Hi! I’m Hazel, and today we’re talking through
what you might want to stock up on for 8.3 and what you should sell or spend now. The first thing to save up is Service Medals,
and that’s because there’s a new mount being added to the vendor. For 350 7th Legion or Honorbound Service Medals,
you can buy yourself a Sandy Nightsaber. It looks like this. To unlock it on the vendor, you will first
need to clear the new Heroic version of Battle for Darkshore that’s coming in 8.3. It’s just the one new mount and both Horde
and Alliance can buy it. If you feel like a refresher on service medal
farming, I made a handy guide back in the day that I’ll link below. Next thing to stock up on is Seafarer’s
Dubloons from Island Expeditions. In Patch 8.3, they’re adding a second dubloon
vendor with boxes to buy. Those can contain all of the collectible rewards
that drop from islands normally like the transmog, pets, toys and mounts. If you’ve still got your eye on anything
from islands that’s been eluding you so far, you can stock up on dubloons and try
your luck with the boxes after the patch drops. Another currency worth holding onto is Nazjatar’s
Prismatic Manapearls- that is, if you plan on collecting Azerite Essences on your alts. In patch 8.3, you will be able to trade your
manapearls for account bound rep tokens to help catch your alts up on Nazjatar rep. The Waveswept Abyssal Conch costs 20 pearls,
gives 250 rep and will not work past exalted. Of course, if you either A) don’t have alts
or B) don’t need a Nazjatar rep-gated essence
on them, feel free to keep dumping pearls into disenchantable epics. Another save for 8.3 is Pet Charms! For all you pet collectors out there, there
will be two new pets added for Polished Pet Charms in Patch 8.3. The Uldum Accord rep quartermaster offers
a Pygmy Camel at Revered for 300 Polished Pet Charms. Up in Pandaria, the Rajani quartermaster will
sell you a Windfeather Chick crane pet at revered for another 300. You’re not gonna be revered in a day, so
I wouldn’t stress if you haven’t saved in time. Just be advised that they’ll be available
and you may have a use for 600 saved up pet charms coming up. The last thing that I’m saving up for patch
8.3 is raid mats and consumables. Even if you’re not going to be diving into
Nyalotha yourself, market demand for these ccalways spikes around patch and raid release
time so it’s a decent season for making gold. I’m personally hanging onto a stockpile
of herbs, alchemy items as well as enchanting mats to hopefully get more value out of them
in 8.3. Over in the things to not hold onto category,
top of my list is Augment runes. In 8.3, you wicll be able to purchase a permanent
and reusable augement run. You’ll need to reach exalted with the Rajani
and granted, it does cost 50 thousand gold. Not everyone is going to instantly have that,
so rune demand should wind down slowly instead of falling off a cliff. Still, if you’re sitting on a bunch of them,
I wouldn’t wait much longer than raid release to sell. Finally, if you need anything at all off it’s
vendor right now, spend your Titan Residuum. When Patch 8.3 hits it will be converted to
gold at a rate of 1 silver per residuum. Your stockpile is reset and you’ll get your
consolation gold in the mail. If you like all your azerite gear that might
be fine with you. There’ll certainly be more in 8.3 so it’s
not the end of the world if you forget. Just maybe double check, if there’s an easy
upgrade you can try for you might wanna spend your residuum and do that before the patch. So, that’s my list. Thank for watching, feel invited to pop by
my stream sometime if you like and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!