What Planner Personality Type Are You? We chose nine personality types and matched each of them to a planner. Keep watching to see which planner is perfect for you. Shop all of the planners mentioned in this
video at JetPens.com. The archivist is someone who enjoys looking
back at mementos. If you treasure your old planners, we recommend
Leuchtturm1917 Weekly Planners. They come with stickers for labelling and
archiving, so it’s easy to find each year. You can even stash small memorabilia in the
gusseted back pocket. Each spread is divided into seven days, giving
you enough room to plan and include a doodle or two. Creators need plenty of space to jot down
ideas. Daily planners like the Hobonichi Techo Planner
are ideal for creative journalers. Each page is devoted to one day and printed
with a subtle, unobtrusive grid pattern, giving creators the freedom to fill it however
they want. Check out our Hobonichi Techo video to find
out more about this cult classic. The Midori MD Diary is perfect for the dreamer
who goes with the flow instead of planning out each second of the
day. The first part of this planner features monthly
calendar spreads, while the back pages have bolded lines that
divide the page into eight sections. You can ignore the bolded lines or use them
to create a weekly planner. The MD Diaries give you the freedom to use
them however you’d like. Go-getters are goal-oriented and results-driven. They have a lot going on in their busy schedules,
so a well-organized planner is a must. We recommend using a vertical weekly format,
like in Roterfaden’s Weekly Calendar Layout 2. Each day of the week is divided into hours
for precise planning. You can schedule work meetings, mark down
deadlines, and set exercise goals all in one spread. If you prefer a simpler format, Layout 1 sets the week horizontally with a
memo page on the right for you to take extra notes. These planners fit into the Taschenbegleiter
organizer, so you can keep all of your notebooks and
documents together. A jetsetter who’s always on-the-go needs
a planner that can keep up. The TRAVELER’S COMPANY TRAVELER’S notebook
lets you customize exactly what you put in it. In addition to a planner, you can fill it
with a sketchbook for spur of the moment doodles or a zippered pouch to keep memorabilia. We love the supple leather cover that develops
character the more you use it. It’s available in two travel-friendly sizes. Learn more about this notebook by clicking
the card above! For minimalists who want to cut down on clutter, the Midori Pouch Diary makes it easy to keep
all of your essentials in one place. It has a number of pockets in various sizes
for you to carry money, a smartphone, cards, writing instruments, and more. The Pouch Diary comes in a small Slim size with a weekly planner and a larger A5 size with a monthly planner. The perfectionist is another personality type
that can benefit from a vertical weekly planner layout, where each day is divided into hours. Kokuyo’s Jibun Techo Planners have all the
little details that would make even the most persnickety perfectionist happy, including built-in to-do
lists and weather trackers. To find out more about the Jibun Techo, click
the card above to watch our dedicated video! Project pros know the importance of keeping
the big picture in mind instead of being bogged down by details. To keep track of tasks, we recommend using
planners that come with Gantt charts. The Maruman Mnemosyne Diary gives each month
a calendar and a Gantt chart. The Gantt chart covers a whole spread and
include columns for each day of the month and 17 rows for you to plan multiple projects
at once! There’s even space at the bottom for extra
notes. If you’re always on top of the latest trends,
check out the stylish Mark’s Weekly Planners. You can choose from a variety of fun and whimsical
designs. The weeks are divided into hours for precise
planning and there’s space on the bottom and side
of each spread to add additional notes. It’s perfect for noting brand launches,
PR events, or where the next pop up shop will be. Which personality type are you? Let us know in the comments below! Shop all of these planners and more at JetPens.com. Thanks for watching!