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water she’ll yeah we should subscribe hello Krypto gang welcome to another
Lambo life video in this video I want to dig deeper on what bitcoin means to all
of us especially those that need it the most
namely the people that are enduring atrocities of tyrannical governments
bitcoin has impact the world in more ways than I could ever conceive despite
only being a 10 year old currency it is the beacon of hope because even if
everything burns to the ground Bitcoin will carry on see on the flip side one
of the crypto industries biggest mystery is its founder
when Satoshi dropped the Bitcoin white paper online for the world to see it was
only nine pages long but the whole network had already been coded nobody
took it seriously not at first there were a few programmers who saw potential
but that’s about it but little did they know something was
creeping inside of them like an itch she can’t scratch away something not written
within the contents but between the lines freedom yes economic freedom but
more than that freedom from government control but we need to realize that this
type of freedom won’t leave the world in chaos there are still rules to follow
it’s just that there will be more choices and no one is in charge of their
rules anymore nor should anyone have arbitrary control over others on the 3rd
of January in 2009 the first event in bitcoins transaction history transpired
in the Genesis block Satoshi embedded an important note indicating the intent
behind Bitcoin the note stated and I quote the time so treat January 2009
Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks this was a reference to a
cover story by the London Times following the 2008 global crisis which
hinted that Satoshi blamed the financial sector
the horrible situation they were in Bitcoin was intended by Satoshi to free
our finances from the clutches of governments and institutions trust
that’s based on consensus of the community not on a bank not on you know
the government and when Satoshi vanished others continued this work as time went
by the visions of freedom became bigger more people came in and contributed to
bitcoins code since then the industry has grown to unimaginable proportions
and we have over 2,000 different variations of Bitcoin some from totally
different technologies were past the point of no return the genie is out of
the box folks and no I’m not talking about BTC alone I’m talking about the
idea of Bitcoin because that’s what it is an idea of freedom and you can’t kill
ideas so many brilliant minds are already hell-bent on building thriving
in this space it’s not all unicorns and Lambos the industry is highly
competitive considering that most cryptocurrencies are trying to achieve
the same thing but in different ways there’s a lot of scammers too it’s a
dog-eat-dog world out here but that’s not gonna stop our dream if anything
we’ll utilize whatever hype the media cooks up in order to educate the people
who come here only for monetary gains will tell them that Lambos are not the
highest award you get but notice that the whole revolution is unfolding before
our very eyes we just need to zoom out and see the
bigger picture here don’t worry you can get your Lambo – we all want fast cars
big houses and shiny things but at the end of the day you will realize that we
are all connected and that no matter how rich and extravagant our individual
lives become it’ll never be enough this is something that I realized as I grew
older will always be affected by the suffering around us because we are
inseparably part of everything that there is
if we don’t fix this broken system there will be terrible consequences it’s
unsustainable for a world economy to be artificially designed as inflationary
when we’re living in the world with finite resources to bring about this
utopian financial system we need to work together and support each other not the
other way around let’s stop all this bashing my coin is better than yours
because this and that enough we’re arguing in circles often disagreeing on
semantics and abstractions it’s not helping that makes Bitcoin Bitcoin is
censorship resistance transaction readability cost production and fixed
money supply well Bitcoin cash is the Bitcoin based
on the criteria that is allowed can you define what you mean by intrinsic value
it means that it just gives Bitcoin value like its intrinsic and being sound
money is valuable I think you basically have no clue what you’re talking about
and I’ll tell you I lightly so I and I will argue that Bitcoin has no intrinsic
value whatsoever and the value of Bitcoin is in the mind of the person
that owns or is using the Bitcoin think how much progress we could have made if
we concentrated our efforts on positive things like actually bidding create
something that can help the ecosystem if you don’t have the tech skills maybe you
could design a better interface for a wallet or you could help educate people
who are new to the space teach them how to buy on balance that way you can earn
on referrals education is primarily important especially that we’re in this
point in the development phase where we are is like we’re not so early for
things to be too difficult to learn but also not too late that it becomes
unnecessary to know the underlying technology it’s the same with
electricity and other potent innovation it’s everywhere but we don’t notice it
anymore nor does the average person know how the electric grid distributes
electricity at some point blockchain will be the
same but I think we’re a decade away from that could be earlier nobody knows
really it’s still 2019 so don’t get too excited yet learn as much as you can
understand the underlying technology of this cryptocurrencies at this point you
can’t possibly learn too much there’s so much we don’t know yet but here’s one
thing we do know we could make a decentralized autonomous world it hasn’t
happened yet but it exists in our minds as an idea and ideas are immortal
damn it feels good to be in crypto thank you so much for watching I wish you a
prosperous year ahead more love more income more success more pussy cat til
next time see you guys