hello folks you have reached the cryptocurrency portal and today we’re going to go over a subject of YouTube’s purging of crypto related videos and really this needs to be a community discussion to see what you think if you think that YouTube is doing on purpose if it’s coordinated attack by other I guess crypto haters or if other coins hate certain coins so they they I guess then go into the YouTube system and flag a video and if enough people flag a video YouTube’s algorithm may or may not take it down or is this actually YouTube employees or going in and in striking certain videos so it’s interesting if someone’s playing with the algorithm or if it’s YouTube specifically that’s doing it YouTube has responded and they’re looking into it so let’s go through this together and then let’s again let’s have a community discussion about what side you fall in what you think is happening what you think the future is gonna be you can even see here in the headlines as YouTube’s bit coin and crypto partners massive blow to the industry says CBC CNBC’s ran newer so Rand or the host of CNBC’s crypto trader is weighing in on the controversy surrounding the recent actions taken by the youtubes against cryptocurrency content creators it says dozens of videos from some of the biggest Bitcoin altcoin and blockchain creators have been removed in the last 24 hours newer tells his a hundred and ten thousand followers on Twitter quote YouTube’s deleting all crypto content is a massive blow to the industry YouTube is is the go-to place for educational video in the for sport a call for new people entering the ecosystem so learn the basics as a community we should challenge this formally I mean that’s a good quote I mean it is a place for educational videos in general so if people are interested in crypto or learning about crypto they’ll prize a handily go to youtube and find out some educational videos and it’s so true is the first port of call for people entering the ecosystem to learn the basics so what happens when we have a bull run in the future more tail investors get involved like in 2017 they start talking at the watercooler at work they start talking to their friends about it they uh-huh LEM you learn more about this ecosystem and crypto in general and they go to and they’ll go to YouTube so it says a number of channels including box mining and Ivan on tech are switching their videos to quote private in an attempt to prevent all of their content from meaning hit by the sudden purge what’s interesting if you put on private obviously people can’t view your videos and then you can’t get more people that flag them and if that’s a coordinated effort and messin with algorithms maybe they won’t have additional videos taken down by YouTube as they sort this out so despite the holiday season YouTube says it’s investigating the cryptocurrency Smackdown to try to determine exactly what’s going on the video sharing giant hopes to have an update on the situation shortly it looks like they’ll return to quote here jumping in we’re looking into this hope to share it updates soon now I know that some people quickly jump to the whole conspiracy look YouTube is they’re censoring stuff and Mayor that may be true at the end of the day that may not end up being true but the reality is these companies are so huge that it’s rarely that it’s an employee or somebody maybe it’s a rogue employee somewhere but I’m not I’m saying someone’s messing with the algorithm roof or in mass flagging videos in mass so YouTube’s algorithm is has flagged them because of the flagging that all these people if they don’t like your content maybe they have a thousand of their friends to flag your video so YouTube’s algorithm currently will take it down so they’ll be interesting to see how this all flushes out so it says many creators are taking to Twitter to spread the word confirming that their BTC an eighth and XOR P related videos have been removed for quote harmful or dangerous content now how’s that harmful or dangerous content with people and people are making their own investment decisions people are on here just talking about educational things or for legend whoops were for allegedly quote sale of regulated Goods now here’s a look at some of the creators who say they’re caught up in the sweet here’s box mining so you can follow him on twitter at box mining and it says due to the YouTube censorship of crypto content I’ve put all my videos on private for the time being I’m forced to do this because if the YouTube algorithm tags more public videos it’ll mean the deletion of my accounts that’s true there’s a whole process that YouTube and YouTube’s algorithm goes through if you certain I’d say videos tagged and they’re taken down you get a community strike and I think after the three strikes you’re out this person crypto India and their their Twitter pages crypto Oh India so there’s two O’s in there just so you know if you want to go check them out and follow them on Twitter just got hit by YouTube’s censorship can’t upload videos or do live stream for one week seriously out of so much garbage that people post on YouTube Google finds Bitcoin videos it’s harmful or dangerous content that’s true a few sometimes I wonder how I get