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so having hype reminder of the day comes from who else but Allister Milne after
the having about 50% of all newly mind bitcoin will be absorbed by just two
companies gbtc and square this ignores the 30 million coinbase customers people
investing via Robin Hood eToro etc etc but tell me again how having is priced
in okay we talked about the having being priced in or not priced in only this
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CH B alt yeah Twitter traffic’s being down because everybody is like
celebrating something that’s coming up on the 25th it’s the fourth night a hot
guy I don’t know why everyone is so crazy about the fourth ionica its 25th
what’s up with the fourth Ida hi y’all taking a week off for the fourth line
huh okay so something a lot of people are
not talking about because no one is talking about anything on crypto Twitter
because everybody is just getting drunk I guess
Vitalik boo Turin was interviewed by Eric Weinstein on his on Eric’s show and
Eric is a really smart guy he’s a mathematician talks about all sorts of
subject matters controversial subject matters you might not like his politics
all the time he appeals to people outside of the crypto box outside the
Bitcoin box and so vitalik appears on the show and I thought it would be new
Komine desk is I guess they’re off I’m going desk to they’re off but I thought
at least they would bring it knows about this it was a good interview I
thought it was it was a good went by fast I played it at 2x and I especially
Eric that Eric why scientist genius is interested in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin
and he’s got some knowledge of it that was nice to know I didn’t I didn’t
understand the extent that he was into it and he says that people are
complaining this is an Ericsson I’ll get the Metallica son
and Eric said people are complaining there’s no killer app for Bitcoin
there’s no killer app for cryptocurrency and he says dudes just wait it’s early
chill out it will come I gotta say I agree with that saying
chill out it will come yeah uh again did the killer app is uh okay is it son
confiscated will for free and uncensored will right there but he’s talking about
more mainstream the Netscape moment for cryptocurrency definitely had it haven’t
had it yet it’s hard for everyday people to use Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and
Eric’s a genius and it’s great that he can recognize that he’s just not so far
removed but again he’s patient so Vitalik talked about the dowel he was
asked about the Dow uh-huh and he played that off he made it seem like it’s
normal for humans to intervene in cryptocurrency and Eric thought that was
fine and if you if you’re down on aetherium and you’re down on Vitalik and
then you watch this video and you’re still down with it I don’t see how you
can be because vitalik has the way he is a bad away he is a good marketing tool
it is centralized around him he can talk it up with these geniuses of Silicon
Valley and really get along with them and convince them I mean you can tell
Eric’s a fan of ethereum because of italic and there’s a whole slew of rich
people and smart people the combination of the two just like
Eric who believed in vitalik believe in anything he says about aetherium that it
can be fixed that is this amazing new wave of the
future and a lot of these people are looking
forward to the Golden Age of the 2020s so when they see something like this
when they see a person like metallic who’s clearly trying to bring innovation
to the people uh they like it they he he is a marketing machine a low-key
marketing machine it’s the best way I could say and people they get charmed by
him they really do and that’s good for aetherium and I know there’s so many
people that are just so down on the theorem right now and so down vitalik
think it’s the whole thing the people are behind it he can salt saw it
centralised there they’re happy with when he he says that the Dell they
intervened think Eric was looks great just great to fix that you’ve rolled it
back etc etc as something uh Vitalik said that he didn’t but he didn’t plan
on I cos he didn’t plan on i ce o–‘s being on up here him so he was a little
disappointed by that he can’t predict with he can’t predict
what’s gonna pop up on a theorem he envisioned other things and so that was
interesting the year satoshi nakamoto question he got from I
guess Eric’s gotta appeal to the masses there a little bit and give him a
question like that who who said Eric just said it’s amazing that in this day
and age where everybody knows everything about everyone that no one has figured
out who Satoshi Nakamoto is and vitalik gives an opinion about who he thinks it
