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down the no tree all right let’s move on so king of the trolls tweet that you
need to retweet right now it’s linked to below
to retweet this thing everybody’s retweeting it it is hilarious and don’t
worry there’ll be a video coming up that shows more of that interview from March
of 2013 17 and the funny thing is when that video came out I was asking that
dude king of the trolls long term questions
okay I knew what was going to prevail in the end and I knew that some of the
questions he was going to look pretty bad in the long run but people when that
video first came out and it was a it was a popular video back again it was during
all the panic all the fear all the weak handedness of March of 2017 people at
all he’s so right he’s so right you’re so wrong yes yes he valued his muffin be
cash I value my belt in Bitcoin history people pound that like button you can
watch that clip below where he’s praising Rocket Man whoo Oh retweeted
them seriously that’s my gift to you during this holiday season and your gift
to me is retweeting that thing out there that that’s beautiful tweet that a video
clip of king of the trolls and I discussing the future of Bitcoin envy
the block size debate that freaked so many people out oh that was the end of
the world he said Oh scary scary we can’t and people were scared and people
fall for his stuff all that he’s very convincing he says it with authority ie
me but I get 80% are gonna fall where they’re gonna fall what they’re gonna
fall over okay they’re gonna fall for whatever they hear and so now they’re
80% are screaming about let’s take this to the present Oh YouTube is conspired
against Bitcoin YouTube is scared of big quarters it’s it’s banning big no
YouTube doesn’t give a darn about Bitcoin okay Google they don’t care okay
they’re not picking a lot of people are getting or losing their or getting
blocked and penalized and I don’t know what
you know let me tell let me give you a little behind-the-scenes stop here
before you get into this conspiracy theory dung okay because it is done the
people or they’re attacking big quarters and cryptocurrency people it’s it’s oh
you’ve always got to be blaming on some nefarious action or goods it’s all
against us they don’t care you think you just the bit coin and crypto people on
YouTube eat such a small little loot drip they don’t care no one’s watching
us no one’s a little bit there’s an algorithm out there okay and here let’s
let’s let’s compete don’t complain first of all there are bunch of people
complaining now but they were worshipping the algorithm when it was
getting them the eighty percent even though they complain though so let’s
start with tone has to say this tone is correct about this the recent YouTube
ban is not a Bitcoin attack it’s affecting many non crypto creators
therefore most like most likely it’s the Coppa compliance laws on child content
might also have to do with links in this description okay so what is this Coppa
thing people for at least I think since October when US content creators log in
and there is a big thing that says is asking us all these questions about
children and for compliance if they’re if they’re children in our videos bah
blah blah oh they they have not hitting anything about this if by the end of
2019 the start of 2020 they were gonna get strict about enforcing stuff that
has to do with children okay what what what specifically is so you and you have
to fill out some stuff now has everyone that’s crying now about their videos
getting banned or whatever did they all fill out the stuff like they were
supposed to or did they say their children in their videos did they say
they want children to watch their videos they’re not talking about that are they
when they’re complaining are they because this is a big thing it was in
our face literally you couldn’t avoid it when you look when you checked your
YouTube behind the scenes I think it was starting October I knew I
was in Australia at the time okay in your face forcing you to click stop
doing all this stuff you have to do that you never had to do before
now are they mentioning that to you no Tom mentioned it don’t mention it
but all these other people who worship the algorithm from years and months or
whatever to get their 80 percenters do they talk about this that that YouTube
here let’s read here so first of all I want to say one thing
BTC sessions Beni has had a video band I don’t know what I don’t know why that
happened I mean think they might be getting stricter – with your affiliate
links down there I don’t know what triggers the algorithm you see Adam
Meister does it work I have never worried about that algorithm I make the
stuff that I want to make I’m not putting clickbait in there I’m
not worried about pictures are up there and stuff so I don’t know what the
algorithm is cracking down on people now they change the algorithm it’s clear
they change the algorithm when they change the algorithm it took to protect
