In this video, WiFiMarketingSolutions will introdude the WiFi router that mines Litecoin AntRouter F1-LTC is 2.4G wireless router
Supports the 2.4G WiFi standard and a WiFi speed up to 150Mbps It is also equipted with a BM1485 ASIC chip to mine Scrypt coins It also brings you a chance every 2.5 minutes to win 25 Litecoins! Small router with a very nice packaging Now let’s look in side, colorful manual with both English and Chinese Providing all information you need to configure and use your router So main functions are Litecoin AntPool Miner Mini WiFi Access Point And High Speed USB Charger General Wireless Router The main WiFi router is compact and solid Now we will learn how to config AntRouter R1-LTC so it can act as Litecoin miner and lottery To configure your AntRouter R1-LTC WiFi router to mines Litecoin, connect to its WiFi then access Login with user: root and password: root Under miner tab, you can see antminer configuration with default Bitmain accounts Now you can choose R1-LTC Configuration tab and re-config it with your workers I add my worker named WifiMarketingSolution Now just click Save&Apply then wait for a while My status is now Alive After a few minutes, my hashrate will be reported on Antpool You can buy AntRouter R1-LTC the WiFi router that mines Litecoin directly from Bitmain. However, just after few days open for sales, it is always sold out so buying at the price of $59 is almost impossible. So the second resource you can have it is from Aliexpress, with almost double price but worldwide shipping. Third option I would recommend is Amazon, pricing is better than Aliexpress, but only ship to some countries. Good luck with your purchasing. For more information please subscribe my channel WiFiMarketingSolutions