hello everyone how are you today? hi
everyone today we have Mr.Eric from CITEX the centralised crypto exchange Hi folks, it’s very nice to have a discussion with
your guys about a crypto currency market this is Eric Lee.
Mr. Eric please introduce something, share to us more about CITEX CITEX is the world’s top one PoW crypto asset trading platform with registered 800,000+ users recovery more than 100 countries and
regions over the world the community dates of CITEX is absolutely true and reliable, the fundament of CITEX is those PoW project’ performances as well as the key of our successful marketing strategy What are currently CITEX users regions?
Actually the Korean and Chinese users token up 60%, and European is 12%, Russian 9% and so on Well so I have a question about a centralised chance how CITEX can manage the insurance fund just in case of the “bear market” well basically as the top one POW crypto exchange we have strengthen our POW coins and on the other hand, we are currently creating our CBDU to explore our oversea market CBDU means CITEX Business Development Union we are going to create our global business network with some capable person in different regions. country and a different the region with
that very very is very fantastical comment from those users and POW
coin like Bitcoin is POW we can I can say and POW coins are running by computer systems not by from single person, capital person or some agencies so and from the beginning in
front of establish the day of CITEX until today we have those our loyal our
loyal users and a lot of money make a lot of money from CITEX so that’s our
loyal users most of them are Korean, Chinese and some of
them are from Switzerland I think the cool comment could comment
it very important it was the users all say you are very good they will
follow you for almost maybe forever we get with still need
to find away to explore our oversea market as also Asia market and
I think I think we can we can get together with some oversea crypto exchange or oversea projects they have a good community we can to take some aids or
take some the offline marketing for those the POWs advantage of
POW coins. I think is the world maybe next area is belong to POW,
I can believe that that sounds great, yeah.
Another thing we would like to know I believe our listeners, our users would like too. How do you think Centralised Exchange can drive the market in the next 6 months? in the next six months with the
centralised exchange not only all the centralised exchange also those projects and
I think they have to have to running the better running an amazingly the
marketing not only in their own regions but also to oversea markets, I think running a better marketing is more important than theory. Do you see any strength in the value what privacy coins (mineable) can bring to the community. Since big exchanges are delisting privacy coins because of regulations from governments there is always a demand for high-privacy cryptos. It may not grow fast through excessive hype, but more rational progress. What measures do you think (coin projects) can adopt in order the ensure their tokens have strong values I am keeping in touch with more than 100 projects and every day I discuss with more than 30 or 50 projects and in my
opinion that really influencing your coin’s
value and the main points are the first one is the fundament of your technology the second thing is the team members, team members background, the third it’s successful marketing strategy and I
think most significant ones efficient we have made the very important theories
very important let’s talk about mass blockchain adoption (blockchain, not crypto) on government levels. This is the main concern for everyone Today, the whole world is reading about this bank or that bank or this government and that country now supports blockchain use or going into blockchain and the the rate at which people are getting to know blockchain or discover about blockchain will increase very fast. but adoption of crypto on individual level may not be as fast. these are the things about people who not yet to know about cryptocurrency. Interested things also happening in my life I wonder and let’s talk about some information about Xeonbit ($XNB, $XNS) what about you guys.
Do you have any experience that you can share to us, share to CITEX. What’s the successful marketing strategy, I think you may have something very important very special
than others – In terms of overseas marketing campaign. I’ll let Richard tell you more and show us as well as Xeonbit had many press release and been listed in oversea exchanges We had launched bounty campaign and sponsored some events, notably the Binance Blockchain Week earlier this year. Xeonbit is the high-privacy blockchain and cryptocurrency, that’s why it is really challenge for us. Because most of the exchanges hesitates with privacy coins Currently we are focusing on decentralising our content project. What about we want to explore the South East Asia
market what do you think what are we gonna to learn about it what are we going
to do for our market. we try our best to do what we can do to for our
community. Like our group community should have some event to have some discussions or AMA to let more people to learn more about our project. we may launch up new services for
traders that may stick with the use cases of all that mean that we can leverage on trading competition to or make the staking our XNB or XNS to earn interest we also can have some offline events event for our traders, investors, educate more people join to crypto they can learn more in crypto area. Today I hope all our listeners It is nice to see all of you again. Thanks
Eric for the sharing so far you thanks for your influencing and answering questions this is a good start for us, together doing AMA what plans we have for the future.
Thank you for watching us and we look forward to see all of you again