might be so I thought it was I thought was an entertaining video and again you
can be a Bitcoin fan a big point first or like me but still understand that
they’re gonna when you watch a video like this you can see why people get
behind aetherium why it’s not going anywhere
live they’ll be able to pull off a lot of centralize maneuvers on it and no I’m
not pulling an OD I’m definitely not doing OD on etherium so so watch it and
maybe you’ll get some ideas good to see Eric into Bitcoin Oh remember people in
a super chat type in Bitcoin I stir or do a or do a super chat and
I’ll answer your questions all right let’s see what do we got here and we got
John and greetings from Malibu baby I’ll be joining you on the beach in February
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maybe I’ll maybe I’ll join you up in Malibu who knows I’ll be in a write
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not much public transportation goes the Balaton anyway so hopefully it’s
Malibu’s beautiful from what I hear I know you’re chilling on the beach now
it’s kind of cold though isn’t it it’s midnight there god it’s late but man
this is conviction pound out like but I got to do a new show every day baby
that’s part of the system so uh oh we were saying we’re gonna talk about okay
there are so many people out there there are a lot of people out there they
claimed they were around in this space in 2014 and 2015
now of course I was you can check out the videos you can check out what I’m
telling people to buy Bitcoin for four hundred forty dollars to buy ten a piece
ten for a combined four thousand dollars and I say you’re gonna be in good shape
there are all sorts of people that claim they’re there they were around at 24 and
20 2014 and 15 yet they disappear when things get rough or they start screaming
and worrying and panic whenever the price goes down won’t he just disappear
for a little while then they come back blah I just wonder if these people were
really around in 2014 and 15 were they paying attention are they just making up
that they were around because if you were around in 2014 and 2015
and you were paying attention then you’d have a strong hand now you would never
leave you would never disappear you would never panic you wouldn’t be
there’s there’s so many of these dudes out there they’re so wishing our God
again that this off point gotta get into this all the price is gonna go down I’m
scared maybe the having is this and maybe everything will blow up but the
having this dude are you a veteran or aren’t you a veteran were you really
here wearing your hair I don’t know I lived through it I lived through the
cycle already and I’m going to be here through this cycle new show every day
that’s conviction I don’t know what those people are wishy-washy so yeah um
maybe if you encounter one of these people that said they’ve been around for
a while and they’re kind of in panic mode half the time these days when the
price goes down by two hundred bucks or whatever may ask them where you’re
really around dear did you learn anything or you just know we’re just
observing huh do you actually own big ice why I wonder about some of these
people out there the weak hands the weak hand veterans it does it doesn’t make
sense now yeah they’re plenty the people on my show the people that come on this
show this week a big one best guest in the freaking space they’re strong and
veterans they bit Benny also our source of dudes were been around for a while
tone boy he’s huh yeah that dude he’s always been a downer
the Russians are down like that whatever that’s his way but you know the dude’s
got conviction you know he’s not going anywhere and you know he was really
around the twenty fourteen and fifteen check out the video tape baby but uh
yeah there’s there’s just some dude so wishy one I’m not I don’t know the
heck and I do wonder what were you doing with your friends or what all right
the some I know we’re around in 2016 and then then it just becomes like wait were
you hearing 2014 or not – but but in this stage in the game that the thing is
all of all the people in the space they just are like if you say you’re around
the 2016 you’re a hardcore veteran or something it’s weird to me it’s weird
yeah but when I came into 2013 I was like I’m just a rookie what is this I
just bought my first two Bitcoin but it’s soon so you know I became a
grizzled veteran but yeah I’m proud of it too man
I’ve got the war scars but dude I got the best worst car of them all baby is
the amount of Bitcoin that’s no star baby pound it yeah
I practice what I preach brother so there’s a lot of people talking about
pay join so I thought I would mention it I linked
to something about it it’s like some new type of coin joint thing you know be my
