Hello everyone, how are you all? I hope all of you are fine! We often see paper money in this world sometimes we see polymer banknotes, even in Bangladesh we had polymer banknotes in 2000 Suddenly Bangladeshi govt banned the polymer banknote but this world has many country those who are using polymer banknote whatever we are well known only with paper and plastic banknote. Many of us we don’t know that,there is another type of currency belongs So today i am going to tell you about that banknote which is known as Hybrid polymer banknote Which is made by combination of paper and plastic polymer This kind of banknotes are very beautiful Bulgaria had been issued world’s 1st Hybrid Polymer banknote in 2005 Which denomination is 20 leva Then many other countries issued this type of banknotes Today i am going to show you 2 dollars banknote from Bermuda Actually every banknote from Bermuda are very awesome and cool designed I am going to show you Bermuda 2 dollars because i have only this one other denomination banknotes like 5 10 20 50 100 they all are hybrid polymer And one is best from another But that 2 dollars banknote elected as world’s most beautiful money in 2009 You will notice that there is a picture of Blue Bird on that banknote Blue Bird is a rare bird If anyone from you ever watched the movie Hacksaw Ridge, then you will see there is a scene about this blue bird’s feather When hero was going to meet heroin then he got a feather of this Blue Bird, then he gifted this to his lover Very interesting story. I hope all of you will enjoy this Many of you never knew that Blue bird can be found in Bangladesh. You do’t believe me? Well let me show you.. Watch there Here is Written There is portrait of Queen Elizabeth Issued in 1st January 2009 There is signature of their Chairman and Director Here is watermark On the reverse side Bermuda Monetary Authority Again you can see the watermark clearly there And there is a picture of their Clock Tower, at there Dockyard Similar of lighthouse i guess If you can touch it then you can realize about it’s paper quality, that it is a combination of paper and plastic It feels very different There is no doubt about its superiority Generally we see banknotes in landscape , but this is straight So its really very beautiful banknote If possible then please try to collect this one, from any foreign currency shop Like before i have tried to share with you something new If my afford touches your heart then please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel Also you can share your experience with me You can comment me or message me If you have something extra pieces from your collection then i guess we can exchange to each other I hope mutual understanding and communication will help us to grow up our own collection and can learn from each other So see you again in next time with another topic.
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