fed certain videos I don’t know if it’s obviously their algorithm I’ve touched other videos mostly you just get these garbage videos like how are these even allowed to be online and it’s not even a good content then it says well good try but can’t censor Bitcoin YouTube can’t stop Bitcoin I’ll be an interesting hashtag to see if it catches fire you can see what’s happening these people they get a warning violations of community standards your channel will get a community strike if it happens again you won’t be to do things upload or post for a week so they’re in YouTube / natori for a week and now if you can see these these headlines here says latest news Bitcoin legal in America question mark and it says harmful or dangerous content well how’s that harmful or dangerous to have a discussion about whether Bitcoin is legal and talk about regulatory clarity in this space let’s skip this one twenty countries meeting to talk about Bitcoin their meeting their meeting to talk about it not saying if it’s good bad regular not regular and that’s harmful or dangerous Department of Economic Affairs Bitcoin legal question mark harm for danger so I’m this is a coordinated attack by individuals that are flagging certain certain videos in mass and then you have to go through this appeal process and all that so they’re looking into it so the modern investor who’s a great youtuber he is great so follow him on YouTube but here specifically follow this Twitter page here at modern invest so it’s at modern invest but beyond that if hopefully this channel is not taking down because I watched or listened to him and watch him almost every day and it says well no videos today everyone or for the next 7 days my videos has been have been taken down by YouTube for quote violations the violation video is also 2 years old so I hope that YouTube realizes the year coordinator attacks against the YouTube community exactly TMI and that’s exactly why I follow you because it is exactly what you say here these are coordinated attacks against the crypto YouTube committee in a community he has the same issues in terms of the guidelines the crypto LARC nice Christmas present from YouTube 37 videos pulled and a strike ouch Bitcoin hashtags crypto hashtags censorship YouTube’s implemented a new Terms & Conditions policy on December 10th which contains inline stating that the platform is under no obligation to host or serve content and then by Nance CEO cz a leader in the crypto space absolutely he’s opting for more change they may in his quote is it may be time the crypto community take a stab at his own blockchain enabled censorship resistance social platform lots of challenges those Spaeth through spam scam trolls incentives copyright token economics government stickiness privacy but it’s about time here here cz and that’s why we all love cz who’s the finance CEO he’s just a leader in the space in general so so and this is definitely coordinated TAC folks there’s no two ways about it it’s definitely coordinated we’ll see what YouTube how it all unravels over the coming days and in a weird way I’m kind of glad this is happening now because you could flush all this out and either people can make their own determination get off YouTube or go to a decentralized platform this might get some people out there to make a different platform or go to a different platform or I’ll aggregate somewhere else but can you imagine this quote coordinated attack actually happened in a year so let’s hypothetically say a bull run happens in the future and all of these retail investors want to get involved want to get educated in the moment and all of a sudden all these videos are being stricken and have the strikes through the YouTube algorithm imagine the problem that would be at that time when you’re trying to educate the masses in that moment so it’s almost good that it’s being flushed out now cuz right now the crypto space people are just they’re essentially just talking to each other and you’re already talking to the converted the people they’re already in the crypto space but the next phase when the retail investor gets involved and they go to YouTube because of its educational value and in this striking and algorithm prom happened then that would be even a bigger problem exponentially because they wouldn’t have access to all those educational videos so let’s see what YouTube does how they straighten this out uncover that it’s most likely a coordinated attack and to see what happens so thank you so much for tuning in to the cryptocurrency portal today I deeply appreciate it Furio you subscribe to the channel thank you thank you thank you if you’re not as subscribed to the channel I hope I’ve earned your trust and would be honored with your subscription to the channel and again like I said the beginning of the video if you leave a comment in the comment section I mean always do that in any video but especially on this video let me know what you think what’s going on do you think it’s coordinated attack on what you think let’s get a community discussion going about this topic so again thank you for tuning in the cryptocurrency portal if you like this video smash that thumbs up button so thank you very much and have a great day you