children supposedly maybe it gets other stuff that it didn’t used to pick up on
okay who cares who who Frankie cares I mean no thank you because they depend on
all to convince the 80 proof they took depend on 80 percenter blind
money to support them okay that’s why they’re screaming and crying and stuff
did they ever cook can they hold their own on Twitter can they hold their own
with a podcast or do they need that frickin algorithm which is button um big
time now they need that frickin algorithm okay that’s what you can hear
complaints about now the funny thing is some of people tweeting about this on
Twitter but woe is me woe is me they’re picking on me I’m a hot woman they can’t
pick on me I was getting all these 80 percenters and click on my videos was I
was hot and now they’re getting rid of my videos because I had a filly at
senator or whatever I talk about kids in it or something um but he’s and then
underneath those video in those tweets people are like I’m glad they’re
cleaning up YouTube it’s full of trash it’s full of trash and then let me tell
you something something else that’s out there and I I love you guys the people
who say Adam Meister toad days they named people
yeah vortex whoever world crypto network those people they haven’t gotten strikes
for some reason and those are the real bitcoins and you know what those are the
real bitcoiners now are we gonna get straight who knows what’s gonna happen I
don’t give a darn okay would that algorithm does the me or
whatever if it takes me off this thing it takes me off this thing
sports maestro calm my podcaster there you can listen to it you don’t need to
see me do you need to see me I mean I mean the people who are suckers to that
algorithm they need to see stuff they don’t even that’s still the worst part
of this algorithm it’s not the content creators but the sucker any percenters
who go to watch whatever that algorithm tells them to watch they are slaves to
that thing more so than the creators okay those
slaves they don’t go do they listen to podcasts now they are stuck on YouTube
going from one thing to the other that the algorithm is telling them to go –
okay total blind followers turtle 80 percenters total non thinkers that’s why
they love the big connect nonsense that’s why they love some some Schmo out
there sing the hottest altcoins of 2020 what I see oh you’re getting 20 it’s
pretty simple dudes it’s there’s no fancy sets or Grammys what are you
getting it in 2020 what should you get into 2021 when you
were getting into 2013 14 15 16 when I was the name is the freakin
bitcoinmeister not the beat I’m like I’m not gonna use a s bad words here but
again it’s it’s it’s funny though how who it is affecting now now you get BT
cbenni then he took down a couple his videos whatever he’s no alt he’s no
pumper he’s no dumper whatever I can’t I don’t know what why I picked on him he
might have had a that blending link in there or whatever he’s got he does
different things I don’t know I don’t know but you you’ve got it I gotta say
something here you can tell I’m pretty uh I got high energy with this one I
mean I just think it’s great I think it is great that these
worshipers of the algorithm are getting bit by it now and then unions then
they’re little and 80% of where they’re go where’d it go
where my I can’t I can’t do oh it’s you it’s over down YouTube and crypto it’s
over there panicking this it’s not over it’s not over some more people might get
kicked out some Whoopi YouTube is the biggest freaking video platform on this
earth it’s not changing it’s not changing
some people vitalina the algorithm some people didn’t fill out the copis stuff
or whatever great it isn’t going anywhere
yeah it Google owns it you might be you might not like Google you might be
jealous of Google or whatever you are and coming me getting quality why surge
erection I’m not but you’re not emotion you so there’s those are some of my
thoughts on this okay but I want to break it down a little bit more there
are different categories you can put your videos in some people put their
videos into how-to and into education and then they’re talking about you know
they’re they’re making financial recommendations and again those are some
of the people that have been blasted it’s not a conspiracy if you’re putting
your stuff in education and again education and how to who’s kind of
likely to watch that children okay they’re getting strict with children’s
stuff so you’ve made something that children might be watching in education
that’s telling people about big connect and stuff okay and and and and the cloud
mining and ridiculous affiliate scams and this that and the other and
neighbors should why why was my video taken down because is it really
education is it really education is it really how to okay they’re not saying
this these these people because they complain they can’t compete they’re not
telling you all the behind see that seems stuck you gotta you know put in