guest if you like doing that type of stuff
I’ve never I’ve never done a coin joint before oh no not I just some I think man
no need I don’t move my big coin it is where it is all right
strong hand baby keep on hoarding it so yeah reminder I’ll be in El Paso Texas
January 14th of February 11th and then February 11th to a roll six up in LA
baby and I’m in I’m here in Tucson until January 14th obviously Argentina had its
highest volume day ever on local bitcoins yesterday as capital controls
on dollars increased earlier this week thank you Matt albergue for that tweet
that dude gives he studies as local Bitcoin numbers it’s a shame that
Argentina is descending into capital controls again beautiful country good to
hear that at least a few people or buying Bitcoin there and valuing their
wealth and Bitcoin not in the ridiculous peso I mean if you are holding Pacers
there now and you know and you know how to get Bitcoin with your pesos what are
you doing dude wondering how can you hold pesos if you know how to convert
them into a Bitcoin all right so here is another story then no one’s
talking about this was sent to me it’s out of Utah you know home of the Mormons
baby Utah woman tries to buy staph bacteria she used $300 worth a Bitcoin on the
dark web and she actually they busted her but she was trying to she is she
having a female roommate who she was also the caretaker of and apparently she
was tired of this female roommate and yeah she thought if she gave her some
staph bacteria that her problem would go away
pretty vicious type of woman here but it makes the news in Utah
rant just it just in the middle article says three it just doesn’t rip on
Bitcoin just says what she used was three hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin
on the dark web so bitcoins got a use case out there
there’s no doubt about it I the dark web is filled with some really weird stuff
apparently and people are going to want all sorts of weird stuff this is just
the tip of the iceberg and if some random woman in Utah can figure out if
she needs to get something that she can’t get in the regular world she could
figure out how to get Bitcoin apparently and I mean I know it sounds quite nasty
but this helps the price of Bitcoin they’re getting more and more people
every day people do things that you and I might not approve of and it cause
wanted to do these things and they can do it over the internet sometimes this
dark web what’s what’s the currency of the dark web bitcoin apparently so well
we’ll hear more and more about this that’s a specific is we do hear about
well yeah they use Bitcoin on the dark minute they use Manero on the dark web
but you never hear a very specific thing this gets down and dirty into it just
some woman in Utah by staph bacteria what a world we live in baby so there’s
a so since everyone’s taking the week off no one will rip on Bitcoin for this
or maybe after New Year’s they’ll find this article thank you to the person who
sent me this very interesting article Bitcoin magazine they’re not sleeping
Aaron Vaughn weirdo met has an article out there takes a look at which new
technologies have been released in Bitcoin in the past year including
Shamir backups I like that one that was a technology I could enjoy but all sorts
of other Bitcoin texts are in there check out the article read it
coin desk has an article about United States lawmakers asked to clarify
tax rules makes the IRS divulge a little bit more information about crypt of
dividends because right now the IRS clearly doesn’t understand what a crypt
of dividend is what an airdrop would an airdrop in a when you hold Bitcoin you
get air drops you get Forks those are criminals you get interest on your
Bitcoin and so that the IRS is very confused about it
but there is one congressman out of Minnesota who has been on their case
about this but I forgot what his name is Tom Emmer Emmer his name is he’s a he I
mean Minnesota’s got all sorts over there man you’ve got the worst
congresswoman there and you got the guy like this so and then if you’re one of
those presidential election freaks Minnesota’s going to be a really
important state that might make on that might make the Democratic nominee pick
clover who’s a senator who’s a senator who abuses her staff from Minnesota so
you got all sorts of freaks for Minnesota but Minnesota I could come to
the center of the United States in November but the so he’s asking for some
clarification there that would be great I think that’s a useful if the IRS is
going to be nebulous about it and not understand what the heck of crypt of
dividend is and people are gonna freak out about it I got people freaking out
about it dude they’re bigger fish to fry and
