Hey what’s up you guys and welcome
back to Gal in this video I’m going to
be talking about why I chose the canon
EOS R over the sony A7R III i had
reached out to my friends at B&H and i
was like hey i’m thinking about trying
to get a full-frame mirrorless camera to
add to my video production in my studio
and i had heard a bunch of hype about
the sony A7R III from a lot of other
youtubers “A7R III but i liked it so much I
was like I gotta buy my own we need to
treat this camera with respect of the A7
R 3 sony A7R III” and i thought well
maybe it’s time that I make the switch
from Canon so I asked for both of them
to be delivered here and the idea for
this video was going to be that you guys
helped me decide which one I should
choose based off the test shots and all
the tests that I was going to do but I
turned on the Sony and I was just like
no this is not for me
and I think it’s primarily because of
the complex menu system in the fact that
I’m so used to my Canon but I think the
best way to describe it is that it’s
kind of like PC versus Mac like for
video editing there are some awesome PC
computers out there with very robust
GPUs probably perform better than most
Mac’s with Premiere Pro that is however
I’ve been using Mac’s for years and I
just continue to use them so it’s kind
of like the same thing here but it
definitely depends on your scenario and
what you need to use it for so before I
jump in I want to tell you guys a little
bit about the history of my experience
with the Canon M the series I’m
actually filming this right now with the
other Canon m3 which is this smaller
little guy here on my left now you may
be like well why do you need another
well these M cameras here the m3 that I
shoots 1080p HD which is mainly what I
shoot with it’s just a smaller sensor so
it doesn’t have as much higher dynamic
range that I was looking for with a
full-frame sensor like the canon eos r
or this sony a7r 3 now in between here I
got the m50 which shoots 4k now it’s a
little bit better and it also has the
flip out screen like this and I’m still
going to use this it’s just the 4k for
me I just found that it didn’t do much
for me so I was like I really need to
invest in a higher end camera so I was
considering the Canon 1dx but that was
still a little bit more expensive than
what I had in my budget so when the
Canon EOS R came out I was like ok I
want to try this but I need to compare
it to the Sony so let me tell you about
a few things that make that EOS R
special for me for one the interface
when I turn it on it just is so familiar
to me
and there’s C log now I did a whole
video already on grading C log and what
log footage is and why it’s so much
better to bring out the dynamic range in
your shot by shooting in log I also
decided to get this as an upgrade from
the m50 because when I put this on a
tripod like this I’m able to easily
access the card slot on the side as well
as the battery on the bottom with the
m-series I would have to take it off the
tripod and take out an SD card in the
battery also the reason why I like the
EOS R I already have a bunch of EF
lenses so I just had to get the EF to
EOS R adapter to be able to use all of
my nifty 50 my 10 to 18 and my 75 to 300
lens so another thing that makes it
different and I know that this is kind
of silly but if you notice here on the
Canon EOS R there’s the strap holder loops
on the side they make no noise but with
the sony it came with these little metal
things I don’t know if you guys can hear
I’ll hold it up to my mic but it’s I
don’t understand why they’re here I
think you can take them off but it’s
just silly you know
so the Sony it flips out like this which
is great for professional videographers
if they need to be able to move this
depending on the reflection of the light
but it doesn’t flip out so I wouldn’t
have that flexibility to be able to see
myself when I’m shooting one other thing
let me get the scale is that the sony is
actually heavier than the canon and it
makes a difference let me just turn this
on here the sony weighs one point seven
eight pounds and the canon is one point
seven it’s just a slight difference but
when you’re carrying these things around
it definitely adds up let’s actually
just do some test shots here and i can
show you the difference between the sony
and the canon but also before we jump in
i really wanted to shout out potato jets
video he did a great video where he was
comparing canon and sony and why he
chose the canon and what I really liked
about his video is that it was similar
to my experience it was kind of like
subjective you know what I mean like you
have them side by side but at the end of
the day it’s your own personal
preference for what you prefer
so definitely encourage you guys to
watch his video so you can see some more
sample shots let’s go ahead and do our
so in the interface of the EOS R it’s really
familiar for me it’s easy to see what’s
going on I have manual focus I have
twenty three point nine eight frames per
second it’s full HD which is 1920 by
1080 I see that C log is enabled I also
have one over 50 shutter speed my F
number which is the aperture at 2.8 and
my ISO and it’s really easy to change
that so if I wanted to change the ISO
just the touch screen move it back and
forth I have it low because that’s what
I have for this particular scene and
again with the shutter speed if I wanted
to change that it’s all touchscreen and
if I ever needed to change the quality
of what I’m recording on you just hit
that and then here you tap this hit set
and then you can see all the different
formats you can film in now this is just
really intuitive for me to use so I was
able to just get started filming now if
I switch this 50 millimeter and go to
the the Sony let me show you what
happens let me just put on this you can
see that I have an adapter it’s an EF
adapter for the Sony so I’m putting in
the nifty 50 like so and I want to
create the same exact settings now
this might look a lot similar to you if
your sony user but for me this is really
difficult to use i can’t just tap this
to change the ISO or the f-number or the
shutter and I can’t even figure it out
so if I hit ISO I can adjust the ISO but
then if I hit the center button and okay
it says it’s not available when I’m
filming an S log which is the equivalent
to the Canon log so then I have to hit
OK and then I have to hit menu to exit
and it’s just not a familiar experience
so you know to be fair to Sony users
again I I tried to figure this out and I
couldn’t figure it out so I have to just
shoot in these settings and hope that it
work out so let’s try to get the same
shot with a nifty 50
on of premier pup as well
so that’s all for this video you guys I hope you
guys enjoyed it and if you guys are the
sony A7R III lovers no hate
I completely understand if you guys
prefer that just for me the Canon EOS R
does the job well done if you guys are
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