there everything and the logical reasons why some of their videos are taking down
it’s not a conspiracy there is logic behind the whole darn thing you could
miss label your stuff and say it’s education when you’re you think you’re
gonna show yeah you got away with it for two years you said it was education and
you were telling people to get bigger connect and then they get and then they
take you down two years later and then you cry okay it was an education they’re
not guilty they’re not it gives that wrong there are private company
take down whoever they want to but it’s not ridiculous to say hey you know what
you said this was education education you said this is hell – this is your
Schilling ice – yo you’re Schilling ridiculous stuff this is an education
I mean decide decide on y’all decide I mean whatever but I mean thank you guys
you shouldn’t even worry about this stuff first of all you shouldn’t worry
about this stuff choose who you want to watch don’t want
it algorithm tell you who to watch okay don’t don’t value your wealth in a
bikini-clad women value your wealth in Bitcoin okay who’s telling you about the
Bitcoin who’s actually giving you real education and a real knowledge out there
and who’s selling you you know 10th 10th tier all coins to buy into just do
ridiculous things but many of you cannot even tell the difference between the
bitcoiners and the crypto youtubers there’s a big big big difference big
difference but most of you a lot of people maybe the people watching my show
today was there watching a big pointer now maybe some of you can tell hopefully
but I mean still I got people that tell me they send me these videos will look
on who so and so says and I say I don’t know who this person is why are you
sending me this like Oh crypto is going to 0 type of I mean you guys don’t get
it yet you do it’s gonna click they don’t sell don’t send me some mindless
nonsense format video where they’re following some format with big words big
bold word there’s they follow the same thing so the algorithm picks it up you
pick out and then you send it to me you send it to me like I should watch this
nonsense I should waste my time watching algorithm generated nonsense
shame on you should be ashamed of yourself for falling for it not for
sending it to me but for falling for that stuff – wasting even ten seconds of
your time on that stuff it’s generic hoodie cookie crapper ridiculous stuff
that follows a little algorithm they were slaves to that algorithm you are –
if you watch that stuff and you believe that something you think it’s coming
natural it’s all keywords it’s all ridiculous
and now some of your so why is it gone why is it gone again I just explained
some of why it’s gone here but okay so moving on um YouTube has been warning
people about the child crackdown for a while after the US Federal Trade
Commission find YouTube for a hundred and seventy million dollars for
violating the Children’s Online Privacy Act YouTube and content creators are
required to set future and existing videos as made for kids or not now did
everyone do that did everyone do that I don’t know I did it I thought when I saw
the thing come up when I was in alt in Australia I filled out everything I
needed to be filled out okay it’s no conspiracy against crypto it’s a minor
part of YouTube I’m going to tell you something um we’re talking about kid
stuff kid stuff is huge on YouTube that’s that makes a big different I mean
that’s something they’re worried about lots of kids watching this stuff lots of
people under 18 well watching this stuff and they make a lot of money off it a
lot of advertisers on and everything so these people that that live by the
algorithm and now are dying by the algorithm then clearly they don’t work
for themselves they might I’m a independent youtuber I work for know
they work for YouTube specifically specifically they work for the algorithm
the algorithm is their manager and they don’t like the change in the human
resource policy that their manager has given them okay okay
that’s why you want Bitcoin to work you want to have Bitcoin so you could really
work for yourselves they’re not working for themselves they are working for this
algorithm and their algorithm manager has changed a policy on them and now
they’re too good to panic Strigoi should i do what i do like no one’s gonna watch
me without the other dad you’re right no one is gonna watch you without the
algorithm so they’re addicted to this platform they’re doing good for you too
they got all these 80 percenters addicted to their platform compete don’t
complain alright I’m competing I’m here I know what this platform is about I’m
on other platforms too if I ever get kicked off this you go to
Sports Meister not come you listen to my podcast half of you right now are
listening to my podcast and you’re like why you’ve been talking about this for
so long I don’t even know what you look like and I don’t care about YouTube good
for you pound that Legba artery alright so we
