Hey everyone Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness today we’re going to talk
about why I don’t use iOS platforms or
any kind of application in their network
and and why I don’t recommend that you
do either so I’ve been doing a
blockchain review of all the different
social platforms this is my fourth one
I’m kind of almost finished I’m just
going to review two more platforms and
then it’ll be done and I’ll probably
release that in the next week or so and
as I went through all the EOS platforms
are just trash I state my bias at the
beginning for like certain things that I
will just you know not be a fan of right
away like if you require too much
verification like social chains needed a
full kyc D live requires your ID to cash
out not not even to take your earnings
well yes to take your earnings but even
if you put money in you are not allowed
to have it back unless you give them
your ID that’s awful
that’s absolutely awful and yeah so
there’s a bunch of reasons why I would
just automatically just say no to a
certain application and I want to
explain to you guys why I will pretty
much always say no to EOS and it’s
because it’s got such a challenging
wallet for ease of use huge resistance
especially especially for people who are
just regular social media users if you
don’t have a lot of block chain or
crypto experience you absolutely cannot
use this platform maybe you could use it
just for the social aspect but then why
bother right it’s it’s it’s not any
better than any other platform your when
you make a post it has to be approved
right so that’s even worse than Facebook
or medium or whatever it’s even more
they said years ago that they would get
away from that but nothing has ever
changed and the the value of tribe has
plummeted went from zero point zero zero
seven to zero point zero zero zero zero
one like it’s at the lowest it’s ever
been and yeah I mean I don’t know why
anyone would bother with these EOS
platforms because when you try to
actually get it set up I don’t get all
of this is just a gripe about the wallet
and how it interacts with with scatter
so you need to get scatter or something
similar to use your EOS account and your
EOS wallet within Tron or rather your
tribe wallet and you know it’s like okay
whatever all it’s kind of like madam
asked except no it’s a million times
worse and it’s so just awful and so I’ll
I wanted to stake some of my earned
crypto seems simple enough right
I have 14,000 I go to steak some it says
no you can’t play and I don’t know why
because they never tell you why
eventually I realized that first I have
to withdraw it off of the site into my
scatter wallet approve that wait for
them to approve the withdrawal which
they only allow you to do a certain
amount in once per day and then they
have to approve it because they approve
everything because it’s the most
centralized platform ever and finally
you get that done and you’re like okay
but I wanted to stake all of it so I
keep doing that for three days and then
I finally am able to stake it all into
the platform which I again have to
approve from scatter etcetera etc and I
have to reconnect my wallet every single
time I go on to tribe so I’ve got login
to tribe I have to log in to scatter it
is honestly just such an awful system
they just make it so unintuitive so
challenging to use you know there’s just
no benefit and I mean if you’re holding
tribe you’re probably losing the value
of it so it’s just not a good time and
and this isn’t just trying this is
basically any els platform you also have
to stake yose into the wallet to be able
to use it so not only just to get your
tribe you have to spend money on yo
stake of that in then you’ll be able to
do it it’s just is such a nuisance it’s
absolutely the biggest nuisance ever and
it’s extremely unintuitive in the
extension for Chrome or brave or
whatever browser I tried it on multiple
browsers didn’t work so only the desktop
application works and I I don’t think
it’ll work with mobile mobile because of
that they just have so many inherent
issues that I just stay away from iOS
apps and it’s unfortunate because the
main social applications and like
decentralized applications are only
created on three networks generally and
that’s aetherium steam and yose steams
probably the best because you’re usually
not there’s no like fees where as a
theorem you have gas fees and then a OS
is just extremely challenging to use and
not ideal and I’m sure some people will
disagree or maybe the same maybe it was
just scatter and not other wallets but
I’m just not a fan of use I’m and again
like the value it’s extremely down so
obviously other people feel the same way
and the community you know there’s not
much going on the platform’s super
centralized and tribe is by for the by
far the most popular when you go into
scatter you can see all the apps that
are in existence and I clicked on all of
them and all of them were like we’re
broken or or not working anymore except
for one
which had like a very very small amount
of posts and the other one I think it
was Boyd Post only had 600 members in
the community so basically no one’s
using it and again because the EOS
Network sucks for ease of use and I
don’t say this to go after yose cuz it
would be great if if I got everyone
using tribe and then my tribe went way
up and my 15,000 tribe was worth a ton
of money that’d be great for me but I
invest in these platforms to test them
so that I can share with you guys and
bring you the most value and help you
use your time than most effectively so
that you’re not wasting it on terrible
platforms there’s only four right now
that are really on my radar
maybe five if you consider brave as a
platform which we’ll just consider it
one brave is amazing because of their
creator program and then you’ve got
publisher X Minds uptrend and steam with
all of its sub applications and there’s
some things on etherium but for the most
part they suck like pipa –the and a lot
of them aren’t that great or used very
much but again those are generally the
only four or five that are doing okay
right now and really the uptrend is kind
of like a a gimme
they don’t have anything outside of
cryptocurrency right now so it’s pretty
limited but I don’t want you guys
wasting your time on Els platforms or
orange starting to use the social side
and then realizing later on that the the
blockchain side with the actual wallet
and crypto is extremely challenging to
use and just very unintuitive let me
know what you guys think maybe I’m wrong
maybe you disagree I’d love to hear your
rebuttals is anyone even using us
platforms not sure I’ll post this on try
all right I’ll do it but I’d love to
hear from you guys and if you watched to
the very end thank you so so much I
really appreciate it make sure to
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I’m Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness signing off