you’re be gold that you didn’t report dude trust me they’re not they’re not
getting you in your vehicle but it would be nice to know how you report your
beagle then you’re being diamond yeah it would be nice instead of a busy IRS
being confused so and Tom EMA and whatever is it senator congressman MRI
butchering his name I didn’t write it down
he wants to situati he wants it to be just just a regular financial situation
nothing nothing extravagant like the IRS is proposing a double tax it’s
ridiculous at the moment it comes out and get taxed crazy would ever suggest
I’m not gonna put words in his mouth when his plan was but it was much more
logical much more much more reasonable in terms of reported the tax situation
where your cryptid dividends anyway good luck to Tom
Emer his name good luck to the Congress person the congressman from the great
state of Minnesota home of Jesse the conspiracy theorist mentor a Doomer Oh
God no that was I never saw the dude
wrestler that was way before my time but you better believe the Hulk oh he copied
him a little bit so but how cool he copied a lot of people people that you
people never heard of like super sword Billy Graham and stuff oh the 80s baby
that’s when wrestling was wrestling wasn’t it
but yeah Jesse bottom Couture became the frigging governor of Minnesota that
still is a little weird again it’s it’s a weird stay weird said here’s he became
quite a conspiracy theorist eventually and we’re going to talk about conspiracy
theorists right now before we talk about after we talk about Nick Carter has a
funny tweet the wet Wofford soccer dudes in in England that had the Bitcoin on
their armband or on their shirt they beat Manchester United and since and
people are like that that’s good because more people saw the Bitcoin less symbol
he made a joke did that that help pump Bitcoin there probably some people who
believe that I’m surprised point destined him an article about that
comment like one baby but they’re like the New York Yankees of soccer so if the
New York Yankees lose I’m usually pretty darn happy about that I’m always happy
about that now of course I’m not really the Yankees but they’re the closest
thing in soccer so good I’m glad Watford beat them I’m not a fan of the I’m not a
fan of the equivalent of the Red Sox or the Yankees in any dark sport baby
Orioles conviction baby yeah I hear the other team from Baltimore is doing
pretty well isn’t it yeah that’s it them throw me to the cat you can’t miss it at
this point dudes I don’t watch it but yeah what’s going on in Baltimore with
the NFL is obviously pretty big story if you care about that kind of thing and
it’s seeping through to me all the way here into a Tucson and yes
they basically have to win one more game for me to watch them again if they win
the divisional round then they’ll be in the AFC title game and I will watch the
AFC title game if they’re in it and I watch the Super Bowl they’re in it
definitely but that’s better than watching 18 other freakin games and
wasting so much time studying it I can only tell you like three their names
which is great cuz I can tell you a lot more about Bitcoin and I and it’s helped
me a lot more than knowing the NFL alright so fear fear drives so much out
there crypto fear drive so much in this space I mean it gets the cliques there
are you you guys got to get over some of these fear clickbait titles alright
you’re falling for it you keep falling for it you’re asking me about stuff from
like really bias sources if you don’t get that bitcoin calm is the be cashed
Pravda and they’re gonna have a lot of articles that are going to be basically
promotional pieces for be cash that really rip on the bitcoin that you gotta
you gotta grasp that not to panic every time because if you’re panic but there
are plenty of fear based videos fear-based articles and you just keep
putting on you keep falling for it it’s going to disturb you psychologically
it’s and worse it’s you’re gonna lose your bed you’re gonna panic
you’re gonna panic with some of this stuff this this fear stuff that is out
there so dude stick to the program don’t get distracted by the train your stuff
to stay calm and like every every headline out there it’s not true
most of them are not true in the cryptocurrency says my warm my
lord these dudes I mean this was a big boys place
so guys fear is that is like the ultimate emotion take take take to make
you do things alright they be and I and as I’ve gotten some wisdom with age here
I’m seeing it more and more in every aspect of life
just stay calm don’t fear like you identify when it’s fear and then just
stick to your plan stick your plan have a strong hand so
yeah its Bitcoin calm its Pravda it’s the be cash Pravda alright so they’re
