rupee and he wants food , he gives that to somebody who supplies food then he gives that
too somebody supplies raw material , he gives that to somebody who gives him health he gives
that to somebody who gives him a house,he gives that too somebody who gives him cloth,continuously
when it is moving,by the time the RS1000 moves between many hands it’s value has increased.Understand,the
current which keeps the currency moving is the value of currency. We may ask why some countries’ currency has
high value why some countries’s currency has no value or low value. It is our ability to keep our currency moving
,the current which moves the currency , keeps the value for currency. If you have too many reasons to use that currency
which you can buy only through that currency that keeps the value,that current keeps the
value of currency.