Ladies Gentlemen Hi there you can’t watch anywhere else I Pet Goat 2 In the analysis of chapter 3 of the cartoon, we are here with the codes in the built-in symbolism. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel and like the video to show your support! Thank you very much in advance! The frame of the camera goes down to the depths of the Human soul and body. In the last episode, we talked about Ganesha as the Twin Towers collapsed. “Ganesha” is a Hindu god. As we all know, the largest religion in the world after the heavenly religions is the Hindu religion. They used Hinduism and their figures in this film. Now there is a twin tower that no one has seen. There was a “Ganesha” of smoke as the images collapsed. Before we switch to the “Ganesha” code. According to belief, ganesha is known as “Ganapathy”. Here, “Ga” symbolizes “Budhi”. “Na” vijnana’yi So symbolizes wisdom. As can be understood here; “Ganesha” is the master of Knowledge and Wisdom. According to the belief that God; He is also the Lord of beginnings and categories. Let’s note here this place is important because at the same time let’s not forget, In the following minutes this topic is linked to other topics In Hinduism, “ganesha” is the lifter of the disabled, the protector of dirahman, of karma and cosmic memory. The Lord of Knowledge is the god of good luck. We continue after noting that. Here comes Krayst after showing “Ganesha” silhouette. I mean the false messiah. Just like in Hindu religion. According to Hindus, “Ganesha”, which appeared to his prophets, looked like an elephant here. It would also be in the sea, going back and forth between the sea and prayers. When analyzing this film, no one has revealed these connections. For example, I depict Lotus flower as Satan 2. They played with our senses with the lotus flower. They made Krayst look like the real Jesus. And they call it the end of evil. As for the other connection. Let us note here that the Hindu faith ganeshan has 4 branches. 4. holds lotus flower with his hand, They believe that the human soul will complete its evolution with a lotus flower. Now we understand more clearly, don’t we? For example, the “Alice” (Lily) characters in the hands of the forbidden fruit that caused Adam to be expelled from Heaven .. We see the duality of the Lotus flower to Buddhism. At the same time, the reference here is the enlightened human figure in Freemasonry. Film developers i Pet Goat 2 cartoon, He did a 7-minute length with 6 years of work. In such a film It is using symbolism with the topics of passwords Doing sophisticated and illuminate connections sounds very natural. Here we understand the film, there are many intertwined themes. It makes sense if we synthesize analyzes. We cannot describe the scenes separately. But the main thought was short; In the body, my soul describes evolution and the war between the devil. So 2 great dynasties .. Rothschild and Rockefeller They showed who would win the war. The subject of this film, although it does not conform to the nature of the term heavenly religion .. Actually, it looks like divine. We see that it’s a great folk dance. The thought to be given is; It is engraving that human beings evolved towards the Enlightened human being. Now we’re moving towards the most interesting and sophisticated part of the video full of symbols. Framing is going to the fetus in the womb of the mother told everyone superficially this second event Let’s understand the truth together We all see the puppet player “drako” who watches this baby grown up in a Matrix-like cocoon from a screen like a computer television or monitor. So Reptilian Evil The most important symbol of this second scene is the baby’s hands. What is the baby doing? In NAMS! Coming to Namaste, it means that the 3rd Chakra level in the Hindu faith, ie 3, 3 eyes, has been opened. 3. Eye Unlike the Hindu belief in Freemasonry, the eye of Horus means the Eye of Satan. and now we’re coming up with another linked password that everyone passes through. We remember the man who committed suicide, right? Just like the color of Ganesha. When the Twin Towers collapsed, Ganesha’s picture came from Smoke. 6. So they showed us that everything done with the Chakra level is for the Third Eye, the Eye of the Devil. They portrayed a man who committed suicide after doing Ritualini and an arm of Ganesha. If we come to Ganesha’s arms, I will try to explain this subject as you progress through the video. Film developers portrayed a new generation of humanity with the baby. First, mankind was enslaved by American puppet player reptile consciousness. 