haha hey Joey don’t forget to put the
super high meow mix in there for me you know I’m saying wait wait what are
we watching who lose this dreadlock guy wait what’s his name crypto roots
everybody’s name is crypto something what is this guy crypto roots hey
kinda seems seems kinda superstone what does he think he’s a teacher ah guy
thinks he’s a teacher hey maybe I can learn a little something
hey hey you know I think I’ll like hey I think I’ll subscribe I’d probably even
hit up crypto roots for his mentorship seems like a chill ass guy probably
smokes a bunch of weed who knows hey Joey you ready for a couple bites of
that super high meow mix so you can use Bitcoin like a battery
what is this crazy guy talking about so if you mind crypto currencies such as
Bitcoin and you use and you mind off renewable energy such as solar power a
hydropower wind power for instance all that energy that would have been wasted
all that water that it would have been flowing when would have been blowing the
Sun would have been shining you can capture that in the form of mining
cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin so the bitcoins holding that value that would
have been wasted if you were using renewable energies so it incentivizes
miners to look for renewable energy sources so a lot of people say Bitcoin
uses a lot of energy it’s not how much the main question is not how much energy
something uses it’s how is the energy generated so start mining off renewable
energies Aloha