We need to add in our Mining Pool information Here we can select the different hashrates This is normal mode and these are the overclocking modes In addition to the normal 13TH/s hashrate you can also add 0.5 TH/s, 1.0 TH/s, 1.5 TH/s, and 2.0 TH/s You can also lower the hashrate Lower it by 0.5 TH/s, 1.5 TH/s, 2.5 TH/s and 3.0 TH/s, currently we like lower hashrate modes This way the hashrate of a single miner falls by 3.0 TH/s but our energy usage goes down quite a bit Ok, Save and Apply And next we use this electricity meter to to test how much power we are currently using Take a look here its reading… We’ve used 0.38 watts of Electricity Right now it’s total energy usage is 68 watts This is because it hasn’t started mining yet so it’s energy usage is relatively low [Chris] so how long does it take to start mining? about 2 minutes It needs to check its status and run some diagnostics It shouldn’t take long Let’s check to see if its rebooted yet [Chris] If you want to see this info do you need to check the logs? I’m checking to see whether it’s successfully rebooted We can also manually tell the miner to reboot **Please lower volume for next part of video – Miner gets louder in 7 seconds*** [Chris] So if you have a lot of miners how do you control them? There is a program that lets you control the miners in groups you can scan miners into the sytem and change all of their settings at once as long as they are all connected to the same network you can control them all *Miner is starting up * [Chris] Wow it’s really getting loud now [Chris – Tech Team] Yes, when they startup they are a little louder [Chris] What information are we looking for? [Chris – Tech Team] It hasn’t shown up yet, let’s wait a bit It’s still starting up, needs a bout a minute more It’s running diagnostics Ok take a look at these three hashrate cards [each miner has 3 separate circut boards] , everything’s working well Each board has 63 Microchips ok, it should already be fully operational In a bit we will be able to see the hashrate information Soon the data will show up let’s refresh the browser Ok, so you can see here that the hashrate info has been calculated This is the realtime hashrate, and this the average hashrate after running for a short period of time you’ll notice these two figures will stabilize Since the miner has just started it’s still changing [Chris] So the power consumptions should be higher now? Wait till it gets louder and then it will be using more power Let’s take a look So right now we’re using 900watts This is what its electricity usage should be You can see the number on top is 900