2. Humanity after the installation of the other devil consciousness. Namaste, the 3rd Eye, makes the eye of Horus with the pressure of the devil who will be more effective. These Devils use our High energy level with Technology to help us lose our connections with the self. When we search for our souls, we see that we turn into food and slaves. Let’s not forget the egg with the food, because in the Progressive Scenes, they showed us that the child’s head was in the shape of an egg and that his brain was emptied. Egg; It has been widely used in Pagan symbolism. It is also possible to see this in all ancient cultures. To give an example; We see concepts like “cosmic egg” or “egg of the world”. For example, Eggs have only recently been introduced in the knowledge category of Scientific Concepts, such as the big bang theory predicted 6000 years before Jesus. It means a deeply accepted Cosmological meaning. Finally, it is expressed in the figure of “Phoenix”, the phoenix, which is believed to have existed in ancient Egypt, building an egg-shaped nest near death. This bird is thought to have been caused by fire. What did they use to burn banknotes on The Economist’s 1988 cover? According to legend, this Bird, which was created from fire and can live up to 500 years, is believed to have different characteristics. As soon as he feels the future of his death, he chooses a place to be born from his ashes again. Then the phoenix was waiting for his egg to die in its nest. They used it here because the egg had a great place in complicated symbolism. The child with the coils of the malicious “Drako” mentioned in the film is part of the World system, whether he wants to or not. The second he prepares, we pass together. Let’s not forget the egg shell pattern … because they will use the egg shell of the same pattern as the head of the child in the future. But now focus on the eye on the screen attached to the child. This creature, which was made of reptilia reptile patterned skin, which is the colored American devil of dollars At the bottom of the eyelid, “AB CH”, we all pay attention to the article that is a Latin sentence or ordo ab chao yakın is very close. Meaning, order emerges from chaos. Again when we pay attention to this eye on the screen You can see that the dollar’s bill looks similar in design. All fictions pump the sense of how important money is to our brain in the first Devil’s domain Unfortunately at the moment in the community Priority seems to be “money”. The film developers made this film for 7 years with an extremely wide cast as a result of 6 years of work, He reminds us once again that we have to go through the squares. When considering the film engineering In fact, the film is narrated with visuality and we see that there is no dialogue. Thus, in the film, speaking in the minds in general and making us feel how unnecessary the languages ​​of the country are As symbolism is used to create the infrastructure of a single language, it creates a feeling in minds. Please write your opinion on this subject .. Now, we continue to share the passwords that everyone has omitted. In this section we combine some points together. While the twin towers collapsed, a person with a skin of Indigo blue was performing his ritual. Attention! After the destruction there was a ganesh consisting of smoke and mist. We all remember this. Immediately after the devastating destruction, they put a newborn child. So the order is born from the chaos they gave us the password .. has already decoded the passwords of this scene together. So what happened later was the twin towers had fumes and dust. From the smoke and dust from the boat .. Judas who betrayed Jesus “Judas” !! With the arrival of Krayst, the false Christ, they began to descend into the depths of the Human body. Notice the reverse pyramid in your chest. this is the message that events will develop contrary to what we know right now. As I said at first, the film is based on duality. “Duality” is the world’s two great dynasties .. 2 Here we see the battle of the so-called. 2 As one of the symbols of Satan, the Fake Messiah resembles the Egyptian sun god “RA” in his visual boat. They began to rise to the peaks of Paganism here. We also see the Anibusu, the jackal head god at the end of the boat as we begin the analysis of this scene. In ancient Egypt, Anibus descended into the underworld in the evening, symbolizing death. Anibus is the god of the dead. If it is on the Boat, it is the False Christ. They used him as “RA.” “RA” revives in the morning, brightens the sky, is the Sun God. Thus, they reflected the main idea of ​​the symbols of Paganism in ancient Egypt. Now let’s combine the password .. Ganesha’s Smoke and the sound of the boat passing through the god of death ANIBUS! The Captain is the false Christ. In fact, there is the eye of Horus ra inside the pyramid upwards! Krayst at the same time with the opposite pyramid in his chest They said you came to Henkstagram to create it. Let’s pay attention to the duality of Henkstram and Satan. Unfortunately, they said that the false Messiah and many others would be destroyed. “Jesus Christ comes again on the water.” “You see the pyramids are burning” But this is a lie. The main point is to draw attention to a different devil. They tell us how to blend old mythologies and bring out the events they planned. We shouldn’t be in this game. The third eye, who sees everything, is going inward from that eye, which they believe, in the frame. Thus, I interpret what they have already agreed, as the infrastructure of the future they are planning together by showing how the American currency has turned it into a trance. In this episode, I tried to share with you the details that seem unimportant at first glance. Of course there are many passwords and events that I have not seen. But I tried to tell you all together If you have any passwords, please type. I hope we can stop the planned perception game. We’re at the end of this section. If you want to receive such videos, don’t forget to support us, write comments, subscribe and like the video! Thank you so much