talked about that it they talked about that alright so something I forgot to
talk about yesterday and and this is some more behind-the-scenes stuff a lot
of these guys that are getting demonetized or whatever a lot of these
crypto youtubers well well how do they how do they make money how do they do
their thing well here here’s an example pay to play I was contacted and I’m
contact I’m picking on these guys but I get contacted by these people all sort
this sort of thing all the time on Twitter except this time this is a real
ad agent and agency out of London contacts music we’ve got a great client
for you that wants to advertise on your tape with you probably on my Twitter
that means on my YouTube that made all across this client event again this is a
real agency out of London a real and what is the here we go and they they’re
telling me that they’ve got this great great project great client plug bit
sonar so what would the heck is bit sonar so first one if you see bit sonar
on anybody’s Twitter feed array or on anybody’s YouTube or whatever it’s
because they’re being paid that agency is soliciting people to talk about bitch
sonar so what is bitch sonar and this is this is what gets people maybe trigger
stuff on to YouTube now maybe triggers the algorithm what I’m about to read you
this is what bitch sonar is and don’t don’t go to bitch so don’t do this I
mean you should know better if you’re familiar with my channel you that you
hold your big coin you don’t let some you’re not a Cu CK they’ll let someone
else hold your Bitcoin and supposedly give you interest okay here we go
it’s total pay to play stuff that’s out there but agencies are gonna do what
they’re going to do they’re gonna have clients and obviously people fuck people
accepted these youtubers whoever I don’t know influencers
whatever you want to say these people are they take it so here here average
month a year yield a bit sonar investors is 13% investing $1000 they get a
hundred and thirty dollars profit in just a month now that is ridiculous
whoo-hoo that it’s a too good to be true thing and but they say hey Adam it’s a
great client you should let them say this one on your channel okay
I mean that is more than any other trustful passive income investment so a
passive income this and this is what these youtubers talk about and when
you’re wondering why they talk about something called bit so lined up because
I’m being paid to do it and if they try to if they deny it
they’re lucky who finds out about this other agency proactively contacts them
and and then and even if they say that you know this is a this is paid
programming or whatever they might say this just nonsense but you’re you do you
stand for anything but you could promote something as ridiculous sounding as this
that you’re gonna get 13% profits in a month by by letting someone hold your
precious Bitcoin they’re gonna steal your Bitcoin dude we’ve you know through
this a thousand times but I just want to give you a little I forgot this mention
that yesterday but this is this this is the stuff that these people that are
crying now this is the devil they’ve dealt with before and now they’re crying
that maybe because they have a billion links to things like that or because it
triggers some child mechanism or whatever now they’re being punished
because of it because algorithm has turned against them Oh boohoo boohoo
stand for something people and compete don’t complain my lord
ah and so and as some of you conspiracy theories out there there’s one
publication that there’s a guy saying yes I I tattled tailed on all these
people and I brought down these alright sure you did
there’s always attention seekers and when something a big story happens they
want to make themselves a part of it this is not one person that they picked
and shouldn’t choose a bunch of youtubers to be taken down
it is the algorithm it is the child protection whatever this
nonsense it’s linked to below you can see what the child thinking is all right
and if you’ve got questions people we got a lot of people in the chat you
could do the just type in bitcoinmeister you can send me a super chat or whatever
otherwise I cannot see what you’re typing I see a lot of people are typing
things you have if I missed your freshest start you’ve got to type in
bitcoinmeister follow the directions or do the super chat thank you now what is
next okay let’s talk about this aetherium okay so we’re done we’re done
with them ridiculous the conspiracies and whatnot and yeah it’s pretty simple
it’s you live by algorithm you die by the algorithm pounded what all right
atheria here we have the etherium this is a tweet from view base 92 the 92,000
etherium sensor cracking today originated from a single whale which in
turn received most of its etherium from batalik deuteron the well is likely in
the theorem Deb dev or metallic pewter in himself
whoa so yeah I mean that’s the thing with the blockchain you could tell where
it came from if you know whose address is whose and yet 92,000 aetherium sent
