Today I’m going to give you an overview
of the Zimbabwe hundred trillion dollar banknote adding in some historical
context and interesting facts behind the design. In 1980 the Zimbabwean dollar was established to replace the Rhodesian dollar and to signify the nation’s
independence from the United Kingdom. Its face value was redefined three times
until its eventual collapse in 2009 due to hyperinflation. On the front side of
the Zimbabwe 100 trillion dollar banknote we see the famous Chiremba
balancing rocks from Epworth, a Harare province. The beauty of this is in both
design and meaning as these rocks are said to represent the delicate balance
between man and nature. What’s amazing is that this banknote contains hidden
security features to deter from counterfeits. For example this watermark displays its complete denomination when held up to a
light source. On the left side of the banknote you can see that the letters
“RBZ” repeat and are printed in gold color shifting ink. Lastly we see an under print of a cow with grains and a color shifting
security ink that features the country’s official emblem, the Zimbabwe Bird. The
reverse side of this bank note features Victoria Falls, also known by the locals
as “the smoke that thunders”. It was named by David Livingstone in the mid-1800s in
honor of Queen Victoria. And next to Victoria Falls we have a cape buffalo
looking proud. These symbols and images embedded in the banknote represent Zimbabwe and the richness of their heritage. Thank you so much for tuning in! Please feel free to visit our website for more educational videos at