Hello friends, welcome to our channel MVidz! Today we are shooting first episode of our channel. which is titled as “Why Dont We Continously Print Currency and become rich?” So friends, many of you might always have this question, That why cant a government just print a lot of money and solve all the Poverty problems? If yes, you also have the same question. Then lets see what actually happens when it is done so. Till the end of this video, all your doubts will be surely cleared. So lets start!! So guys, to understand this concept, first u have to think as a whole country instead as an individual. Let us consider the coin i am holding in my hand has the value of buying the whole India(country). Which means in exchange to this coin I can buy each thing/property in India. The value of this coin is equivalent to the whole current currency of India. Now consider, there are two coins like this. Because of the arrival of this second coin, the valve of the first coin has dropped to half of its previous value Earlier, I was able to buy the whole property of India but this coin. But now, after arrival of this(second) coin, I can only buy half of the India. So as you have seen friends Because of arrival of second coin, the value of first coin gets divided and reduced to its half But the wealth was not able to double So friends, this concludes that The more currency we print, the more its value falls And this work of printing fake currency and destroying its value is done by Mafia’s & Underworld. So, according to the Government Of India, strict punishment for printing fake currency is announced between 10 years to Life Imprisonment. Some of you might still have a question that If we were able to buy a whole country with the help of one coin, then why we are not able to buy another country by another coin. So friends, you have to understand that money is a dependent value, which depends on goods. But goods dont depend on money You surely might have heard about The Exchange of Goods System, which was the dealing system before paper currency. Currency is just a paper document, which change its value according to wealth of a country But just by increasing the quantity of paper notes, A countries wealth/ property does not increases Now lets consider, a country has a wealth of 1 Kg gold and they have printed 1 crore(10 million) paper currency equivalent to the value of gold. But, can a 1 Kg of gold become 2 Kg just by printing 20 million of currency instead of 10 million? NO…. So to keep the inflation under control, each of the countries use their strategies and resources Like we all know westren countries(eg USA) has the power of technology and they use their technology in market to keep their economy strong and stable. And just similarly, Gulf Countries (eg UAE) use their oil resources to keep their economy stable. So friends this fact is very important that Its always good for a country to export more and import less. More than 70% of India’s economy is depended on “Farming”. Which means we must concentrate maximum towards Farming and Farmers. The reason that we all are facing problems in these days is less (crops)production. and more import. The demands that farmers are asking for should be taken into consideration by all of us and Indian Government Because if farmers are unhappy, everyone stays unhappy I support farmers and their rights. and we all should