to crack in de I assume to be sold so that’s uh somebody up there high up or
that knows someone high up into the theory I’m wants to sell their theory
think again everybody has bad days alright aetherium
maybe there’ll be a big dump today I don’t know long term it’s got a lot of
big important fans they’re doing a lot of stuff it’s not dying it’s not a scam
etcetera etcetera all this the the wild stuff that you hear about it it ain’t
going anywhere but you don’t have to worry about it because bitcoin is the
real thing bitcoin is the next Bitcoin and long-term thinking and speaking
about long-term thinking here’s a flashback to 2016 and this article from
Point s called Bitcoin having 2016 well the
price rise or fall it seems like we’re hearing these same things then 2016 has
become a year of revival for the Bitcoin price at press time total of the Bitcoin
price was six hundred forty dollars the price of Bitcoin is up nearly 50 percent
from its opening on January 1st while macroeconomic factors including
uncertainty in China and Europe have arguably played a role there may be no
bigger influence than the upcoming having a rare Network event that will
occur this weekend you should check out that old Oracle check out the old
article see what people were saying before the 2016 having way it had gone
from around 300 and some the 640 and everybody was happy and then people were
wondering what’s gonna happen the next day it was gonna happen at the what’s
gonna happen on it and nothing really happened at the halving and then the
price was steady and then the year-end came it got all-time highs by the start
of the next year so thick there that’s a real life story what happened last
having will it happen again well will we start seeing this slow rise now because
now we’re what we are like six months before they have a great five months
before their check out the article see people thought worried about the same
things back then and perhaps the same thing is about to happen again
uh alright someone says Adam do a line no you see Adam doesn’t do drugs you if
you think Adam and we’ve said this many many times
many times on this show before the in this world that we live in today
everybody’s immediate reaction or people who don’t think are like well the person
must be on drugs a person if the person has energy they must be on drugs no
that’s not how life works dude some people enjoy life there are real people
who enjoy life who are happy who have energy you don’t need drugs to do energy
it’s again energy in fact drugs are very unhealthy doing the lines of coke in the
long term you’re gonna be in bad shape dude you’re gonna be in bad shape you
might not last very long you know most of those hard
most most of the rockers from the 70s and 80s they’ve at least lost one person
from their band I mean come on Led Zeppelin shabanam gone the who two
of them were gone and when they found Antoinette whistles body what would had
an whistle done when they found his body in Vegas what it was in his system what
what was in em whistle system the exact thing you just wanted me to do a line of
anyway so hey but you can make up your excuses of why you know these the
mindless stuff that people think of the generalizations that people make about
people out there it’s it’s Alerus but this is the way of the world this is the
unhealthy we’re aware of the world the default unhealthy is the default that
everyone assumes they’re on healthy so everyone else must be on healthy like
man all right yeah so yes obviously Adam doesn’t need cocaine you’ve got natural
energy pure life baby that’s what this channel is about living it real living
it real standing for something not giving in to the masses
living real life not having to hide the honey drugs and live a fake life and run
away from reality reality is awesome this is a golden age we are entering I
wouldn’t want to be on any drugs entering this golden age baby I want to
I want to feel the full freaking force of the technology and the greatness that
we are entering here the innovation and I don’t mean the bow down and no
algorithm and I’m gonna keep on being here you know it new show here every day
okay everybody I am Mary menara web city says well web city I hope you let your
Minerva’s I know you are Jewish so I do hope you will like the four candles with
ashram Asha and the four candles tonight and I hope you are having a great time
in Seattle and rocky Palumbo says well Friday with Gabriel Devine I can’t wait
yes rocky is there right now in the chat and of course he will be there on Friday
on this very channel this weekend Bitcoin I am just seeing if there were
any other subject matters that need to be covered today because I was obviously
real real fast on that one right having a great time anyway retweet that tweet
from 2017 study it know what a strong hand is from that know what it is to
stand for something i am adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
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