I came up with a name and an
idea and then we brainstormed over the next few days. We were like
“how do we make this as ridiculous as possible?” Because we even had the foresight…
We were like: “We don’t want to make. This something that people actually care
about.” This should be something that people don’t care about. So how do we
make it as undesirable as a cryptocurrency so that it doesn’t become
serious? So you know you asked me before the show why was there
a decision to fork Luckycoin, which was itself a fork of Litecoin,
which itself is a fork of Bitcoin? That’s because Luckycoin had this
whole notion of random block rewards built in. And so our whole thing with
Dogecoin was how do we make this so that miners are gonna get angry with
it and not be wanting it because it can’t be profitable? I know let’s put a
random block reward between 0 and 1 million for every block. So it’s like
totally a gamble right? Nobody serious would ever actually mind
that right? And that was supposed to be a protection system so that it didn’t
become a thing. Unfortunately it didn’t really work as intended. That was
eventually removed because it was causing a variety of problems and
people didn’t like it. But we ended up with an actual block
reward schedule. But we made all these wacky decisions like 100 billion
coins, all this stuff, and then just shipped it up on
BitcoinTalk and Github.