hey guys, i’m bob. Welcome to the Mathmaths!
channel. Today, i am not going to talk about Math, but i’m going to talk about changing Kyat, which is
the Myanmar currency in Singapore. Well, the issue is that most of the money exchangers
in Singapore doesn’t carry Kyat with them and hence it is very diffcult to find a money
exchanger in Singapore which actually contain Kyat , which is the myanmar currency and I’m
going to show you some of the location that you will be able to change Kyat and here we
go! Well, the first place in which you can actually Kyat will be the Peninsula Plaza,
which is situated within walkable distance from the City Hall MRT Station. There are
several money exchangers down there which not only you can actually Kyat, but also you
can exchange with the shop keepers down there. That’s what i heard. And also, sometimes there
are some Myanmar people down there so you can just go and ask them to see if they have
Kyat so that you can exchange with them using your Singapore money. The second location
in which you can actually exchange Kyat is in Plaza Singapura Basement 2, the Money Exchanger
which is pretty near the exit of the North East line. But do take note that the Kyat
usually sold out very quickly in that area because most of the people actually go to
the Plaza Singapura that particular money exchanger at Basement 2 and exchange for Kyat.
Last but not least, you can actually change Kyat in the Yangon International Airport which
is in Myanmar itself. Okay, but first thing before you can change into Kyats you need
to change from Sing dollars to USD first and bring this USD dollar notes over to the Yangon
International Airport to change it to Kyat. But do take note that USD bill itself must
be clean and unfolded. And has nothing written on it, so that you can actually change into
Kyat if not your notes will be rejected. Alright, and another thing that I know about it is
that usually when you actually change into Kyats, they give you a lot of small 1000-kyat
notes. A bundle of 1000-kyat notes, so well it is going to be really bulky and heavy.
And what you have to do or what you can do is to actually to go to your hotel and exchange
for bigger size notes. Well, that’s about it for now and if you do know of a place in
which you can exchange Kyat other than the following you know examples you can actually
comment in the comment section below and I am bob signing off from here. And hope this
few small tips about exchange Kyat helps you. Goodbye guys! BYEEEEEEE