gonna have some articles out there be careful and I’m saying this just trying
to respectful to the people who contact me about this okay because I don’t want
you having like a brain hemorrhage or something here I don’t want you losing
your Bitcoin because of this nonsense that’s out there it’s unbelievable the
fear and just just think yourself is this a real headline or just a clickbait
that’s supposed to get me scare and some people do it by accident you know when
trace and JW are talking about some of this stuff
it’s totally fear-based and people you guys just fall for it I so you go into
panic mode and yet you should be careful but I mean there was just a another
Andreas Antonopoulos video saying again hardware stores device bip bip 39 is
fine alright it’s fine god you’re not a billionaire like trace
and I get Andres andreas is one of many people out there there if though if the
hardware wallet situation traceur ledger if it was corrupt in any way if it were
to fail in any way those companies will go out of business and it’s open source
treasure is open source nothing’s hot just calm down people fear
it’s fear do not fear be careful but do not fear it’s it’s all
around this space these fear merchants all right what do we got we got Richie
Rich although he’s talking about us he’s talking about fake Toshi’s coin all
right nobody’s got any questions over there remember you type the
bitcoinmeister I answer a question all right someone’s talking about the ego
coin says Spencer said he transferred he transformed his BS V into hex they’re
worth about the same actually dude if you really did that that was a
because I gotta tell you that you’re the the the that the eager coin is worse
than bsp there’s no there’s no that it’s where it’s worthless it has no value
whatsoever so there I mean that’s the thing the people who gave mr. ego
aetherium for that stuff I mean it’s no one’s fault but their huh
no one’s fault but their own you what to say so no if you had the SP and you
turned it into Hat texts bad idea you should have turned it into Bitcoin or it
would have been better to keep it as bsv than the next is worthless totally I
mean it’s what is it to Satoshi’s which is the a little bit over worthless ok i
exaggerated it’s a little bit but yeah and this is a main you know to for bsv
to be better than anything that’s saying a lot it seems fine but I can’t say I
can’t say that hex is a scam though it’s just think it worthless coin that some
people decide to buy I don’t know why he created and worthless coin and people
decide to buy it for somebody and some of it some people got it for free
nothing I’ll get it for free and said haven’t people pay you for something
that’s worthless it’s it’s just there at night naivete I mean everyone was saying
it like warning you know this is this is a horrible thing why you do not pay for
it get it for free whatever get it for free
that’s fine but pay for it Oh God and it’s and it’s the people that pay for it
that uh that and I said I said that mr. ego coin was going to win and he did win
he did win he got plenty of aetherium from people and i said there’s nothing
we could do that they were gonna be so people buy
big connect people buy bsv i mean they they do ridiculous things they’re gonna
do I mean ego coin comes across as more reasonable than like fake Toshi
so of course he’d be able to convince some people the big connect type people
to buy is worthless coin it is what it is people eat diversification for
sake of diversification is nonsense and it leads you to buying ego coin it leads
you to buy Toshi coin and king of the trolls be cash it leads you keep it
simple dudes keep it simple simple long-term thinking bitcoin it’s that
easy baby all right no benches in the house all right
remember Rhett was going to do prime point fork with you know Rhett it’s
funny uh ego coin really ripped on Rhett and then he did but they did much worse
than what wreck did it’s just so there and people thought people fell for it
and people talked about it and people let him on their shows and we’re like we
can’t let it they don’t realize you know saying his name and and and let him on
the show and everything giving him schedule akin to be on your show it’s
just letting him win yeah sure ninety nine percent of people
are gonna know oh my god this is his horrifying but one for he only needs one
percent of the people to buy his ridiculous thing and he wins anyone and
so hopefully it’s lesson learned for for some of the people but it’s not 80
percentage I’m never gonna learn they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do they’re
gonna want the fast the fast quick rewards even the quick hits okay enough
about that dude I see and this is just so funny as so many people continue to
