[Music] jakkamma hello hello nice to have you happily here so what we’re drinking today so some coffee to compensate the effect of the alcohol has an alcoholic beverage limoncello which is usually the final the final heat of an Italian Boonen lunch so usually when you eat a lot in Italy the owner of the place will give you after the coffee Solomon Challa it’s a lemon based liqueur a lot of sugar so it works pretty fast in getting you drunk but we don’t I mean I had my nights of being drunk or whatever but usually you don’t you just sit wondering okay that’s good so limoncello is your favorite drink as far as answer except on wine I mean if we need to get drunk faster is my favorite choice foreshortening cool so I have a pretty general question to start with actually many people who are involved in crypto in particularly in Bitcoin they know you you’re famous and Twitter famous speaker you speak a lot you travel a lot everyone knows you but actually nobody knows what are you doing for a living so what changed a little bit in the last year’s when I was Bitcoin 2012 I was working for a multinational as a technology consultant so it was basically system designer and also involved with a legacy payment payment industry and after one year of of reading about Bitcoin I decided to leave my job and to become a Bitcoin interpreter and not alone but I joined the effort of different of the preneur so since 6 2013 to 2015 I have been basically one of the guys in several different startups most of them are most of them failed badly obviously but some of them survived namely like was working briefly for a green wallet back then and now it’s a bullet works training so that that was a nappy ending and also I started a company about blockchain for from the traceability kind of utter but back then it seemed like a good idea and that was us and happy ending because after a while I realized that there was nothing relevant that we could do with the blockchain and with with food tracking so already in 2016 we asked the department’s to pivot completely to normal tracking without the block and so the company is doing well because of that do you think the Satoshi white paper was written with the libertarian use in mind well the white paper is really technical so the thing about the web papers is that many thing many people think that web the white paper was the beginning it was the beginning of the revelation if you want but it was not the beginning of the the quest for Bitcoin which started years before and not even the beginning of the work of Satoshi because when the white paper was written most of the code was already ready so Satoshi started to code started to implement and then use the white paper as some kind of official way of communicating some of the most innovative characteristic namely the blockchain proof of publication part which was the most exotic other parts it didn’t even include in the white paper where paper is very incomplete like you don’t have the the total limit the you didn’t have the total supply limit a lot of things are missing from the white paper so the white paper is very technical because that was his idea but if you go to for example the Nakamoto Institute website and you start to read the quotes and quotes from Satoshi you see that the operation Satoshi Nakamoto itself was highly political he said he basically it was a self mocking about not being good at words and at politics but it was kind of good at worse as well like yeah he said I’m better with at code that works but coding Bitcoin is is fine but it’s not the most important part the most important part is a political design and this was clearly a political action so yeah the Satoshi operation whoever was behind that episode on him was highly political in my opinion so Bitcoin is about politics and economics or it’s about code well or it’s both it’s both because gold was actually so gold so money is a technology a social technology but it’s a social technology that is a is useful to help people to cooperate which has political consequences and in order to work properly it needs two things that are very politically needs basically what we could call the hardness so they they cost the high cost to replicate to inflate to the supply which is something that will basically nullify the the new mantra of the monetary policy so right now nation-states and conglomerates of state like the European Union they live on the assumption that they can manipulate the money supply as they want in order to change interest rates in order to push investments cover crisis bail out banks bail out friends so basically they can control the market controlling the most important market which is money and we did with with a hard form of money for example gold in most of the human history or Bitcoin hopefully in the future you cannot manipulate the supplied anymore so hard money is something with huge political implications on on everything and then the second component of Bitcoin you know good morning general is the darkness so dark money is that kind of money which you don’t need identity in order to exchange so the group of people exchanging goods and services can grows beyond your clan your family your trust circle because you don’t need any more to know that the counterparty is nice or good or friendly or share shares your opinions you don’t care because money is is beyond the identity and is something which doesn’t come charged it with an identity problem which would actually destroy money because if you think about that the moment that when you get paid you don’t just have to check the money is real but you have to check that everybody holding that money before was not maybe a journalist like Julian Assange because being a journalist is a crime or it was not maybe a woman in Afghanistan because being a woman in Afghanistan AVM doing business is a crime so the point is that you know one interesting thing is when we discussed bitcoins that somebody says the bitcoin is for criminals and that’s completely true because everything we do basically everything we are doing today is a crime in some jurisdiction of the world and and like drinking limoncello is a crime like driving or yeah let’s let’s do let’s be criminal for a while so this is a crime basically everything I do every day is a crime somewhere and if it’s not it was a crime at a certain point in time if you are an artist that was punished a punishable with that if you are a Christian that is punishable with that in some countries if everything you do is a crime somewhere and so money is is valuable if it doesn’t come with attach it to it a heavy history of identity and political opinion and jurisdiction and laws so gold is dead because if you receive a gold coin you really maybe you care about the face on top of it just as a facilitation to verification of the amount but actually you don’t because you can melt it and you can coin a new coin so when you receive a gold coin you don’t care who which are the people holding it before it just a value which is detached from identity and Bitcoin even if still has some limitation in that regard because it’s not as private as God yet but a lot of people are a lot of smart people are working on that bitcoin is dark money in that sense cheers to that you [Music]