talk about it and they’re just things helping him and
just because there’s still gonna be people that fall for it and give that
dude aetherium for his ego coin okay so talking about things that were trendy
for a little bit there’s among the 80 percenters that was pretty trendy among
the dimmers you know something that was trendy that was the flavor of the year
and people try to compare to Bitcoin the pot stocks the cannabis and guess what
it’s not just like I predicted it’s not cannabis isn’t Bitcoin and that you know
the people screaming about cannabis and Bitcoin they probably know exactly what
they were talking about like Doug Casey’s people so now Doug Casey is
saying behind the cannabis crash a new conspiracy so him and his
buddy to try to play with the cannabis crash on that conspiracy there’s
numerous for you man just just like the goal of conspiracies right jet that’s
that’s what we keep you gold down this would be good hey you know cannabis was
gonna take over the world right it was just like Bitcoin it’s not just like
Bitcoin there there’s your example when people have to go to this conspiracy
stuff about cannabis cannabis crash of course there was a cannabis crash it’s
not it has nothing to do with big coin not on the same plane is Bitcoin
a complete gamble you shouldn’t even say it in the same breath as Bitcoin but so
many people work we’re saying we’re we’re combining the two doing that
newsletters about the two and this is how it ends with Doug Casey screaming
about or Doug Casey’s newsletter people I don’t have done Casey actually race to
the thing Casey can be good on some things on a few things he’s horrible on
so many other things terrible but no one’s perfect whatever you can learn a
lot from Doug Casey and I do yeah you can learn a lot from Doug Casey he’s uh
he’s got some good he’s got some interesting ideas and he does and he
he’s against the complacency of the government and and that’s a that’s a
good quality and I’m case he was on the show before zoom back to toward the
beginning of 2017 I’m trying to convince him about Bitcoin he wasn’t in the
Bitcoin and he became in the Bitcoin soon after with but some charlatans he
like on his team and that’s where it leads you to Bitcoin and uh piece of pot
stocks and stuff and I know they’re selling you their that were like into
both no no need to diversify for the sake of diversification in the pot
stocks cannabis cannabis crash conspiracy doom all right enjoy it and
that is it that is it I believe that isn’t yeah that was the
last topic all right use i am adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel
exhibitions go check out the links below pound that like button and what’s
vention say I’ll let them have the last word
I’m surprised you aren’t on up on the manipulation of gold and silver now I
don’t believe no no real changes have been real charges have been filed and
real people have gone to jail they are who’s going to jail for it the
you know Andy Andy Hoffman who’s my friend he he said he built a whole
career on talking about gold and silver manipulation I didn’t I don’t see it and
I don’t I don’t think it’s it’s just it’s the market it’s the market their
players in the market you can call it manipulation you can call it whatever
you want to there’s there it’s just go this old baby drop gold there’s all
sorts of excuses and it’s funny because the same people they’re just impatient
some of the same people who say that gold was manipulated silver is
manipulated and then when the Bitcoin price doesn’t you know go to 20,000 this
year they start saying well maybe the CIA is manipulating Bitcoin maybe that’s
what that’s not what’s going on it there’s not some grand conspiracy it’s
all out there this is it’s a big market people can do what they want to do you
can call it manipulation but it’s not some like it’s not some grand conspiracy
type of thing it’s not some dark corner unnatural government interference maybe
the government might try to do some things the Bitcoin but you can’t you
can’t keep it down and the gold stuff I mean if he’s someone if you want to
worry about who is human what was manipulation what was this what was that
let’s stick with gold see where it takes you in the next 20 years or next ten
years I I don’t I don’t believe I’m not worried about it at all I don’t think
there’s any sinister stuff I think it’s all about scapegoating people everyone
wants a scapegoat for why they failed and that’s down to why they why did they
didn’t become rich off of gold it must have been a grand conspiracy a good
conspiracy alright everybody i’m adam meister town
that like button and bang the bell button new show here every day see you
tomorrow i’ll say hi to everybody in the chat baba